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July 2022 Writing Journal
© 2022 James LaFond
-1. 1370, 1465, 870, completed Dystopia Now at 24,805 words, scheduled posts on main site from September 7 thru December 16, bussed to the east side to spend night with Megan and Emma, taught Emma how to play rummy, Tunk [31], war and go fish card games
-2. Played hop scotch and cards with Emma, bussed back over to the northeast to drink with The Young Tribe at the Brick Mouse House, stopped at the Sikh Liquor Store…
-3. Boxed with The Young Tribe, walked to the dollar tree and got dominos, cards, yatzee, dice, Battleship and blocks for Emma, bought vodka for Megan at the Harford House, bussed back to the east side, bought groceries, played games with Emma…
-4. Played cards with Emma, watched her tumble and dance in the yard, picked up by Incognegro, recorded 3 One Round Boxing videos and a Hobo History video, had dinner with Mom and watched fireworks in White Flight, MD…
-5. begin annotating Maryland Historical Archives for the 1600s, 2022, 2019, held doors for Mom, arranged text for parts 3 & 4 of Unplanted Maryland, cards and whiskey
-6. back to Baltimore, 2125, boxing with Cory and The Brick Mouse, beer with Big Ron, Mescaline, Cory and The Brick Mouse, 14 emails, eye seize medicated
-7. 2179, eye seize, 1898, 792,
-8. traveled to Newport, Kentucky, visited with two Myth 20 Listeners,
-9. began Dipping Out, 100, 2673, trained these two young men on checking and sprawling,
-10: travel to PA, 3 videos with Mister Grey
-11. 1866, 1844, 1459,
-12. eye seize medicated, 2817, 2890, Ephrata to Lancaster
-13. weeded and trimmed hedges, 3,086, eye seized medicated,
-14. to Baltimore, 1519, 28 emails, drank rum and boxed with Wushu Wendy, she got to punch me with gloves and I got to grab her glorious hip, just one unfortunately, and both supple shoulders...
-15. 14 emails, 1301, 1126, 930, 1165, 1513, 1255, travel to East Baltimore,
-16. 1153, 1224, 1413, go shopping for Emma’s birthday,
-18. back to the Northeast, 1133, 405, completed Dipping Out at 13,278 words, 1312, 1952, played cards and dominoes with Brick Mouse and Bride.
-19. eye seize, 1077, 1395, went shopping and cooked a pork roast stew, drank beer with my hosts, 3076, 2101, 1828
-20. 2015, 1812, 1595, check out a reader’s new neighborhood, drank at Esoteric Cafe
-21. 749, 11 emails, 1297, 1277, box with Mister Tony, to East Baltimore to visit Megan
-22. To Timonium to game with Mister Wierton, to Baynesville to get picked up for Harford County
-23. Harford County to Ocean City for brother’s wedding…
-24. Wake up in American Land Whale Colony, set up a ten for the land whales and returned to write, outline Writ Hate, 395, 1298, 1781, 2014,
-25. coffee run, 1259 WH 1, floor exercises, 1366 WH 2, cards and beer until 2 am
-26. doughnuts for the family 6 am, outlined chapters 3 thru 10 of WH, eye seize, nap, cards, 1269 WH 3,
-27. eye seize, 1670 WH 4, 879, play cornhole with brother, rummy with brother in law,
-28. run trash, do dishes, make coffee, edit my Brother’s wedding vowels, a very nice composition he made, amplified WH 4, 1370 WH 5, 1128 WH 6, amplify WH 6, take Mom’s beach chair up, amplify WH 6, 610, best man at Brother’s wedding, got drunk and lost at dominoes to teenagers at midnight
-29. 958, eye seize, medicated, 1041, WH 7, visit with brother and bride, 605
-30. travel to Baltimore
-31. Close out writing month,
Articles-Chapters = 58
Fiction = 0
Non-Fiction = 2
Books = 2
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