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Close of Year Crackpot Report: 2022
November & December 2022 Writing Journal
© 2022 James LaFond
November 2022 Writing Journal
October Continued
-17: made elderberry wine, butchered elk, cleaned kitchen,1042
-18: gathered juniper, dried last of rose hops, mailed off medicinals to Washington and California, 941
-19: 1141, pulled carrots, manured bed, mixed compost, mailed packages, 1141, 350, edited ranger posts through November 5,
-20: mailed packages, shoveled out hen house and added to compost pile, trimmed Arla’s raspberry back, visited
-21: hiked into Wall Lake, packed, backing up files, to Salt Lake City
-22: train to Oakland, Ca, missed stop, abducted by SaySay in San Jose, assigned new backup computer [I think this bitch is Deep State], really cute…
-23: 260, proofed 84 pages of Ranger?, consulted for an operator, visited with Vaxx Zombie DeGaulle
-24: finished editing Ranger?, attacked by SaySay, brought back to life, attacked again, resuscitated, interrogated, didn’t mind at all, went to liquor store, 1324, listed to Dante’s Inferno
-25: 1321, hiking with Vaxx Zombie De Gaulle at Pinnacles National Park, changing train reservations to avoid Oakland, attacked by SaySay, resurrected, watched fights with Vaxx Zombie…, listened to Jack London’s The Road
-26: attack...resurrection...sweet goodbye, spent 8 hours at San Jose train station, fatal pedestrian accidents are reclassified as “trespass contact” and “trespass incident,”
-27: arrive in Portland at dusk
-28: drink with Yeti Waters until 4 a.m.
-29: train with Yeti Waters, Portland Joe and Heath, eye seized, medicated
-30: begin writing wife, 1356, eye seize, medicate
-31: read first 42 pages of Fire in the Dark by Jack Donovan, eye seized, hit the coffee, played cards, bad eye seizure, ringing in head becomes deafening, off to bed…
October Tale Tally:
Articles/Chapters: 9
-1. cleaned refrigerator, washed clothes, cleaned kitchen, into a bad eye cycle, 1450,
-2. 194, phone discussion with editor, 1133, proofed Wife—0, 535, bad eye seizure, lifted weights, 1445,
-3. squared away living space, went to bank, grocery store, liquor store, corner store and dollar store, walked total 8 miles,
-4. 1767, torrential rain, 1301,
-5. eye seized bad, trained Felix on weights, gamed with boys and had phone conversations with Megan, Han, Emma, James, Grant, Oliver and Theresa
-6. 831, 1256,
-7. went to bar to do emails, 65 emails in an ocular disaster, will begin deleting most emails without reading, 1080, slept 12 hours
-8. 1289, began Shrouds of Aryas, 1134, 65 emails at the dive bar office, editor returned 9 emails for me to answer as articles, lifted weights, 756,
-9. 654, eye is a disaster but avoiding medication, wondering if weight loss has helped the problem, 740, to bank and grocer, bank, shopping, training, 718, charted striking training and weekly training
-10. 1649, 746, cleaned house, washed clothes, did dishes, 1365, eye seizure has been bad and constant for 2 weeks but have only had to use medicine once, the side of the head is simply stinging at a 7 and numb as the ears ring...fascinating, going to get milk and cereal for the giant Yeti Cubs, weapon training, 757, 1027,
-11. 1021, 1142, 1160, 1505, lifted weights
-12. trained with Joe, lifted weights, went to a powwow
-13. discussed training with The Operator, cleaned the Three Bear’s kitchen, 1385, reclean the kitchen, dry clothes, reclean the kitchen, bath, reclean the kitchen, wash clothes, 1469, box with Joe, dry clothes
-14. woke with eye seizure, medicated, cleaned kitchen, napped, lifted weights push & pull, proofed Out of the Cookie, reread composition notes for wife and eye seized… nap, listened to Dante’s Inferno for Wife,
-15. woke at 4 a.m., outlined Wife 1 thru 4, nap, train with James North at ten, sparred for 90 minutes with the young stud, who bought me breakfast, 1831 Wife 1, 723 words of Wife 2,
-16. 957 words to complete W2, grocery shopping, 4 mile walk, W3 1454, eye strain
17. 1929, W4, heavy winds, outlined Hymn 2 of Wife—, bag work, shopping, made salads for the next week,
-18. 2006, W5, played chess, cleaned kitchen, lift weights push & pull sets and 3 supersets with 40 lb barbell: deadlift, half squat, clean and press and curls, figure I will try and get moderate core strength, drank with Kelly retired boxer and arm wrestler
-19. woke with left testicle in full ascent, pushed it back in the sack, felt sorry for myself forever to be a weakling, sparred with Joe for 90 minutes with a truss on, I’m pretty well fooked, thought I was training for my final fight and here it’s already behind my gimp ass, after training that left nut is now hanging too low...1st gear and neutral are all that’s left, listen to Inferno, 1st Canto for Wife 6, 7 & 8 quotes, right abs spasming, nap, proofed W5, invited to dinner with Han Silo, both hernias are worse—disaster, texted Sean that my Man Weekend activity would be reduced
-20. Sean wants Doc Dread’s number to see about surgery, 1885, W6, played chess, 1902 W7,
-21. 938, kitchen, coffee, shopping for groceries, edited W7, wrote W8 at 1080 words then hit some key that erased it, rewrite from memory, 1917 words, and better an angel stroked that key… coached Felix on lifting weights, played him in chess, connect 4 and rummy, helped Dominic bake scotcheroos,
-22. raining, will not go to bar, waiting for compression shorts, framed Wife 9 thru 13, adapting heading quotes from inferno and pre writing footnotes, coached Felix on weights, boxing and stick shadow and snake and bag, hernias on both sides slightly worse, outlined Longshank Cain, 962, canceled further training in Pacific Northwest, and stowed gear, drank rum with Kelly Baker retired boxer and arm wrestler
-23. amplified W8, moved interlude from W9 to W10, fasting, must drop rest of body weight at low activity level, wash and dry clothes, proofed and amplified footnotes for W9 thru 13, composed a discourse on rhyme for W12,
-24. had dinner with a tribal family and 2 beers with their daughter in Felony Flats
-25. W9 2138, bank to pay this potato negro, grocery for tonic water, liquor store for rum, W10 3173, 4 miles seems to be the maximum daily walk as the groin and abs did inflame slightly, got two gallons milk for boys and that seems to be my maximum load right now without a truss, played cards and chess with boys
-26. cleaned kitchen, proofed W10, amplified W10, 480, coached Felix on weight lifting, working on form, 895, 1230, completed Ether & Nether at 23,679 words, W11.1 1231 words
-27. W11.2 769, guts are throbbing beginning to impede writing posture, eating roughly 3 eggs and 2 cups of veges a day, with 2 ounces of butter, cream or baking cocoa and coffee, W11.3 1300 words, W11.4 1669, entire chapter 5064 words
-28. W12 3178, cleaned kitchen, roasted turkey, prepped vegetables for turkey soup, W13 1574, wife written, will arrange text and proof tomorrow
-29. edited W1 thru 10,
-30. 1046 for W back matter, discovered that I deleted most of W12 and must rewrite from memory, 1161, W12.2, proofed W13, W12.3 2,020, 25% longer than original, completed Wife—at 36,690 words, 65
Chapters & Articles = 65
Books = 2
Journals = 1
Fiction = 1

December 2022 Writing Journal
-1. decided on Lucida Sans Typewriter as most tolerable font, proofed history posts, set up new bar mouse and load flash drive, eye popped, stayed home and transferred audio books to backup computer, made cat food, listened to Beowulf while lifting light weights,
-2. 1297, amplified LK0, 1417, make cat food, clean kitchen, 57 emails
-3. clean kitchen and dining room, 1569, 683, make site posts, update How Many Books Are You Writing?, 1249, began completing Jimmy
-4.9 emails, clean kitchen, arrange text for Jimmy, proof pages 1 thru 34, coached Felix, dinner with Kelly, baked and gamed with Felix and Dom,
-5. cleaned kitchen, washed clothes, proof JY page 34 to 144 pages, J16 268, abdominal races arrived, will resume sparring, J17 423, J18 244, J19 337, J20 253, J21 388, J22 449, J23 382, drank whiskey and rum and played cribbage and rummy with Dove
-6. 7 emails, Bart sent me digitized images of my nose on a bronze age warlord, J24 414, J25 597, J26 782, J27 641, J28 247, J29 767, J30 568, drank whiskey and moonshine and beer with Kelly
-7. cleaned kitchen, J31 799, J32 1099, J33 278, J34 345, J35 449, J36 934, J37 935, J38 571, completed and arranged text for Jimmy 39,841 words,
-8. cleaned house, turned boy’s room into a buck lair, coached boxing, played chess, grocery store with Felix,
-9. amplified C&Q 0, framed C&Q 1 and 2, coached boxing, played chess, grocery store with Felix, coached Felix boxing, D&D with Dom & Felix, C&Q 1 1813, coached Felix, drank with Kelly
-10. woke with eye seizure under a heavy rain, medicated, cleaned kitchen, talked to The Colonel, sparred with Joe 80 minutes, guts held together with 2 jocks, 2 compression shorts and a girdle, no damage, amplified C&Q 1 400 words, coached Felix, wrote C&Q 2 2225, dinner at the Chinese bar with Dove, cards and rum with Three Bears and Two Cats…
-11. another eye day, medicated, framed C&Q 3&4, 1528 C&Q 3, boxed with Joe [35 min] hernias inflamed but holding with girdle and truss, movement drills with Felix 20 minutes, drank light beer with Ken
-12. eye, will nap rather then medicate, amplified C&Q3, added postscript, 810 words, 1487 C&Q4,
-13. eye, trained stick and boxing with James and Joe, coached Felix boxing, walked 7 miles shopping for groceries with Felix, guts held in with 2 jocks, 2 compression shorts and a girdle, cleaned kitchen, Drank with Kelly,
-14. walked Felix to school, bought rest of groceries for year, spoke with editor, outlined 4 articles, retitled C&Q to Cain, proofed and polished C4, framed C5 thru C14, outline complete, C5 2035, washed clothes
-15. 1326 C6, C7 1721, 1475 C8, renamed to Seeker Cain, narrative fell together, attended a white elephant Christmas party for the first time,
-16. Christmas shopping and mailing, listened to American Tall Tales, proof C6 falling asleep, listen to Milton
-17. trained all morning with Joe and British National, afternoon attended tribal pot luck, evening discussed prompts with editor, walked 6 miles and meditated on C9 and 10,
-18. framed Allies journal, sketched 3 prompts, proofed and amplified C6 thru C8, 2229 C9, ears ringing loud last 3 days, began C10, boxing drills with Felix, eye popped, took medication, drank light beer at the dive bar until 2 am,
-19. clean kitchen, wash clothes, proofed C9, C10 1258, nodding out, will nap and listen to Milton, 2 mile walk
-20. 1506 C11, napped, 1559 C12, dinner with Kelly
-21. 20 minutes standing exercises, 3 mile walk, proofed and amplified C11 and 12, 832, C13, 1043 C14, proof 13 and 14, completed Seeker Cain at 24,668 words, 1,056, 346, 649, completed Letters from the Inner Reaches at 18,411 words
Will stop the annual writing record and apply work done this last week of 2022 to January. I move in 5 days.
Articles/chapters complete = 47
Novels = 1
Journals = 1
Histories = 0
Biography = 1
Books on the month = 3
Books on the year = 26

2022 in the Crackpot Rear View
With Notes on Writing Goals: 12/26/2022
2022 Completions = 26
The books not begun in this the year of their completion have a note as to when that work was begun, even if just in outline.
-26. Letters from the Inner Reaches at 17,724 words
-25. Seeker Cain at 24,668 words
begun in October 2020
-24. Jimmy 39,841 words
begun in October 2021
-23. Wife—36,690 words
begun in October 2021
-22. Ether & Nether at 23,679 words
-21. Graphomaniac Diaries at 22,285 words
-20. Destination Winter at 15,506 words
-19. Songs of Aryas at 61,696 words
begun in November 2021
-18. Moonbow at 16,468 words
-17. Holiday Blue at 34,909
-16. Dialogues at Dusk at 25,152 words
-15. Plantation America, at 92,051 words
begin in December 2021
-14. Cox & Swain at 55,033 words, 17,681 being nonfiction appendices 27th
-13. Awes West at 13,008 words, on 17th
-12. Writ Hate at 15,207 words,
-11. Dipping Out at 13,278 words
-10. Dystopia Now, 24,805 words
-9. The Search for Juju Quartermaine [37,000 words]
-8. Covidocracy [10,903 words
-7. Ranger? [64,919 words]
-6. In the Feedlot of Souls [24,100 words]
-5. Into the Gaslight [17005 words]
-4. Sea to Citay See, at 40,772 words
-3. Wake Christopher [20,014 words]
-2. Plague Journal [46,494 words]
-1. Sorcerer [37,050 words]
begun in December 2021
6 of the 25 books were begun or outlined before this the year of their completion. My stated goal had been 16 books. However, much eye strain relief helped exceed this goal.
Total words: 907,257
My goal for 2023 is to only write 12 books, 6 fiction and 6 nonfiction, and help the editor with her job on extant completions.
The health report is:
lungs better
eye better
hernias worse
weight in 150s,
goal 140s
back to sparring with a girdle
chronic ear ringing loud for 2 years now
liver in good shape as I have been over-drinking in Portland at Irish levels.
Thank you for supporting my advanced misbehavior.
James, Portland, Oregon bound for the Cascades for winter
MS. Grumpjowl
author's notebook
July 2022 Writing Journal
night city
on combat
plantation america
the gods of boxing
time & cosmos
beasts of aryas
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