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Remasking the Herd
Crux Cross and the Crackpot Discuss the Unmasking of Mastery: 8/15/2022
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Email Received August 5, Baltimore, answered August 15 2022
This pertains to city-state-fed other employees agents only. Some persistent mask usage among regular people but I didn't survey.
The notable thing to me was the complete lack of masks on State Troopers (2 sighted) and NYPD (think more than 2 sighted but noted only 2) and near total lack of masks on LIRR agents _in the station_. Only but one agent, an afro-american behind a counter, even wore a mask, and that agent was doing the chin mouth thing (presumably free nose breathing). 
[Also, did not see any national guard soldier types. But, I should also say that the whole basis of this post is that it didn't occur to me until I saw the chin strapped counter employee that, whoa, almost zero masking among gov employees.]
[Further possibly immaterial comment: the two state troopers: one a cute euro am female blonde; the other a young maybe 6' 2" euro am male—and not big, like not a compensatorily tall guy. Hey maybe there were other guys in other corridors or it was a shift change or something but I got the impression that the overall policing 'coverage' package was different, reduced.]
So no full usage and almost no masks in sight amongst enforcement or enforcement aligned person's.
But then, on board they made that "still use" announcement, and the south Asian (guessing Hindu Indian) was fully masked up. 
Today, afternoon outbound LIRR train.
Hope all's well,
Sir, as I made my outro from Baltimore, mask usage had doubled from July 31 through August 5. Transit employees were once again fully masked and the billboards, signage and TV commercials were promoting masking up as a way to regain freedom.
In Pennsylvania from August 6 through 11 we returned to what you describe, no government employees masking and only the most fearful and slavish members of the herd masking. Note that the following trends held for Chicago and on the train through the Great Plains and Rockies. Mask slaves were:
-Professional class blacks
-Working class blacks with chin worn mask
-Some families of upscale whites, engaged in plague surfing paranoia, such as Dad, Mom and children using the same woman’s room and guarding the door, operating switches with elbows, etc.
-Lone cat women, sterile spinsters and unattractive white women.
-Lone, atomized, low status white men in middle age.
Law enforcement and government officials and strikingly attractive women never wear masks, ever, except for low ranking black female employees.
Note that during this trip, was the first time since December of 2019 that Amtrak was used for vacationing families, most of whom had never used the train for this. For the two plague years Amtrak was a job relocation and housing displacement service, with most passengers alone.
Plague paranoia has found its way into the new travel model, with families and sleeper class patrons enjoying high social status and lone coach passengers being treated like shunned subhumans by the families, and pointedly so by the Amtrak personnel. A lone traveler, such as myself, especially if a paleface male, will be moved by conductors at least once, to make room for cohesive family seating. I make it a habit, that when not assigned a seat, to get the worst seat at the head of the car where there is no table and the door light shines all night. The conductors go out of their way to give special consideration and priority service to blacks over all others. This is a marked continuation of the March 2022 Amtrak policy of demanding that all passengers but blacks and Amish mask.
Amish presence on the train is expanding to a dominant level, with up to a third of a given car being Amish. The higher social status of blacks and the high proportions of Amish make it apparent that whatever social control measures are used by Amtrak in the future will not be applied to these groups with the fervor that they will be applied to we proles.
Example: We had a very attractive black couple next to me who demanded and got removal from the back car, for it was beneath their status to be seated in the last coach on the train. As the conductors heard their case, the assistant conductor, Joe, who comes from a law enforcement family out of Delaware, eye fucked me, daring me to object to the assignment of race-based seating while his boss Carson promised to be a good servant to the Kangly Class.
At the same time, the dark, black female coach attendant, who was continually addressed like a subhuman servant by the beautiful, lighter skinned female Quean, kept defending herself as not assigning seats as a power play. She said, repeatedly, “It is not about control.” This, of course, underlines that her entire job is about control and must be, with 300 passengers being conducted by 3 attendants and 2 conductors. Such social control odds will place the government functionaries in a position to have to grant favor to large cohesive groups, like the Amish, traveling as extended families, and to blacks, who have supra-moral authority across the Western World.
I did speak with the Golden Skinned Kang about how the train was operated so that he could better provide for the many needs of his imperious Quean. And he did seem tolerant of my low status information, even as she was visibly repelled by the spectacle of her Gawdly Kang stooping so low as to consider the advice of a mere savage.
The low status women [whites] traveling alone, did on three occasions seek me out as a guide and protector, having discovered over two days that families, Amish and blacks held all of the attention of the government employees and that we atomized ghosts could expect no explanations of the service, such as where to offload.
More homelessness was evident in Pittsburgh, Chicago and Salt Lake City, with a reduced police presence in all three locations. The Police in Chicago assigned to the station were reduced to 25% of staff. I overheard the supervising officer saying he could not get officers to fill the shift even to half. Announcements that it was unsafe for Amtrak passengers to leave the Chicago station, had returned since the first time since the Miracle Mile was looted in summer 2020. Police coverage in Denver was also at 25%. This and the behavior of the various government officials leads me to suspect that since the vast majority of homeless, who break laws and cause problems by their very presence, are white and alone, that lone white folk have been slotted as the enemy of America.
I would suggest, that for paleface survival by loners, widows, divorcees, laid off workers, hobos and other Caucasian losers that a counterfeit “family” network be created, that loners pretend to be brothers and sisters, fiancees, bonded homosexual pairs and such, as these groups enjoy the service of the government and actual loners of European descent are targeted as vermin by law officers and train conductors.
'Da Plague, Da Plague!'
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