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Real History Month
In The Shadow of the Darkest Lie: 10/9/2022
© 2022 James LaFond
While with Bob in rural Utah, I enjoy various conspiracy theory podcasts, men who generally deal with the facts of climate cycles, government deception and other such falsehood. We are currently living under a false notion that we are God, that what we burn, though it accounts for only 2% of world wide CO2, is causing global warming, when in fact the globe is cooling. I won’t bother getting into how CO2 is not a cause, but a bi-product of global warming, caused by high solar output, which is now receding taking us back into a cooling phase. [0]
There are a good dozen of professional and lay scientists debunking this stuff on the fringes. Yet they all agree on one great lie: that only Africans were ever held as slaves, ever. Even those who clearly see our mind slavery, like The Magnetic Reversal News guy, will state, without thought, against all historical evidence, the great moral lie he has been inducted under: that only Africans have been held as slaves.
This is endlessly entertaining, as millions of European and Asian women and children are currently being sold as the premier sex slaves. I spend 3 months a year living near a house where a Baltimore City cop holds women in bondage. This man has been a functionary in the bondage of eastern European women held for sex slavery since at least 2016. And I am supposed to back the blue, as if the blue are the enemies of, rather than the allies of, the blacks who yet hunt me in Portland, Chicago and Baltimore? Over this past year, I have had a total of 8 encounters with black huntsmen, 5 in Baltimore in a single season this summer, 2 in Chicago in April, and 1 in Portland this past winter. I prevailed on all counts, making these savages turn and walk back, run and go for help, and even stand and salute me as conqueror.
In light of the above experience, and as an amateur historian, I can no longer tolerate False History Month.
I recall when three girls were abducted and used as sex slaves by a Latino man in Cleveland, Ohio. The white girl, who saved the other girls, was ignored by the press and even ostracized. Only her family did not seek her in her prison while the Latinos crusaded to find their daughters.
There is an unspoken law that whoever of the legacy European races falls into prison, slavery, or in my case the crime of pedestrianism and then homelessness, has volunteered for his sorry lot. This is a weird inversion of the notion of white supremacy, that we uniquely can never be enslaved, that we are titans striding across Time, and that if we are bound into misery, it is of our own doing, just as Prometheus earned his suffering bier upon the rock of the Caucasus for his sins against The Almighty.
In the vein of Prometheus, who swore a ten thousand year delayed vengeance upon Zeus, which it appears might be coming due, I have decided to save history articles for posting in February. I recall that my oldest son was disgusted by school the most because the only thing ever taught in history was our legacy sin upon the Ebony Master Race.
It is merely October 9, and my lungs are starting to fill with puss. So, as five months of bronchitis and phnemonia loom ahead, no better time occurs for posting what might be the last of my historical work than during the Month of Ascension, when the dark apes who hounded me from my home town in service to their white masters become Gawds anew.
The history scheduled for February 2023 will be drawn from:
-Plantation America, completed this September, the 14th Volume in the Plantation America series
-The Boxer Dread, completed yesterday, the 4th and final volume of The Broken Dance series
-Songs of Aryas, which I shall complete this week, the 3rd Volume in the Sons of Aryas series
Thank you for supporting my misbehavior.
-James, Oakley, Utah, Sunday Morning October 9
-0. CO2 is regulated by the Oceans, over long time, and generally follows temperature fluctuations by 150 years. It is also plant food, which is a good, not an evil. This crap could only be sold to people separated from nature.
Priests of the Lie
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