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Winter’s Work
A Letter to The Readers: Utah, 10/19/2022
© 2022 James LaFond
Today, as the sun set over this high valley, three days from heavy snow, I glanced up at Hoyt’s Peak, a mountain I was to scale this season. It took me three weeks to acclimate to the altitude. By that time, mushroom and berry season and picking and packing was taking my time. By the time things wound down work wise, it was elk season, and no longer wise for me to be hiking among the aspen and spruce where the animals seek refuge from their hunters.
The sun was down behind the West Hills and the Wasatch Front, but could still be seen to be casting its rays on Weber Canyon, Hoyt’s and the North Hills. I miss this place already. The work left to do for the year is writing. What should I prioritize?
I will try not to be too ambitious, as last Autumn and Winter I was sick from mid October until mid March.
Winter is grinning.
Autumn 2022 Goals
-Ether and Nether, this journal, should write itself
-Jimmy, my childhood autobiography is my priority, 23 of 38 chapters remain to be written
-A novel should be written, should it be
...Longshank Cain and the curse of Juju Quartermaine, or
They are both science-fiction horror novels. Whichever one seems to fit the best, I’ll write that before year’s end for a spring serial.
Winter 2023 Goals
-Plantation America focus will be on annotating the biography of William Wells Brown and John Bunyan’s works
-Shrouds of Aryаs, will be begun with focus on The Song of Roland, Milton’s Samson Agonistes and Paradise Lost
-The Elder Earth novel, Ranger? Will be edited in preface to,
-The Novel Knight, the third in the Elder Earth cycle, must be written,
-Holiday Blue will be edited in preface to writing,
-Of Ichor and War, a mythic novel based on The Iliad
-Another journal will be begun,
That is as far down this tunnel as I can coherently imagine the threads of writing being spun.
Tomorrow I finish packing.
Friday I go.
Tonight, drink offers a languid couch.
Thank you for supporting this misbehavior.
-James, Utah, Wednesday, October 19 2022
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