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Water and Wine
Musings on Christian Sacraments: 10/7/2022
© 2022 James LaFond
Last night I was interviewed by three likable and respectful men, one of them close to my age. To the race question I answered, “White trash.”
To the religion question I answered, “Heathen.”
This surely confused listeners who then later heard me talk about God speaking to me through dark angels. By the latter, by Heathen, I mean direct to God.
Traditional Christian churches, like the one I was raised in, demands that the person may gain audience with The Creator through the priesthood.
Supposedly, the Protestant Reformation fixed this, permitting the Christian to seek direct contact with God in public life. But this is not so, as all of these denominations I have had concourse with have lowered the bar further, with every person who reads the Bible according to the doctrine put forth by the preacher or teacher, authorized to excommunicate you from the fold on a point of doctrine.
When attending churches, I do what I can to avoid such friction. When staying with one church lady as I was listening to the full Book of Enoch, she said, “Enoch was a godly man. He walked with God. I should be able to listen to his full book.”
I said, “Don’t tell any of your church friends. They won’t understand. The Book of Enoch is very much like Revelations if it were combined with Maccabees. Both of these books were taken out of the canon and not included in the Bible, not because of a lack of antiquity or veracity, but because they were extremely anti-Greek. Constantius was overseeing the Council of Nicea, forcing the bishops to make a decision on what was in and out, at the same time he was switching the empire from a Latin to Greek orientation.”
Human politics haunt us in in our sacred works—perhaps especially so.
This has brought to mind the various Eucharist celebrations I have been involved in and how all of these are an affront to Jesus Christ and The Sacrament of the Last Super. The people who observe these various rites would all name me atheist or confused or agnonistic, rather than heathen, if they knew that I regarded, Zeus and Jove as descriptions of God through an alternative cultural prism. Additionally, my simple and obvious observation that Enoch’s Watchers, and Christian records of angels and devils and demons, are real [a horrifying superstition to my atheist friends] and correlate to polytheistic powers in heathen and pagan pantheons, makes of me in Christian eyes a dangerous apostate.
The Holy Sacrament is understood by all three of the churches I attend as symbolic and not actual. Personally, I prefer the doctrine of transubstantiation.
The rite consists of consuming bread as a symbol of Christ’s flesh and wine as a symbol of his blood. This is based in Christ actually using bread and wine at the Last Super.
The bread is assumed to have been flat bread.
The wine, was named wine, and unless you want to call The Son of God a liar, well, we should think he actually passed the wine around.
The Catholic Rite
Traditionally, through my life, the people lined up with praying hands and opened their mouth so that the priest could place the wafer on our tongue. I never liked the taste of that old pale thumb. This has since been made to conform to medical cultism by various means, most simply by handing the wafer over and letting the churchgoer put it in his own filthy maw.
The priest drinks the wine, no one else, only he gets the symbolic blood. There has been much debate as to whether the padre is drinking wine or grape juice. But, I knew a few altar boys who assured me that the wine was real!
This rite is an absolute corruption of the blood myth, in which Jesus shared the wine with his disciples. So, the priest is put further above his flock than Christ was above the disciples.
I have attended non denominational and pentacostal churches that have no Eucharist rite at all, perhaps because of the implicit problems with trying to make a replication of Christ’s Last Super Legal in our Satanic Setting. It is against the law to serve wine without a liquor license, and against the law for children to consume it. The Man from Galilee did say, “Render unto Caesar what is Caesars.” However, I do not recall him teaching about giving the Devil his due.
Do Christians worship Man’s Law or God’s Word?
The evidence from Eucharist sacraments is that American Christians worship Man’s Law above God’s Word.
A Protestant Rite
I have observed this in two churches, one non-denominational and one baptist.
The wafer is a mass produced replica of the ancient Hebrew flatbread. [I did attend a home church where matzo crackers were used.]
The symbolic bread and blood are passed around in well thought out service trays. It is all very sterile and commercial, in its own way more lame than the Catholic rite. And then, comes the grape juice, not wine. Christ did not serve or drink or say grape juice, but wine.
The Protestant rite, in this late stage commercial form is not usurping the relationship with God as does the Catholic rite, but goes to great pains to render it sterile and inauthentic.
The Mormon Rite
This process takes as long as the Catholic rite, making both roughly ten times as long as the standard Protestant rite.
Relief Society Women make sour dough bread the night before. This bread is torn up by three men standing at the altar and covered with a white cloth. It is given to seven lads who take the bread around in trays like Catholic ushers with their money plates, giving rather than taking.
The bread is good. Now, bread with or without yeast is not described by the Christ. We assume it was flat bread, made by women in that community. But, is it not more authentic to use the bread made by the women in the community as Christ did?
Then, comes the tray of water cups.
Now, in the High Deserts of Utah, where this denomination developed, there was no wine, and no beer, that being wine’s logical analogue. Whiskey was to be had—despite being illegal and against Church doctrine. However, despite evidence that some brandy and spirits had been distilled in antiquity, Jesus did not choose to have his disciples take a shot of firewater.
So, the most authentic to The Last Super, of the three above, is this one, and only because it has not taken community away and replaced it with a sterile priest or a corporate supply chain.
It is interesting, that since wine was unacceptable for imbibing in mixed age social settings in Agrarian and Industrial America that we hold the matriarchs of civic propriety and the gods of industry above that of Our Savior, even when we worship Him.
This almost universal corruption of the most sublime Christian sacrament in America, is one of the reasons why I know this place to be Satanic, that Uncle Sham is hiding horns under that top hat and a forked tail swings somewhere to the stern of his sailor boy pants.
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