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‘Michel Thought’
In Search of Madness a Novelette By A. Rohoman: 7/1/2022
© 2022 James LaFond
This sizzling story of 7,046 words is technically 454 words short of a novelette. But, its gravity, in this reader’s view, brings it through. Throughout this quick-paced yarn focused with fitting mypoic intensity, the moral cipher that is Western Man is deftly depicted as a dabbler in life, a spectator to a great drama passing him by as he scrambles for another stimulant to get himself high.
A sample of the writing style, about a French Legion Estranger lieutenant involved in support of an American operation, is summed up as an experiential perspective story in the following:
“Were not for Houellebecq’s Platform ensconced in his back pocket to remind himself how meaningless and empty life was for everyone else too, he might not have been entirely unable to withstand the tedium.
“Then the summons came just as the real taskforce dropped into town; Michel had begun to believe Bunia almost fit for habitation by hogs.”
Michel is an unenthusiastic voyeur to war, serving with soulless African savages and evil European decadents. The villain is close to Michel, the degenerate Christian “Q’Tangsung” commander of the African soldiers who are paid not to stab the European soldiers in the back, while these marine commandos are trying to save six European scientists who are trying to save the savages of the Congo who do not want to be saved, but are yet gods of guilt worshiped by the distant American Force for Racial Good ready to send the awesome machinery of total war into Africa to save Africans who don’t want to be saved and are in any case child-like incapable of doing the evil that they do…
This story, I think written some ten years ago, seems to me a story about Philadelphia, or some other shithole American city ten years from now.
In the end the degenerate Michel and his worse comrades are more concerned with pornography, sodomizing of white women and smoking cigarettes then in winning a combat that if they win will make them war criminals hounded until the end times by the United States. The U.S., the Great Satan, is represented by three Navy SEAL’s armed in cartoonish heavy fashion, who simply want to die like John Wayne in a movie.
In Search of Madness is a post honor, cancel culture view of war in the Post Modern Age. The theme is why such delinquent wars will ultimately be won by the savages of an earlier age. A. Rohoman explores the emptiness of Western Civilization as it bleeds itself dry with tears for the wingless vultures that have been invited as innocent doves to drink at the White Man’s banquet of the damned, the blood of those who delude themselves with the power to define goodness with a command.
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