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Of Man and Mask
Impressions of Transhuman Cultism, Baltimore City & Baltimore County, Maryland, 5/20/2022
© 2022 James LaFond
All government masks mandates in Maryland are now—for the time being—past. The confusing issue for this old sot was taking the bus. Medical places and mass transit spaces have remained bastions of mask cultism. Taking the hat off and putting on a mask, while getting money ready for the bus meter and not accidentally removing the eye patch, is a pain in the ass. Two weeks ago I noted that a dark criminal and a pale young beauty—not together—did not wear masks on the bus.
The driver was a masked woman, so I stayed masked as most people on the bus. This bothers me as I know that wearing a mask is a sign of fear, a symbol of rules-following for the sake of broadcasting obedience to the system and also of hysterical fear of death by cold. If you are so fearful of a could that you will wear a paper mask that is scientifically proven to offer zero protection, then, well you are both stupid and weak.
This week, I boarded the bus wearing sunglasses instead of an eye patch, taking off my hat to put on the mask, and then the sunglasses fog up. As I sit I note that the masculine men of all races are unmasked, including both bus drivers. The mask came off. I note that some men just wear the mask to get past the driver then take it off. I began studying the masked and unmasked.
Women who mask at 100%
-Gawdly Queans
Women who don’t mask are all either:
-Trashy drug addicts
Hot or beautiful paleface women—saw an 8 with a six foot tall body with a shape like Athena [a 10 for me, 7 for you] on the #36 who was not about to cover that pretty face after that D-cup rack got her masculine attention…
Men Who Mask at 100%
-Young Kangs, skinny hip hoppers and homos
-Young golden skin highly mixed “blacks”
-Latino working men
-Fat palefaces
Men Most Likely to Go Bare-Faced
-Criminal Kangs
-Dark Kangs
-Bald Kangs
-Masculine Middle Aged Kangs
-Criminal, Masculine Palefaces
-Working, Masculine Pale Faces
If you had a gang fight, between the unmasked men on one bus, who are outnumbered by the masked men on a single bus, versus the masked men from ten other buses, it would be a slaughter, with 5 men beating the piss out of 100 sissies, faɡɡots, rappers, homos, hipsters and fat fucks.
The mask has become a counter indication of masculinity, a label that says: “I am a woman! Mug me now! I will blow you Mister Man!”
The unmasked man is doing the same thing that men who have traditionally sat on the back deck of the bus have long broadcast: “I am a criminal. I will fight. Break bad on me at high risk.”
Now, in the wake of police emasculation, the men who have traditionally been selected for police beatings, men who work with their hands and who are willing to commit the Great American Crime of Self-Defence, of any race, are now consciously and unconsciously asserting a new masculine order, saying that they are men, not boys, by simply declining to wear the sacred cuck muzzle, the Holy Vestment of Cuckmenistan.
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Hank     Apr 7, 2023

This one had me rolling in the aisles! Too fucking true.
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