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Young Tribe
Scrap Family Survival Under Gawdly Dominion: Part 1 of 3: Baltimore, 5/9/2022
© 2022 James LaFond
It has been my privilege to be brought into a scrap-built family, a young tribe, dedicated to surviving the socially engineered crimecape foisted upon Murica by The Silent Generation, on the backs of The Greatest Generation, with the drug-addled slavish consent of The Baby Boomer Generation. The deferred prey, hunted down the chronological stairs of debt-ruled Time by this vampire kind drinking the last lingering souls of the Sons of Aryаs are:
-1. Generation X, the latch-key kid experiment, who suffered the destruction of the nuclear family and first lived under Mother Murica. Among these men in their 40s are most of the men I have met who dream of suicide and death as an escape. These are the men afflicted by social debt with the hand of the elder Norn, the hag who hands them off to Hel in her bitch warren.
-2. The Millenials, men from 15 to 35, who suffer a general low testosterone due to many factors and worse, suffer the supervision, on into the indebted 30s, of terrible boomer social functionary parents. The challenge for these men is escape from or deception of the wicked under vampires masquerading as caring parents, whose job is to keep their slave spawn gaslit and in social and fiscal debt for the over vampires. These are the men haunted by the Mother Norn, in full middle years, who promises nurture but grants only riddled deception.
-3. The Zoomers, children of the shattered Gen Xers, slated to have their cock and balls turned into perpetually bleeding vaginas. This generation is being engineered to be cradle to grave wards of the medical system. The medical-made plague of 2020 was used to murder elderly Silent Generation wards of the Medical system to make room for longer term sexual re-design wards of that system. These are the still-born males counter-nurtured by the Youthful Norn, promising the bloom of youth while scheming to cut those flowers for a wreath to dress Hel's rotting locks.
My concern here is the Millenia Men, who are still young enough to turn their own inner child away from the beckoning gaslight. This also gives a chance at redemption for tail-end Boomer chaff like myself and the embittered Gen X initial Creep State strike casualties to act as guides and advisors to our younger allies.
Framing the Scrap Built Young Tribe
[I have recently come from a scrap built young tribe of Gen Xers in Missouri.]
I had nothing to do with this late stage social construct, but was accessed by its mild-mannered hetman as an advisor for he and his fellows. These people are all nearing 30 years.
Hetman: The Brick Mouse, a non-combat athlete and college graduate who switched from teaching to construction work and uses his academic background for survival research, and has pursued combat training with me as an antidote to his Gawdly plight at the fall of the Aryаn night.
Den Mother: Guilla Girl, beautiful bride of The Brick Mouse, who supports his activities and acts as a surrogate sister and match-maker for his fellows, vetting potential brides, etc. Most importantly, this lady works enough so that a house has been acquired with the two incomes and forms a tribal activity center were regular weekend get togethers and extended dinners are held after sports activities and training in the boxing gym in the basement.
So, in a wounded world, where corporate takeover of residential housing has sent prices soaring out of the reach of almost all Muricans under 50, a single mated pair can serve as a nexus for various bachelors to get together and work on self-improvement in a way that is masculine but not anti-social. This is hard to pull off otherwise in a world where masculine activities are now boxed in to funnel the young man into atomized alienation.
Scout: Zeer, a successful young scientist who is navigating the innards of the academic corporate system disguised as one of the zombie aspirants to the vampire coven. He has recently moved to Denver where he invited me to visit. There we boxed in his yard and spoke of many things. His position as the insider among the enemy means he has to move locations for ladder climbing. For the system does not often tolerate functionaries who maintain geographical or cultural roots. This enhances his scouting activity and he returns to the Young Tribe for visits. They all sent me a dinner table picture for Christmas.
Antonius Silence, is a strong quite fellow with much tenacity. Once The Brick Mouse contacted me after hearing an interview on The Myth of the 20th Century, and I coached ten of these 20-something men, I informed him that only he and Antonius were worthy of further efforts on my part, and we have kept concord since June 2018.
The Antibaptist, is a more recent addition to the tribe, who spars with the others and attends weekend dinners and fitness sessions. He works in construction.
Titus is a ball-sport instructor who is a younger Gen X fellow who coaches some of these men in a ball sport. He is currently completing an arranged marriage with a younger Eastern European woman who will have a built in social network when she arrives.
Such is the core of the Young Tribe, with The Brick Mouse and his Bride taking turns inviting young me and women to socialize and train. They even help me with black market medications to survive the microbiological jive. This mated pair host this old hoodrat as a guest coach three months of the year. During the 9 months I am absent, texts and emails are sent to me with training questions and I provide contact with other Neo-Tribal groups for them and their fellows. For instance, three of my older fighters have trained with this group.
Yesterday, on Mother's Day, The Brick Mouse and I sparred boxing in his basement for 45 minutes, with 15 minutes of follow on coaching. He then said to me, “James, Antonius is moving into an apartment [escaping from Boomer negation] down by Herring Run Park. Would you mind taking a ride with me down there to do an assessment?”
Off we went, into my jaded past. Part 2 and 3 will cover how we assessed the location and what my recommendations are for neo-tribal habitation among the Gawdly Kangs, who have been gifted dominion over the city of my birth and dearth by the Vampire Coven that rules Modernity.
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Maud'Dib     Oct 12, 2022

Qoute "-1. Generation X, the latch-key kid experiment, who suffered the destruction of the nuclear family and first lived under Mother Murica. Among these men in their 40s are most of the men I have met who dream of suicide and death as an escape. These are the men afflicted by social debt with the hand of the elder Norn, the hag who hands them off to Hel in her bitch warren."

Or run for local office, same result in death.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!
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