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Dialogues at Dusk
A Note to Email Correspondents: Baltimore City, 7/18/2022
© 2022 James LaFond
My intention has been to write only history and fiction and resist the temptation to write journals. This has been a failure. I have managed to do some history. Moving, as I do, every 2-3 days, while in the east, is not conducive to the novel. I will have a week in a place I detest for a family reunion and wedding. So I should manage to finish Cox & Swain then. But the other two novels are a loss for this year.
At this point I must stop journaling, end this volume, and outline a different scheme for nonfiction writing that might support the work of the geographic novelist and chronological inquirer, rather than destroy it, as it has in this jaunt eastward.
The Plan is to outline three nonfiction books to take to year’s end:
Dialogues at Dusk: Reader Prompted Articles 7/18 to 12/30 2022.
I will have no internet from 8/4 thru November. So, prompts sent by email, received after 8/4, will not be viewed until November. Opening that email box in November well, that will be interesting.
As always, I do not view reader comments. Indeed, I hardly ever go to my own site. Sometimes, the webmaster, who has the comments function on the site as a way of troll-vexxing me, will find a comment he thinks is important and email it to me to address by email or in article form. Again, I will not even see these until November.
If there is something you would like me to address in writing, realizing that it will not post until January 2023, please text Flop the Zero Phone at 443-686-0598.
What is going to take more discipline is structuring travel writing about people and places to fit in my Awes West novels. When I meet a person, instead of trying to remember their relations of events, I will strive to write a character profile of the person, for use in a novel. I will assign them a name from medieval New England, 2032 and not use their name unless it fits that scheme. Likewise, notes on landscape will try and detect the hard use and alterations of man and reconstruct the scene. Weather commentary will be helpful for framing novels.
These two pseudo-fantasy records will be:
Awes West: Pseudo-Fantasy Notes—August thru October, 2022
Czar’s Trace: Pseudo-Fantasy Notes—November-December, 2022
Thank you for supporting my misbehavior.
May the conclusion of your summer be better than the overture.
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Maud'Dib     Jul 18, 2022

Working for the man again on the elections? Have to make sure the left-right same team narrative is functioning. Best of luck.
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