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'To Develop Warriors of Character'
Bedford and Mistah Jimmy Discuss the Martial Virtues of the Frisbee: 8/3/2022
© 2022 James LaFond
West Point History Department
Dear Mistah Jimmy,
I had come across this some time ago and I thought it may be of interest to you. It is a historical journal released year at West Point. I had originally found this several years ago, because in my naivete, I had assumed the predominant form of historical inquiry therein would be, you know, military history. I was wrong.
To be fair there are some articles that are military history. There is also a lot more modernist claptrap. The most recent journal has an entry on pederasty in the late Athenian period. One wonders what would motivate someone to write on that topic. One also wonders if that motivation had anything to do with them getting into the academy.
As well with regards to west point, I thought you may find their various athletic programs interesting due to your respect for the Navy academy and their boxing program. At West Point all cadets are required to be in a sport. Some of these are very sensible, like judo, boxing, fencing or wrestling. Then you have stuff like ultimate frisbee or flickerball. I would be very interested in seeing what the participation rate is for cadets in the combat sports versus the non-combat sports.
I ask you Sir, how does one "Develop Warrior Athletes of Character" with a frisbee?
You did ask, Sir.
Before we get into the frisbee question, It has long been my suspicion that as the military is devoted more towards controlling increasing, and increasingly restive, populations, rather then squashing other military forces, that the utility of the managerial homosexual will be utilized to keep apace.
Homos have more energy to apply to their profession, compared to breeders, not being saddled with children.
Homos will colonize the minds of younger folk and seek, as naturally as a mother seeks to coddle a child, to implant their belief system into others. This is useful for institutions devoted to social control.
Homos are the eunuchs of Modernity, the naturally conniving administrator, the backstabber, the system advocate, the manipulator.
Homos are immune to feminine seduction.
These are some reasons why I think that future Modern Military organizations will become overtly homosexual in orientation. This makes no sense to the liberal Western mind [to include Conservatives, who are ever yesterday’s liberals] who have imbibed the sacred lie that the Iron Fist of Power, sheathed in its Velvet Glove of State, is our humble servant rather than we its slaves.
The use of the term warrior in postmodern military propaganda is interesting, in that the warrior was ever the enemy of the soldier, especially on the American frontier so crucial to the myth of America. The term soldier, denotes a war slave who is subservient to the system, the iron fist of power as civic slave, rather than master.
However, the term warrior is an ancient mark of separation between the small, armed elite and their slaves, the servile masses of human cattle. Thus, the reintroduction of the term warrior to military myth, is not just hyperbolic cultural appropriation of vanquished foes past [1] but a mark of pending knighthood, of class stratification that will place the military person over the unarmed citizen. Note that in the 2021-22 NFL season, commercials switched from trucks and such to military support networks, and straight sales pitches as often as not offered discounts to military members and families.
Now, to the more important question, now does the frisbee make a better warrior:
-5. If one runs out of ammo, he may extract his shock plate and throw it like Captain America’s shield...
-4. Catching frisbees will help homos survive domestic violence outbursts at the dinner table, permitting them to not only avoid being injured by the thrown plate of the abusive partner, but prevent the plate from breaking and avoiding additional housework…
-3. Throwing frisbee is more cooperative then combat sports and helps build teamwork that focuses on making up for the technical deficiencies of other team members, a realistic problem of any politicized military…
-2. Frisbee honors the victims of the Nazi scientists who built the flying saucers that terrorized rural America since 1946 and also help the warrior contact his inner drone and begin to empathize with his flying mechanical partner of the future…
-1. Frisbee is less strenuous than combat sports and will not compromise the ability of junior officers to sexually service their senior officers when the work day is done and the darling dance of the Nutpacker’s Sweet keens in the ears of sodomite kind.
-1. Like U.S. Airborne troopers yelling “Geronimo” when they jump, in honor of a vanquished warrior folk.
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Maud'dib     Jan 17, 2023

Homos are the eunuchs of Modernity, the naturally conniving administrator, the backstabber, the system advocate, the manipulator.
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