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‘The Word American’
Yeti Waters and the Crackpot Discuss American Ineptitude: 8/15/2022
© 2022 James LaFond
The following email was copied in Baltimore on August 5 and answered in Utah on August 15.
[Crackpot comments in brackets.]
Drunk Again 8/4/2022
Killing time at the bar, study of human nature.  Soft ass negros from the west side look at you tough, face tattoos and inherited menace.  All show.  Upon inspection they're named Josh and Brandon, meek and polite when it serves them.  Symptom of their generation.  Everything is all show. 
[The soft effeminacy of the young black man of today is outrageous in contrast to the hard negroes of my youth. Part of it is the fact that most American blacks under 30 are half European, washed out and losing their instincts. At the same time, the big part of this emasculation is media coverage that teaches:
-1. That black men should be gay and black women should be trannies with lighter-skinned lesbian mates. The billbaords and bus signage in Baltimore is explicitly targeting blacks for transgender politics and they have proved to be highly susceptible to media gaslighting.
-2. Almost all HIV medication commercials focus on gay black men.
-3. The social justice politics that swirls at the center of the American social sewer places black men without agency, as nothing but victims of white men, even as black women continue to hold all of the cards in black relationships, which drives the following emasculating dynamic...
 4. Since USG placed all domestic authority and financial access in the hands of black women over black men, who have literally been barred from black families since 1965, then a black man can only behave like a man as the mate of a white woman. This leaves the black man-child at the mercy of the lone parent least qualified to raise a boy to manhood and most qualified to emasculate a youth—the white woman, queen of the world, who produces sons that may be only psychos and sissies. A black woman will at least insist that her son commit violence, on his own behalf or hers, while the white woman teaches him to kneel.]
New "yard management system" at work.  (I'm back moving trailers at the warehouse again.)  Oops.  Not called trailers anymore.  They are called "assets". (What's that make me?) 
[Hamslice, that makes you a Human Resource, which, to the hallowed American system, is less important than the assets it is temporarily charged with moving around until remote systems are developed.]
Imagine if a carpenter had to take commands from a handheld computer, and hit a button for every nail he struck, then take a computer generated command for the next one.  The modern philosophy is that taking all control, thought, and initiative out of human hands and turning it over to computers will improve efficiency is a prevailing notion grounded in ignorance.  The people at the top have absolutely no clue how things actually work.  I won't bore you with the details of the yard management system.  
[Bro, this is the classic misreading of management by its human resources. You sound just like my conservative Trumper friends who believe that USG was designed to serve them, rather than exploit them. We are in a postmodern system that faces an existential threat (the sun cooling for the next 30 to 60 years) and an internal threat (7-plus billion human livestock, with a historic tendency towards violence). To survive, the system management need to cull our population by 75% in 30 years. The Vaxx is only killing 3 million a year. That will hopefully improve. The best way to kill a lot of people is through poor system management and starvation. I expect an engineered super-famine in nine years. Note that rich individuals are often associated with failed businesses, such as Trump. The American Corporate model favors the executive that skims, then bails as “his” venture fails. This is how wealth is funneled up the pyramid. What the system wants is to herd us into suburbs and cities and then turn the water off and watch us all die in three days.]
I have been happy in my role as an automaton, and do exactly what the system says, I regale in the system's failure. 
[The system is succeeding and you are a valuable part of its war on humanity!]
Unfortunately the people at the top are too deluded to acknowledge failure.  They have no concept of failure.  If there was any justice in this world my boss would be begging me for spare change out front of 7-11....but I digress.
[Failure does not apply to them, just to us and the phony businesses we operate for them. Every corporation is a FICTION. Your boss is being compensated for his denial of your access to the power structure. There is no justice and there is no common good, only good for the few and woe for the many. People like you who dream of justice and a greater good and making the world a better place, must not be permitted to gain power. The system is dedicated to killing your parents in an assisted living facility, of denying you access to unfunded liabilities like pensions and social security, taking your home and making certain that your children become sexless or homeless so that they can be denied the ability to reproduce.]
I cannot in good faith let my fellow drivers wait too long unpaid for their loads, and I don't like the idea that small town shoppers will not have milk or cheerios this week.  I walk a fine line. 
[All automatons do just that, function upon the straight and narrow way. This is a good place to conceal yourself, since you are an enemy of the system and that it hates you with a collective virulence that no single mind can replicate.]
It is just another symptom of the staggering incompetence we will all be forced to reckon with sooner than we'd like.  It won't be inflation or Chinese rockets that end this show.  It will be the sheer ineptitude of Americans.
[The ineptitude of Americans to realize that USG hates them and that Corporate Postmodernism is dedicated to dine upon their bodies, hopes and souls...bro, this is working like a charm. Brill Yates and Hefe Heyjuz are smiling.]
History will have her way with us.  Just as the word "byzantine" has a meaning, the word "american" will too. 
[I really like this, extracting for the title.]
Hope you're doing well.  I ditched Ms. (redacted piece of fine ass) finally realized that I'm better off alone.  Hence the bar. 
[It is a shame that some old Yeti kin had not advised you to manage a stable of 3-to-5 hefers. The bytches will keep each other at bay. 2 steady girls, no more than 2 visits a week each, and a monthly girl from out of town, with the fourth slot open for skank of the week, like that pretty brunette slut with the giant tits that played black jack with us and flatly demanded that you bone her as I was excusing myself, one of those every other week will live things up and the regular bytches will smell her on you and tow the line with more adore.]
As long as the sun sets in the west, and the rivers run cold, old Yeti Waters is gonna stick with the SE Portland skanks.  Thank God my kids weren't raised on the Westside. 
Yeti Waters
Big Man, I have come to the conclusion that I do not despise USG. It is the best at doing what governments have always done. What I hate is Americans, who think that USG is a staggeringly incompetent megaslave that somehow always fails to serve its many minimasters when it always serves its corporate shadow masters. Americans are pathetic civic ciphers who worship their own lack of agency through the polar cults of Patriotism and Social Justice, which both rotate along the false axis of The Greatest Lie Ever Sold.
A brutal axiom of Olden Times was that “People should know that they are ruled.”
The nefarious axiom of Modern Times is that “People should think that they rule.”
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