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Am I A Dissident Mind?
Charting Our Footpath of Discontent: 9/27/2022
© 2022 James LaFond
It is safe to assume that most of the readers of this site, except for the Maryland State Police Officer, the two NSA staffers and the FBI agent being punished, and assigned to read this site, are dissident minds. I would like to remind the above readers, that YOU are important to me!
But, we odd-ball, counter-culture, contrarian rebels of the mind are not pure. The false polarity that gathers us in the dark and there binds us tugs us this way and that. While considering the article about the Bear, The Dragon and the Drag Queen as the premier post-modern empires it did occur to me that the Drag Queen Empire Subjects are afflicted with a unique inability to sense the macro-predatory purpose of Our Enemy: The State.
Russians and Chinks know their government is there to fuck them. We USG ciphers think our government is here to give us head.
This is, I suspect part post-national globalism and part democratic hucksterism. Virtually every media figure from Tucker Carlsbad and Sean Handjobby on the conservative side of Drag Queen media expression to Wolf Snitcher and Hollywood on the progressive side of Drag Queen expression, are all in lockstep agreement on certain things.
-U.S.Gay = Good
-Dragon & Bear = Bad
[All three of the above nations are evil, for all nations must be evil. But we are trained like barking seals to select one nation as uniqueally and always good.]
-U.S.Gay = A Democracy [its actually a Republic]
-That police are supposed to protect tax slaves rather than apply the boot to their necks
-That a man who protects himself using lethal means must be thrown in a cage and judged by 12 peers and a queer, in other words, even radical traditionalists in this nation, who believe in gun ownership and the castle doctrine accept that the hero must be judged by zeros who have not walked in his shoes.
-Rights, both liberal faɡɡot progressives and conservative Christian “right wing gun nuts” actually believe in the fantasy of rights.
-That taxation is not the pillaging of a captive population
These seven key things above are agreed upon across the otherwise unbridgeable civic divide in this homoerotic nation. When I flip on the news and listen to real conversations in person, it is instructive that people who cannot even have a civil discussion about abortion, gun ownership, what lives matter, backing the blue, man-made global warming, subsidized transexual surgery, etc., always agree upon who is the international enemy, that rights—which are a fantasy—are real and beyond the means of Mankind to abridge.
This demonstrates that those seven keys above are the mechanisms of hypno-enslavement, of civic mesmerism, the means by which our mass mind has been split into two bipolar spheres and programmed by The Central Intelligence.
We have the evidence of two Heads of State in a row: a brash braggart who was disobeyed by the functionaries of state and removed from office by them, and of a senile dementia patient incapable of wiping his own ass, to demonstrate that some Central Collective genius-level Intelligence which remains unaccountable to the so-called ruling Demos actually rules us from behind a curtain of sorts.
Yet, the rabid bipolar Drag Queen electorate insists that these presidents are their enemies or bumbling civic servants or idiot dupes when they are obviously the interchangeable banners of the ship of state.
I have noted that even dissident radicals who I read, overhear and listen to on podcasts, still get sucked into the polarity by declaring that whatever the exterior enemy of the Drag Queen Empire is actually the good guy, when all of these states stay in business and continue to drink the economic blood of their subjects and devour the collective soul of their captive populations thanks to each other. If a state faced no existential threat that can be simply and easily portrayed as also a threat to its subject population, then that state would quickly liquidate.
A post-ethnic nation, and in particular any diverse imperial state, requires two things to survive the hard times that come to every political-military organism after the first 200 years, when decadence sets in:
-1. An internally divided population, divided in as many ways as possible: race, religion, class, gender, political faction
-2. A state level enemy.
Ultimately States are in the business of remaining in business. They do a much better job than companies, who get eaten by other companies quickly.
The King of Lydia, conquered by the King of Kings of Persia, became his Master’s most trusted advisor, favored over the King’s own kinsmen!
Traditional enemies Athens and Sparta, in ancient Hellas actually cooperated in putting down Spartan slave uprisings. After their generations long war, Sparta upheld law and order in Athens and restored the Athenian ruling class.
After the American Revolution, George Washington extradited an American citizen who had been abducted by the British Navy, to be hanged for his part in a mutiny against a British Navy ship.
During the majority of the U.S. Soviet Cold War, as their subject populations were repeatedly terrorized with nuclear annihilation, and 100,000 U.S. soldiers died in wars against Soviet Client States in Asia, the U.S., kept the Soviet regime in power by feeding the Soviet Union!, feeding the very nation that was arming Korean, Chinese and Vietnamese men with the weapons they needed to kill those 100,000 U.S. Servicemen.
Servicemen is an apt term.
The fact that Americans, for the most part, believe that Governments are instituted by and for the people, and that we can use such terms as Civil Servant to describe the politicians who rule on behalf of the crypto-elite without laughing at ourselves, suggests that this Tranny Nation represents the apex human system of control.
Orwell predicted this starkly in 1984. Overall, his Newslaw world is coming more true by the day. Ancient emperors could not have dreamed of such a state of control. Imagine if the God Morpheus [opiates] and the Oracle of Apollo at Delphi [news], and the priests of Amon Ra in Riverland [the Vatican], and every playwright of Athens [Hollywood], Pindar the poet of Thebes [novelists], Aristotle the Polymath [The Academy, actually, he founded it], and all of the Olympic Victors [Celebrity athletes], imagine if they all served the same earthly master?
In Late Antiquity Rome would come close, controlling 5 of the 7 powers. We know Rome fell and assume U.S.G. will. But U.S.G. owns all 7 powers.
I suspect I have been wrong in naming Leviathan as mortal. U.S.G. might be immortal, might actually be the transhuman deity. I still suspect there will be a Post National Corporate Cleptocratic Future—but might it be here in prologue, might those Persian foes on the Caspian be correct in naming Uncle Samantha the Great Hades?
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