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August 2022 Writing Journal
September 2022 Writing Journal, October 2022 Writing Journal
© 2022 James LaFond
August 2022 Writing Journal
-1. bus from East Baltimore to Northeast Baltimore, 24 emails, 167 words, began Awes West, outline 4 travel articles, sort winter clothes and boots to be shipped west, books to be given to The Man in the Hat and Doctor Dread, outlined 8 reader/writer dialogues, nap time 1:30, Incognegro picks me up to take me to Cecil County studio at 4:00 Eastern, 4:45 CP Time, recorded 17 hobo History videos, about 200 minutes
-2. 803, 634, 2189, 566, from Cecil County to Harford to visit Mom & Sister,
-3. into Baltimore to Brickmouse House, 720, 837, 1049, 1320, mailed boots and clothes to Utah and Oregon, filled perscriptions and bought new eye patch, amplified WH 7, 210 words, eye seized, nap, visited with Brickmouse and Bride
-4. Coffee with Brickmouse, 1271 WH 8, 1433 WH 9, 1157 WH 10, go to vets with lady friend’s ailing dog, completed Writ Hate at 15,207 words, 7 emails, closed account for season, posted rest of year on main site, sent 3 for substack and book Writ Hate to Lynn, posted Writ Hate out to January 7 and 8 of 2023, have 9 mailbox and 4 travel articles in stock awaiting a 2023 pocket calendar, 930, hit the snake in the Brickhouse Gym, shower, bus to East Baltimore to visit Megan one last time,
-5. to Northeast Baltimore and the Brick Mouse House, clean up tornado debris, pack, buy whiskey for The Man in the Hat and IPA for the Brick Mouse Bride, Man in The Hat drives me to York, PA, we meet Erique and Erique drives me to Lancaster, where we visit and watch Primal and Prey with Mister Grey
-6. 878, set up Erique’s Gym, trained with Oliver, Mister Grey, Ari and Erique, dinner at Nero the Pict’s place until 4 A.M.!
-7. To Pittsburgh and Rick and Punky’s place with Mister Grey,
-8. 1289, Rick, Miter Grey and I are followed and observed by cops, who stake out Rick’s house, so we box in the grassy backyard instead and I suffer an ankle sprain boxing, though the stick fighting footwork was perfect on the uneven ground. Boxing really is an urban art.
-9. 1038, 1055,
-10. wash clothes, pack, visit
-11. 837, back up files, leave Pittsburgh for Chicago by train
-12. travel by train
-13. train arrive midnight in SLC, unpack, seizure medicated
-14. pick green beans, squash, fava beans, assist in family dinner for outgoing college student, visit with Bob and Deb, take dinner to Arla, visit with her and her son, Tiny
-15. 1198, 1372, help change an oil filter, scout for berries, met Jack, new phone died
-16. the ringing in my head is increasing, think the phone failure is a sign from God that I need to write something with more gravity, will not get it fixed until two more books done, 1743, weeded Arla’s driveway, gathered eggs, 1453, weeded Arla’s garden, picked her peas, changed and sharpened lawn mower blades for Deb
-17. mushroom hunting in the Uintas at 9,000 feet, scrapped Awes West travel writing and fold it into Wife— novel, 678, finished Awes West at 13,008 words, 1964,
-18. amplified last night’s article, 300 pounds of weeds out of Arla’s yard, 1026, 1223, pecked green beans, squash, pickles, went to phone store, had cops called on me while I waited for ride, hauled chicken feed, jarred pickles
-19. proofed Cox & Swain in preparation for writing chapters 8 thru 16, 1278,
-20. rotated dry goods and stalked salt in pantry, ran trash, extracted persons from Augustine Herman’s journal for characters in Cox & Swain, 247, 795, loaded car with charity donations, 2138 [C&S 8], begin inner ringing scale [henceforth IRS]: 7, 1121,
-21. 1382, go to sacrament and Sunday school with Deb and Arla, 1748 [C&S 8.1],
-22. proofed and sent C&S 8.1, picked green beans, canned pickles, picked squash, 1959 [C&S 9],
-23. 1882 [C&S 10], picked mushrooms at 9000 feet for 5 hours, cleaned mushrooms
-24. 2315 [C&S 10], hiked from 8000 to 9000 feet hunting mushrooms and Oregon grape, peeled and canned tomatoes, outlined chapters 12 thru 16 of C&S,
-25. 1827 [C&S 12], editorial skype call, hunted mushrooms above 9000 feet, cleaned mushrooms, visited with Bob and Shayne and their fine wives,
-26. 1501, 1857 [C&S 13], picked potatoes and ash berries, replaced Arla’s sprinkler head, 1609 [C&S 14] overcome with the mania to complete the novel, with two chapters left to go.
-27. 1794 [C&S 15], 1141 [C&S 16], 621 [C&S 17], completed Cox & Swain at 55,033 words, 17,681 being nonfiction appendices, up date works in progress, 480 overture to Plantation America
-28. eye seizure, outline afterword to Plantation America, 654, began Holiday Blue, 886, picked green beans, helped process mushrooms, arranged Part 1 of Plantation America, sorted Plantation America chapters, arranged epilogue, arranged Part 2, arranged Part 3,
-29. 664, slaughtered and butchered 11 chickens in 2 hours with Bob and Shayne, spent 3 hours mushroom hunting, completed Plantation America at 92,051 words,
-30. weeded for Arla, picked mushrooms, picked elderberry, helped Bob start hard cider, sketched lyric trajectory of Holiday Blue, 132,
-31. pulled up tumbleweeds, picked elderberry, rose hips and Oregon grape, helped Bob can chicken, 1083, 1070, 1170, 890
Articles/Chapters = 53
Fiction = 2
Nonfiction = 2

September 2022 Writing Journal
-1. picked green beans, 1171, began Moonbow, 129, canned green beans, skyped with editor, 1524, completed Dialogues at Dusk at 25,152 words, 947 [HB 1],
-2. weeded at Tim’s, visited Garland, weeded at Bobs, fed chickens, visited Arla, 1286 [HB 2], walked to store, dinner, hauled wood to pile, 1364,
-3. 1353, pick ash berries, feed ground apples to chickens [a daily thing, takes 15 minutes, they love the worms inside], sort and clean ash berries, 1517 [HB 3], watched historical documentaries for 5 hours
-4. 1685, fed chickens [a dozen to two dozen wormy apples a day are falling from the try] picked and cleaned green beans and squash, outlined Holiday Blue 4 in three parts as the exposition chapter and transition to the action arc out of the perspective arc, going for a holiday ride with hosts, flat tire on logging road above Stillwater Dam at Blindstream Pass, jack was too short, than good Mike the rock climbing geologist stopped by, returned at 7 too tired to write…
-5. 1571 [HB 4.0], 1379 [HB 4.1], 1458 [HB 4.2], rounded up escaped chickens
-6. picked Oregon grape, found runaway chicken eggs, manured tow planting boxes, 1141 [HB 5], 1444 [HB 6], got phone from post office,
-7. 1539 [HB 7], hike for elderberries 6 hours, picked and cleaned 23 pounds, basic chores, trash, chickens, [began HB 8],
-8. 1367 [HB 8], outlined HB 9 thru 17, picked green beans, wax beans, cucumbers, yellow squash, spaghetti squash, gathered eggs, fed chickens, cleaned produce, did dishes, visited Arla, 1917 [HB 9], 1382 [HB 10], canning pickles…
-9. 964, 480, 450, 948, weed along the road for Arla, 1122, 1088, eye straining closing up computer and patching it
-10. 1652, 635, run errand with Deb and get my replacement phone set up in Park City, new phone with no contacts and only 3 numbers in my head, 1351, finished 9 part Hobo View series, will be back to Holiday blue tomorrow, 210
-11. skype messaged with editor and Incognegro, was contacted by Coach Finstock podcaster, proofed 9 and 10 of Holiday Blue, heading to church at 11:20, gravelled head of Deb and Bob’s drive way, met the Bishop of the stake, breaded chicken for family dinner, outlined 5 articles for Moonbow, the writing day got away
-12. 1512 [HB 11], podcast with Lynn for substack, chopped on a tree stump to little avail, 921, used a saw zaw to cut a base cut to the kernel wood, then took 100 strokes with a the machete to cut down the stump. Outlined an articles
-13. watched an interview with an architect about picked the garden and cleaned produce, 911, 1494 [HB 12.0], 1728 [HB 12.1], 1728 [HB 13], 922, 162,
-14. 1984 [HB 14], started elderberry wine
-15. 1936 [HB 15],gathered chicken eggs, I think I’m going to start feeding the crippled chicken scraps of its own while the others are out in the pen, weeded for Tim’s widow, picked, cleaned and froze 5 pounds Oregon grape, helped Bob put the railing together, outlined Destination Winter,
-16. 2900 [HB 16], 519 [HB 17], complete arranging Holiday Blue at 34,909, picked apples, cucumbers, squash, green beans, finished weeding the berm, helped Bob with railing installation
-17. writing nightmares, started Graphomaniac Diaries 1339, placed second post for railing, 539, 736, 565, 640, finished Moonbow at 16,468 words, 536, 1184, birthday party,
-18. woke up late from drinking Bib’s hard cider, resting eye, completed railing, gathered chicken eggs, picked apples for chiken feed, last mushroom hike, picked Arla’s peas and weeded garden, proofed Graphomaniac Diary, got drunk drinking rest of cider
-19. 841, Podcast with Lynn, Editing Ghost Snatcher, elderberry wine making, bank, booze shopping, apple picking, gathered eggs, proofed and edited 71 of 140 pages, edited up to page 108, bottled pickled green beans with Deb,
-20. 1256, edited Ghost Snatcher to 15,880 words, edited Juan Stabone to page 61, go help Bob with a virtual medical call, 1168, completed editing The Last Good Cop at 11,095 words, began editing Confessor to page 8, figured out how to edit a table of contents, turned one planting bed and added 400 pounds of compost, containing grass clippings, chicken coop scrapings, horse manure, dirt, ash garden clippings, the mountain breeze among the spruce and aspen outside this window is wonderful...though the inner ears ring like fire alarms, edited Confessor to page 32
-21. moved a friend’s daughter’s possessions from an apartment to a storage unit, picked apples and gathered eggs, edited Confessor to page 86, eye seized, edited to page 145, 976, finished editing Confessor at 12,802, formatted 8 Confessor posts for the main site,
-22. turned and manured two planting beds, something called spotify has invaded my computer and I think is making it work hard, edited Prentice Dolphin to page 39, have to rest the computer from this document as it races whenever I open it, quit editing Prentice Dolphin, blade article 970, arranged Beyond the Pale for editing, took phone calls, edited to page 38 of BtP, picked squash and elderberry, edited to page 45, edited to page 66,
23: 719, completed editing Beyond the Pale, cut down sunflowers, manured a planting bed, hiked up a canyon and picked ten pounds of rose hips, began vetting Wake Christopher to page 13, Bob and Jenn and I watched a merry go round array of light some 50 miles distant to the north, stay in the same place in the sky for 40 minutes from 9:30 to 10:10. he figured it was northwest of Evenstan, Wyoming, it was further and higher than the eastbound airliners that follow Interstate 80
-24: 939, completed editing Wake Christopher, format Write Hate for editing, cleaned rose hips, 829, turned and manured a planting bed, edited some of Writ hate while hammered on over proof rum, will redo in the morning
-25: picked squash, apples and plums, weeded Tim’s driveway, edited Writ Hate from page 1 thru 28, helped with family dinner, 952, finished editing Writ Hate
-26: hiked 10 miles scouting for elderberry and rose hips up and back on Ledgefork trail and the adjacent canyon 1046, edited pages 1-15 of Sorcerer!
-27: hiked 8 miles above Trial Lake at 9700 feet and gathered plant samples, edited Sorcerer! To page 28, 1151, edited to page 66,
-28: chickens, hike up a mountain road for three hours picking elderberry, mailed a package back east, 828, finished editing Sorcerer, edited Seven Moons Deep to page 45
-29: cleaned elderberries, hiked and picked rose hips and ash berries for 4 hours, eye seize, tried editing 7MD fell asleep sitting up
-30: 593, picking juniper berries and raspberry leaves, ditched and back-filled for an electric repair, cut down sunflowers, pulled up squash, attended a wake for a friend’s sister, 1161
Chapters & Articles = 61
Nonfiction = 2
Fiction = 1
History = 0
Books = 3
Books edited = 7

October 2022 Writing Journal
-1. pulled up squash, 703, turned compost, turned and composted two planting beds, 1162, edited 44 to 100 of SMD
-2. edited 100 to 171 of SMD, coffee and news with Bob, edited SMD to page 423, finished editing SMD at 585 pages, 1554
-3. chickens, pantry stocking, 1215, podcast with Lynn, picked and pruned ash tree and apple tree, listened to the Zman, set up dehydrater, mulched flower bed, 1531, 1147, began annotating Philostratos
-4. watch educational counter-culture videos with Bob, talk about hunting and climate science, started combat cover essay for Dream Eater, 1731, 1712, 2222, manure two planting beds for 4 hours, 911
-5. 1459, chickens, 1112, 1574, 1571, completed 7 part Combat Cover Essay, 2362
-6. lost a day, just lost it, don’t know where it went It is now the 7th. Won’t try and figure it out
-7. Bottled ash berries, started drying Oregon Grape, 1223, sorted rose hips, cleared hawthorn and willow brush, 317, leveled bank and filled in slight gully
-8. 2025, 2501, 2233, 2365, completed annotating Philostratos, loudest ringing in head yet, reset gravel and stone side walk
-9. 1466, 739, attended church, 364, began arranging and editing Songs of Aryas, arranged 7 sub sections of SOA, edited SOA1, Under Heaven,
-10. illness progressing, tired, trying to wrap up works in progress, turned and manured a planting bed, stored berries, sorted rose hips, edited SOA2 to page 34, eye popped, edited to 50, complete, talked to Clark Savage
-11. arranged and edited SOA3 thru 7, canned Oregon grape, helped with basic house chores, 950, begin drying rose hips, clean and freeze last pick of elderberries, write epilogue to Songs of Aryas, 1294,
-12. 1695, completed Songs of Aryas at 61,696 words, picked potatoes, turned bed, transferred elderberry wine,
-13. 1419, 832, 886, 819, 682, completed Destination Winter at 15,506 words, completed Graphomaniac Diaries at 22,285 words, yukon potatoes
From here on I am scheduling non writing tasks for the rest of my stay in Utah, and will assign writing done after I depart on the 21st, to November.
-14, Friday: post crackpot mail box = 19
trim Arla’s hedges
-15, Saturday: post Confessor and fiction editing notes = 18
pull carrots and manure last bed
-16, Sunday: post unassigned articles = 11
finish Lindy’s driveway
-17, Monday: post history articles = 31
begin mailing packages to Sean, Lynn, The Colonel, Incognegro and T-Rex
-18, Tuesday: post Holiday Blue = 19
finish drying and storing rose hips
-19, Wednesday: post travel articles = 36
-20, Thursday: back up files and pack up
-21, Friday: visit with Bob and catch the train west
-22, Saturday: travel
End effective end of October
Articles/chapters complete = 33
Novels = 0
Journals = 2
Histories = 1
Books on the month = 3
Books on the year =21
graphomaniac diaries
Graphomania Diary
barbarism versus civilization
under the god of things
the first boxers
menthol rampage
broken dance
sons of aryas
by the wine dark sea
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