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Newslaw Creed
Two Hours at the Window to the Butcher Shop of Reality: 5/21/2022
© 2022 James LaFond
On three different occasions I was 2 hours before the blaring, glaring lie machine—the TV with its news casts. It is painfully simple to determine what the machine wants you to believe based on what it provides as hypnotic feed.
The back drop to this is that everybody I know back east—everybody—who has been fully Jaxxed and boosted with the experimental DNA manipulation therapy that was reclassified as as a Vaϲϲine, has had bad spring colds and flus. This is nowhere in the news, that bad spring respiratory ailments never noted in my 59 years, are rampant, most rampant in highly jaxxed populations and most effecting—indeed, almost exclusively effecting—those who have supposedly been immunized from the lab-made plague of 2019.
Additionally, and perhaps since I know so many people who work in medical settings, most every person I know is obsessed with the plague, tracking antibodies in their own blood, using home testing kits weekly and catching the specific disease against which they were supposedly immunized over and over again. While this is going on and home medical, care-giver supply houses begin advertising on TV, and signs outside of Baltimore City and Baltimore County assisted living facilities proclaim Health Care Hero support ad claim 100% Jaxx and Boost rates, the Sacred Plague occupies 80 minutes of 120 minutes worth of news broadcasting.
Two hours of local and national news, in this third week of May, in the Third Year of Our Lord Floyd has the following coverage:
YouGotGrain Saints versus Roosky Devils War
-Lead story, supported by no combat footage, YouGotGrain tanks drive out Roosky invaders.
-Buried 80% deep in the news cast [the darkest placement, right where newspaper stories with headlines and lead in and wrap up sections that misrepresent the facts, bury facts that contradict the lies they are selling: 250 YouGotGrian Heroes captured by Roosky Devils.
White Supremacist Shooter
-Lead story ignores the fat paleface bitch who was first to die.
-Press conference by Sloe Biven on evils of white people.
-Op Ed by Civil Rights leader that people who do not vocally protest this Creep State MK-Ultra Op are as guilty as the shooter.
-Op Ed by local vaginal authority news anchor on how censorship can prevent mass killings.
The other dozen news stories were all on the Sacred Plague, on how newer deadly super megalodonic ultra-plasmonic versions of the mighty plague are converging on America from every corner of the globe…
Just as with the last two off plague seasons, the majority opinion implantation is preparatory conditioning to insure hysteria when the news comes in Autumn and intensifies in Winter, that the world is coming to an end…
All fear all the time, is what I see in Maryland, never being on a public space where people are not double masked outside, masked when alone in the car, where there is always social distancing and masking signage in at least one business window visible at a given time.
Wellness, Safety, Social Distancing, these all remain as key fear levers, levers that the overlords of control are reluctant to be seen grasping yet just as reluctant to release. Control is the ultimate addiction, and, in a nation of medicalized drug addicts, it is a habit nigh unbreakable.
Here, in The East, among The Covidians, I have, and friends have, lost certain close, long-time associates, based on the ongoing fear mongering. I have noted that among men who initially expressed doubt about the March 2020 Plague Narrative, and then submitted to the hysteria and became injected in order to be able to go unmasked in public, that these men have tended to begin negating longtime friends and associates, alienating some of their very best human contacts. I will not go into details, as these people are or were close to me and those I love. But it seems as much a mental break within, then an urge to impose the over-ruling values of the elite, that these men feel inside that they failed some test and have sought to repair their self-image by demeaning their most loyal associates.
This, the breaking of long-held honor-based friendships between men caused by medical politics, is, perhaps, the best good realized by The Over System in this entire 2-year Newslaw cycle.
Will done.
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Maud'Dib     Oct 17, 2022

Qoute"n this third week of May, in the Third Year of Our Lord Floyd has the following coverage"
Benetnash     Oct 18, 2022

Everyone I knew who got the jab also had a severe flu in May, just as described here. This was in the Midwest. I the heretic was free of affliction and in rude good health. Clearly dark sorcery on my part. Anyway, where I am now, public masking declined sharply over the past year, although you still see it in the "screamin' Karen" areas. But going out to eat and such, very occasionally over the past year, compliance is way down. All I can say is that in blue cities and areas colonized by coastal people, this nonsense seems to hold on, but you get out to Flyover Country, and no one cares. The few liberal hicks are made fun of as the crazy idiots they so obviously are.
Crux Cross     Oct 20, 2022

I think the term ‘newslaw’ is ahead of it’s time; deeper than it looks.
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