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Writ Hate Draft
Land Whaling Among the Eaters—A Novel
© 2022 James LaFond
Copyright 2022 James LaFond
A Crackpot Book
Lynn Lockhart Publisher
In 2020, rationality died and the hallowed Lie became the clarion guide of the sloe-eyed in their American Sty. Here, a young man is cast adrift by circumstances among the teaming herds of eaters, land whales and oxygen thieves. As ennui rings in the hero’s inner ear, God sheds an elder tear. The Old Ones are awakened from Norning, the Veil is rent, and into the feedlot of civilization a savior of barbarism is vengeance sent.
Written in Love and Hate at a view to an affront upon Fate.
Dedicated to every man who dreams of breaking his mammy chains: may he have many adventures, crush sissy hopes into ruin, blast complaisant dreams into oblivion, and trod the leisure civics of the Eaters into the muddy stairs of Time.
“So long as their hangs a rope—there swings a true hope.”
-Mister Grey
Author’s Note
This is a simple attempt at a narrative fantasy of escape, written in the worst place I have visited in America, to where, so long as another brother does not materialize to ask me to second him at a wedding here, I shall never return. So goes the Parthian shot of the pulp novelist.
-Ocean City, Maryland, On A Day Once Hallowed, 7/24/2022
Inspirational Dialogue
From the Shamrock Dive Bare in Northeast Baltimore, July 6th, 2022
Big Ron: “How you doin’? It’s been a long time.”
Mescaline Franklin: “To long. It was before the BS, the last time I saw you—we were here.”
Big Ron: “Yeah, before the BS—three years then.”
Mescaline: “Yeah, three years into the bullshit and we meet again—good to see you: FUCK THIS WORLD!”
Big Ron: “Amen, Brother.”
Inspirational Mythos
Night ushered Sky and Earth out of Chaos, who wed.
Their son, Time, armed by plotting Earth, murdered Sky and he thence ate his own Children;
Save Thunderer, who conspired with Thought to Chain Time.
Thought gave the spark of knowledge to Man and was chained by Thunderer—Time Holder:
There Thought abides, sworn to ten thousand years of vengeance against Time’s brute jailer...sworn to rise from the bleak Abide, to on gray cloud ride despite the wails of grown Mankind—his crone of a bride.
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