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Graphomaniac Biography
Curating Literary Insanity: Section 2
© 2022 James LaFond
Unpublished Biographies = 3
I no longer write biographies, preferring to explore the human condition in fiction and when specifics need addressed beyond a story line, in travel writing. The following are the remainders of that category to be published
-1. My Younger Self
An Old Soul’s Ascent from a Broken Home
2018, 26,618 words, photos
This is the story of the boyhood, youth and early adulthood of my very good friend, Nero the Pict, with tales told by his woman.
Reader/Editor/Publisher: Lynn Lockhart
-2. Jimmy
A Memory of Childhood
2022, 22 of 60 sections done as of 9/17/22, photos
Reader engaged
Editor/Publisher: Lynn Lockhart
Note: A twitter luminary who helped Lynn and I with a history book, requested that I write an autobiography. Objecting that I have written some 60 books as urban memoirs and travel journals of a failed life, I did agree to write all of my memories of childhood up until puberty. I should finish this book before leaving Utah for Portland on 10/20. Honesty, every thing of interest occurring as an adult, other than details of my sex life, which I will not write about [to protect the poor girls who I have violated], has gone into a book in the survival, combat, masculinity or harm city categories, which I no longer write in, or in my travel and writing journals.
-3. Of Dogs and Men
A Letter from a Dog to His Master
2019, 5,845 words, an autobiography
Biographies I have written and Lynn or I have published are:
Let the World Fend for Itself
Big Ron’s Baltimore: A Working Man’s View of Urban Blight
2017, in print and available on our site e-store
oversize paperback
Reader/Editor/Publisher: Lynn Lockhart
One Soul Under God
The Humorously Examined Life of Columbine Joe
2016, paperback
My Dad Had No Legs
Patsy Nordic Growing Up
2019, hardback
Reader/editor/publisher: Lynn Lockhart
Winter of a Fighting Life, 2011, is kind of a fight autobiography and is available on this site as an ebook.
Taboo You and Your Trojan Whorse, both available on this site, are highly autobiographical, as is When You’re Food, Lesser Angels of Our Nature, The Fighting Edge and The Logic of Steel, all available as e-books on this site.
I have been asked to write a few autobiographies, which I have not pursued as they depend on coordinating face time with the subject. My homeless life does not facilitate that smoothly. Additionally, people object to some factual inclusions concerning their lives. There is also the possibility of libel concerning third parties mentioned in a biography and the fact that I do not trust people to not throw me under the bus. Additionally, there are mistakes. For instance, I transposed or confused the name of one of Columbine Joe’s love interests with another, making it impossible for him to give a copy to his daughter without...problems.
So, I will not write another biography, not under my soiled name.
However, I did write a boxing manual for a fellow boxing coach, as a work for hire. So, I would be willing to ghost write an autobiography and leave the manuscript file in your possession as a work for hire. Most lives can be fairly fleshed out from the living memory of a person in 8 to 80 hours, depending on the level of detail the person wishes to relate and the nature and extent of their narrative recall.
One Soul Under God was written by me, from memory, each morning after I got home from work, doing my best to paraphrase Joe’s break-time monologue. This means that his story took 1 hour per chapter.
Patsy Nordic’s story to age 16 was told and typed over three afternoons on her porch, for about 9 hours. The real work was getting the photos, which Lynn did.
My Younger Self was told and typed over two weekend evenings, taking about 8 hours for Nero to relate his life to age 30 or so. For his bride, Cutie to relate six stories from her life in the Baltimore setting where they met, took another 4 hours.
Big Ron’s story took months, with us meeting twice a week at The Raven Inn and the Shamrock Pub, and turned out to be a huge oral history of trade work, street life and violence, in part because of Ron’s memory for detail and the fact that he was recovering from an injury and had plenty of time to tell his story.
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