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Cold Reality
Seeing through The Fantasy of 2022: Baltimore 5/8/2022
© 2022 James LaFond
Back East everything is about The Vid.
Everyone I now who was vаccinated and boosted, has had bad spring colds, some testing positive for The Vid. The colds have been bad, with much sneezing. But treatment is available, a new cocktail by Big Pharma using various effective treatments at increased prices that they suppressed while they were cheep to up the body count and sell the Vaxx, which is now selling the re-branded slave meds—what a market capture!
We now have, a new spring cold season. This is congruent in deep time with the fact that we are firmly into a long cold season, a season of cold springs, sodden with rain. I have yet to see the sun in a full week in the east, this being the very first week of May and the first day of this second week. The darling bride of The Brick Mouse turned the heat on for me in this loft apartment while I was freezing in the rain, in a hooded sweatshirt and jacket, bussing it home from the east side this morning.
Denver was colder than normal when I was there, by only a slight margin, snowing lightly in early April.
Chicago in early and late April was hit by storms and high winds on both of my stays there. On April 30th it was so windy they stopped the light rail service and it was as dark as midnight around 6 P.M. as the thunderclouds burst.
Southwestern Missouri was colder than usual, with snow flurries, rains and over-saturated ground. Paul used the wood stove most nights to “knock the chill off.”
The thunderstorms from Chicago followed the train through Indiana and Ohio and settled over the Appalachians. Eastern Pennsylvania was soaked, clouds breaking only for one day of the four I was there, heavy rains soaking the land.
Maryland has been nothing but cloud and rain around Baltimore. No news speaks of the unseasonable chill. But, when a handful of days approach the old norm this summer, they will be touted as record breaking heat waves to get the soul stock in its stalls to bray.
The lie of man made global warming, astutely avoids such historic heat waves of 1900 and 1930 [may be off by 2 or 3 years here] in which temperatures over 100 degrees afflicted the Great Lakes Region for months and during which week long heat waves of over 110 and even 120 degrees killed people and animals in great numbers and even drove squirrels insane enough to attack people. The idiot herd will believe in their malevolent godliness, heating Gaia up to the breaking point, even as the old whore grows frigid and withdraws her charms for her menstrual seclusion behind a veil of clouds.
Not until it snows across the nation in high summer, will people question global warming. Then they will be told that the man made global warming triggered this ice age, that has been returning right on schedule as predicted by the climate record.
In the meantime, it will be fascinating to see what the return of the actual cold and flu season brings in September.
I am cheered, as I see the happy maples, towering sixty feet over the three-story houses across the street, rustling in the cold misty morning of Mother's Day, May 8th, a day my family has typically spent eating under the sun on sidewalks in Fell's Point. But, everybody has The Vid and hoodrats are killing people down in Fell's Point, a bouncer most recently.
In comic man-made news, as airlines push to hire Low-IQ, low-motivation pilots, the Sparrows Point Sewage Plant, which is at East Point, Baltimore County, a mere mile northeast of Baltimore City, the neighborhood I just spent a couple nights in, Federal Authorities are investigating. Boating, fishing and swimming have been suspended around Back River and Middle River. These bodies of water are now a bio-hazard.
One old fellow I spoke to at the grocery store I worked at 30 years ago, told me that he was retired from that plant, that it was a very sophisticated system, and that all of the people who have been hired over the past twenty years to replace retirees like himself, have one thing in common—Dey Waz Kangs!
I can think of no better way to close out a gaslit age than limiting transportation, infrastructure and water management and operation to the scions of the once omniscient Scientists of Ancient Egypt, stranded on this shithole planet with we scheming demons when our Creator, Big-Headed Yakub, took the keys to the last Space Cadillac and zoomed off to Alpha Sensory so that we could rise from our caves and swing from the trees.
Trees! Trees are making a comeback and these crap-built structures are seen from train windows and on foot across the country, as failing, rotting, shedding shingles, peeling idiot siding. What makes a heart glad to see a disease overtaken by the cure.
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Bones @FiveGunsWest     Oct 7, 2022

The writing has always been ... at least good ... often great but now, you are hitting your stride, your groove. Your Steinbeck years. You could write about taking a crap and its genius! Go forth and irritate. Kick ass and take hyphenated names. There was a time when you really helped us get out there ... now I have over 30,000 visitors a month and I'm leaning on your stuff and introducing you to a lot of dorks and a lot a lot of influential people. Is that okay?
Benetnash     Oct 9, 2022

I noticed the same driving down the interstate in the Midwest. Nature is making a comeback. There are some deep, dark, trackless forests in the USA now, brother. Just think: 100 years ago, you would never have seen any of this. What a time to be alive.
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