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Of Winter and Men
Epilogue: Destination Winter: Utah, 10/13/2022
© 2022 James LaFond
This book was supposed to take me to end of year, further evidence that I do not yet know myself as a writer. This morning as I walked to the chicken coop at 7:24 AM, and saw my breath for the first time this autumn in the high country, I was stricken with the mania to complete this journal and another as well and to frame the journal to be written in Portland.
Work is winding down on the Johnson Family Farm.
I am already missing this place.
Further, I am out of place. As the continent experiences colder than normal temperatures, my autumn and winter quarters are and should soon be, experiencing warmer than normal temperatures, as these regions are in counterpoise to the bulk of the nation.
I miss this place and these kind people already and will stop writing today and devote the 8 days left to me to editing and posting and baking up files, and socializing.
It has been long known by the Puppet Masters that earth is headed into a winter, most likely a four hundred year winter, possibly a 10,000 year winter. This is the reason for the man made global warming hoax and the intentional crashing of the economy and other government activities that seem counter to those government’s own interest. It is also the reason why scientists, in the majority, in all branches, continue to push back against the very real, clear and scientifically proven evidence that previous human civilizations were brought down or into barbarism by extra earth means, by magnetic field reversals, comet near misses, meteor strikes and galactic waves.
Any general acceptance of the notion that forces beyond earth might effect earth in the extreme, could erode the confidence this herd has in its Shepherds.
The industrial birthplace of the modern world, Europe, has stopped iron smelting and steel making.
China, of recent date the primary low end manufacturer for consumer goods in North America, has stopped all manufacturing.
Russia and Ukraine are in a very traditional ethno-centric and resource focused war.
Yesterday, the U.S. Government bailed out a bank with 35 billion dollars—just one day’s bandage.
Europeans will be on heat rationing as major winter indoor farming operations shut down and police monitor gas rationing in France.
Due to volcanic activity, the Southern Hemisphere might have a year without a summer, like the northern one did in 1816.
I saw an electric car towing a gas generator…
Winter is coming.
This reminds me of the fact that the government has settled a maximum number of heat adapted people from Africa in northern climes. Think of the fact that over 56% of violent crime are committed nationwide by this 13% of the population, by the people we are told are morally better than the rest of us and who are featured on very single consumer advertisement.
I do not see that these people are to blame. Look at the distribution of the most violence committed by blacks per a black person:
-1. Saint Louis
-2. Baltimore
-3. Philadelphia
-4. Detroit
-5. Chicago
-6. Gary
-7. Flint
-8. Capital Heights
-9. Tacoma
-10. New York
These are all northern cities, far outside of the climate zone of these people, where their lack of vitamin-D conversion from sunlight impacts their physical health severely. Why wouldn’t settling in such maladaptive locations negatively effect these people spiritually as well?
When a folk moved from its homeland, routinely, even constantly, act out more violently than in their mother land, and more violent yet the further in time and climate they move from that land, especially when these people move towards winter against their own self interest according to top down government assignment, are we not party to a view of evil, an evil worked upon us all?
When I saw my breath this morning and the brutal monkey at the back of my mind began beating the drums to complete this journal, I gathered, that in a sense, winter has arrived and my selfishly envisioned destination has achieved me, rather than me it.
Physically, winter is yet to appear, and by the time this posts, we will have witnessed its passage. It will be interesting to consider.
I hope this winter has and will treat you well and consign our hunters and masters well-earned berths in Hel.
-James, Utah, Thursday, October 13, 2022
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