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At Midnight
A Man Recalls a Dog Walk Become a Dawg Squawk: 6/22/2022 Baltimore
© 2022 James LaFond
Recalled monologue from a week past. Since then this man has sent a photo and notice that there was a purse snatching in this discrete upscale enclave of North Baltimore off the I-85 Evacuation Route and that he managed to return the bank card to the woman, which he found on the sidewalk. He has essentially become a one man police force, the best way to stay out of trouble, as organized watch groups were defanged in 2013.
This was at night, at midnight, just a week or so ago. I live in Clipper Mill, for the moment. We are moving [1] in two weeks. Until then, you are free to visit. We have a nice pool you are welcome to use.
I finally had someone threaten to shoot me, so I guess my Baltimore experience is complete.
I was out walking my dog, not a big intimidating dog, just a nice family dog. This car is cruising around the neighborhood at midnight; not a resident. We have these speed humps and this person—black, of course—is speeding so they are whipping in and out around the speed humps where there is room for the car.
This is a nice residential neighborhood where children may be on the street by day and adults might be walking their dogs at night.
I yelled for this man to “Slow down!” and he stops, backs up, gets out and confronts me. He is literally speaking in some gibber jabber that I cannot rightly recall. It reminded my by contrast what the Nigerian cab drivers tell me about dealing with the local African Americans that they don’t speak English, that dealing with them is like wrangling some kind of animal, as you have described it as well.
I do not want an escalation. I also do not want this person to be comfortable in our neighborhood. He has no reason to be there to begin with. Mindful of not escalating through verbal engagement...
[Good man, do not press the chimp-out button!]
I simply kept repeating, as if to a toddler, “Slow down.”
‘Blah, blah, blah—you don’t know who you’re messing with—blah, blah, blah!’
Well, neither does he. [know who he’s messing with. Your job is to contact his instinct so that his sub-rational mind will realize who he is messing with] I had drawn a line in my mind, no way was I backing down. I kept repeating, “Slow down.”
‘Blah, blah, blah!’
“Slow down.”
I’m essentially dealing with a toddler, I know.
‘Blah, blah, blah!’
“Slow down.”
He threatens to shoot me but does not present.
I have concealed carry. I was ready.
“Slow down.” I never veered from the simple command and it seems to have eventually sunken in, that this was not a confrontation, but a demand.
[Excellent, though, with a group, a car load of guys, this would have been a disaster. They would have demanded that you shoot one and then the others would morph into witnesses that heard you using the N-word and spouting white supremacy, etc. if it was a car load you would have been better off drawing and chasing the car on foot and they would have most likely sped off. Of course your only escalation is to fire from here. So I would not have confronted a group unless on my property and would have gotten as close as possible, drawn and fired for maximum individuals hit to deplete the bogus witness pool.]
I was wondering what you thought of this, Does it match your experience. Could I have done anything better?
Crackpot Commentary
This was perfect for one Gawdly motorist. On foot he would have been more combative. Cars offer a noble escape route for the ego, as the motorist can always frame his humiliating retreat as the saving of his uninsured girlfriend’s car from the police impound lot.
I have used this tactic when managing a store and being in a position to impose civility on the criminal class of both urban races. The fact that you are a physically imposing man—a Big Un—does help with this drawing of a line and making a simple demand. I also used this doing event security. Simple demands and an unwavering presence works against the high time preference of the Gawdly Kangdom.
If you have to make a stand, a demand, this is the way to do it, especially with Kangs. Now if this was a feral paleface, it would have been more likely to end in violence due to a dumbed down simple, repeated demand. White crooks have an inflated sense of their intelligence, especially the idiots. Having a deescalation negotiation and softening the demand by mentioning children, puppies, old ladies, cuing into the natural European empathy for the helpless, could have deescalated and even resulted in concord with a man of a high trust strain, no matter how debased. With white trash, enlist him in your noble army of protection and appeal to his tiny sliver of greater nature.
But the low trust, brute force-based, low empathy, “rape grandma while your buddy cleans the tasty cakes out of her pantry,” urban Gawd anti-cultural instincts, requires, a simple repetition of demand. One does not reason with The Lowest Orders of humanity. These Yutish Tribesmen are typically beyond any moral view of life and understand only force. They also have an instinct for knowing when unwavering morality, and especially the hidden hand and pale fearlessness, whisper of their death—and Gods fear death more than mere mortals—ask Ares.
One additional note, is that repeating the demand, but lowering your tone and making it deeper, like you do with a dog or other animal, is helpful in dealing with Gawds.
In case of a big fellow like you and the hoodrat drawing a gun, I like the option of throwing your dog at his face while you step off and draw. The natural Gawdly fear of dogs extends to flying dogs as well.
Chris, thank you so much for your friendly conversation, encouragement, prayers and generosity, and most of all for reading such odd screed.
-1. To Out of State, U.S.A., a glorious paradise!
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