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Surviving Boomer Jive
Scrap Family Survival in Under Gawdly Dominion: Part 2 of 3: Baltimore, 5/9/2022
© 2022 James LaFond
In escaping from your shitty Boomer-overseers masquerading as family, you Millenials, like I escaped from my zombie parents who had it so good that my Mom could buy a nice suburban house on a secretary's salary, will not be able to maintain the affluence of your decadent parents. The Boomers mostly moved 30 miles from the City that they fled to make room for the Gawdly Kangs. They called this, the better life. Even in places where the Kangs have not been granted government subsidies to invade and criminalize such suburbs, you, in your late 20s, are unlikely to have a quarter-million dollar down-payment or credit line to buy a house in the new market.
To move further out into a rural area is to compete with billionaires for property purchase and to do so in an area where employment is slim at best. Urban flight has taken the Boomers to the edge of agricultural and elite ranch lands in the west, and in the east into the urban flight borderlands of the next shithole city. For instance, by the time you run far enough away from Baltimore to escape the malevolent intent of the Kangs you will either run into the Impis of Washington D.C. Sharpening their ghost hunting spears or the approaches to Filthadelphia, new murder capital of the east.
This means, on a single modest income, rental homesteading among semi-successful Kangs and Queans. These folks also cannot afford to habitate with your shithead zombie parents and are dearly trying to outrun or hide from shit hop gang culture, a culture that has been implanted by the elite ghost media to destroy them and their race and make of their scions your scourge.
Step one on checking out your rental; Remote:
Check the location on a map.
If it is in Baltimore, check the location on the Baltimore Travel Guide on this site.
Log onto the Next Door app and check out the crime complaints, as police blotters have been all but erased from news.
A garden apartment is preferable for rental to a house, as most rental houses are subsidized criminal hives, and if broken up into room rentals, will have you rooming with ex convicts and slackers whose near-do-well fellows may visit. The worst roommate, is a mud shark or Bantu babe, who will each have three inseminators of gawdly hue stopping by per year.
You want a garden apartment that is small, less then 32 units, and located in a home owning area, not a home rental area. In case the large apartment complex is more desirable, avoid the ground floor or basement.
Step two; Automobile:
Do not drive alone as you will miss most sign. The driver should pay attention to how bad the drivers are in the area. The passenger should work as a navigator and sign spotter.
Take the recommended GPS rout from home base, where ever the center of the social group is, where friends will come from to visit, etc.
Take the GPS route from where you are escaping from, for you will probably return to visit your former wardens.
Park at the prospective location.
Step three; on foot;
Walk a grid one block around, then two blocks, then three blocks.
Walk the primary and secondary access roads out to where there is a change in crimescape, usually about 3 blocks.
Walk to the park and then along the path, looking for ground litter, alcohol containers, handgun brass, syringes, vials, etc.
As soon as you see a large housing project, meaning on a secondary-primary street corner, or a public high school or middle school, you have found a crime nexus. Turn around and trace back your route along the residential sidewalks facing the park. [1] Return to your parked vehicle looking for sign:
Bad sign, from worst to least:
-Fewer cars than homes
-Boarded up vacant homes
-Front door that has no storm door or security door, meaning that this door was secured or barred, then the homeowner moved out and the slum lord taking it over to rent removed the security features to lie about how safe the area is. In a Gawdly area, barred doors means home owner, storm door means broke ass home owner and inset door, easily kicked in, means section eight rental.
-Halfway houses and other group homes, usually in converted large frame houses, such as victorians
-Drug rehab centers
-Any government building or service center
-Barred windows
-Barred doors
-Impassable back alleys
-Trash on ground
-back street bus stop
-backstreet store
-backstreet liquor store
-old churches, serve primarily as drug rehab centers and refugee resettlement centers
Good sign, from best:
-Children's play stuff in yards
-Men speaking to neighbors in front yard
-Men and women walking dogs and children's
-Women speaking to neighbors in front yard
-Lone men, not of criminal type, strolling in area
-Poorly maintained homes are likely not rentals, but broke-ass elderly homeowners, who are better neighbors then renters. The slum lord will pay a Mexican to cut the grass and bill the government.
-Storm doors are semi-secure home owner indicators, a reasonable but not highly fearful security measure that rental owners will rip out to serve the sacred American lie of safety.
-Abandoned institutions, like churches and schools, mean no hoodrat habitation in that location. It is a bad sign economically and culturally, but at least does not house enemies and ghost-hunters.
-New churches in former strip malls and other buildings repurposed for actual worship rather than maintaining a presence like Catholics, Lutherans, Episcipaleans, Methodists and Presbyterians, as government social contractors.
Step four, automobile egress:
Use your observations and area knowledge if any, to ride a 5-10 block grid to the four main roads boxing in the area and determine 4 means of access and egress from least to most desirable.
Avoid major intersections when possible and look for two-way side streets branching directly off of main streets. Main and secondary street intersections will always be dangerous in Bantuistan.
Avoid one-way side streets with residents on both sides as these are ambush vectors. Only take one way streets that are next to parks.
Your four access routes by car should be:
-Safest [direct from side to main two-way not a four-way intersection]
-Safest four-way [secondary crossing main]
-Safest side to secondary [four way]
-Worst secondary to main four-way, never take at night
The next section will conclude with the actual assessment I did of the area. I will not name the apartment complex, though there are three that fit the criteria, noting that the lowest number of units will be the safest and that these three complexes are in a position that places them all at least 3 block from high crime centers.
-1. Parks are regarded as safe places by ghosts and dangerous places by kangs, indicating the use of parks by those hereditary foe folks. They do, due to ghostly delusion and the real fact that projects cannot be built on the park, help adjacent housing maintain value and home owner occupancy. This is good. But! The park on holidays and across from the large hoodrat hives like schools and projects, will be danger ghost-hunting zones. All such parks will be deadly traps at night across their entire length. Women should never use parks alone. Men escorting women will be in increased danger of pack attack and should only sue parks from dawn to mid-afternoon. Lone men should vacate parks an hour before dusk. Bantuistan parks during the three summer holidays and on sunny weekends will be brawling zones. Playgrounds on parks are the most dangerous areas, being good places to use handgun threats to rob parents who will not resist with toddlers in tow. Ball fields attract hoodrats more than treed strolling locations. Herring Run Park will be discussed in the footnote to Part 3.
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Bryce Sharper     Oct 16, 2022

I just visited Bodymore on business. Mostly we stayed at the hotel near the airport but one night we decided to dine in the inner harbor. It is a heavily policed game preserve or feedlot for UMC white yuppies who seem completely oblivious to the fact that their area is so protected because they are being farmed. The yuppies I was with snickered partially out of contempt when I noticed this. They feel entitled to safety and good job opportunities and ignore the fact that this means they must stay within a game preserve like zoo animals. The yuppie driving the car almost drove down a dark alley where a kang was obviously dealing drugs. I told the driver to continue down the alley so we could see what was for sale. This elicited laughter, mockery and fear. Quickly our smugly confident yuppies retreated in the face of this imagined threat who obviously wasn’t trying to rob anyine but rather sell drugs to rich whypeepo.

Meanwhile, the poor and criminal element are section 8 farmed as you explained above which is degraded the housing stick and public spaces for those trying to get by. This seems to be increasing in all suburbs as section 8 is a tool of young yuppies building their real estate empires. Often it is disguised as a rehab facility where suburban SFHs are converted to flophouses for nearly a dozen men farmed for $15-20k a month under the guise of charity.

The government and real estate/FIRE scum clearly want to whip us back into the cities while avoiding the rent collapse of the previous urban crime era. Their hook is access to jobs. We must figure out how to employ ourselves and live near each other to provide mutual security. I can’t tell you how many friends who’ve moved out of CA who want me to live near them. This is starting to look like 700s Europe where no one has confidence in the king to stop the Danes.
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