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‘Did the Right Side Win’ Part 2 of 3
A Discussion Of Race, Tolkien, War, Industry, Biology and Parasitism: 11/11/2022
© 2022 James LaFond
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From MJSL 10.11
Did the right side win? I'm seriously doubtful that the world could be any worse than it is now. Look at the human detritus all around us.
[Do note, Sir, that in American Myth, in movies, stories, on TV and in history, that “The Good Guy Always Wins.” This is a rule in literature, that any writer breaks at his peril, a rule I break most of the time, having noted that the bad guys generally win in all things, from sports, to business to war. And, guess what, my work does not sell. I own the 100 worst selling amazon titles! The screen writer, the news caster, the academic, every sloe-eyed Murican in his pig pen of the soul, believes from the clarity of childhood to that senility achieved by the age of majority, that all wars have been won by the good guy! How absurd is that! Any war for the Modern soul is this lost before the first clear idea is fired at the truth-proof Murican mind.]
It was urbanisation that began this trend of industry, but is that really what has led to where we are now?
[Note that The Romans had a much better opportunity to achieve industry, smarter thinkers, better infrastructure, then did medieval Europe, and that they chose to decay into a feudal state instead.]
It seems entirely plausible to me that the global takeover of this anglocentric/khazarian mafia is a result of physical degeneration of the elite, and industry is a byproduct. As their physical forms became weaker, they have become even hungrier to feed off of the innocents living beneath them.
[Civilization, as we know it, is a pyramidal, hierarchy of people farming and will naturally, in most circumstances, evolve materially and devolve metaphysically into vampirism.]
The modern diet and sedentary lifestyle are byproducts of this need for comfort and security, as well as the overriding desire of the elite for control and the freedom to predate the populace.
[Livestock management does the same thing to ranchers and cattle, sheep and shepherds, boar and swineherds. Comparing boars to pigs, bison to beef and sheep to goats is like Homer comparing the weak heroes of his age to their towering ancestors.]
Is it any wonder that they have an obsession with the vitality of Africans, when they have completely destroyed the health of their own population? 
[It is even more interesting in that Africans generally suffer in vitality compared to other populations in all areas except for fecundity and that the pale elites hold them up as a false idol of vitality. Coaching and leading these people is so much harder than with other populations, as they suffer physical and mental injury at higher rates, that they seem to be forced upon us as false paragons mostly because they alone pose no existential threat to the system. Major sports continue to be softened and made less dangerous and more easily manipulated from the sidelines then played on the field simply to continue this charade about the dark Master Race. And people who have never fought, never played ball, never made a feral thug kneel in the Northeast Baltimore gutter with a flash of narrow blue eyes at midnight, as I have, believe in the Master Race.]
As you said, the "elves" are tall and nordic. These are still the objects of desire when it comes to mating - the choices of women on online dating apps proves this. And the rage of incels confirms this. A four foot dravidian indian man is not going to attract a 6 foot nordic blonde. sorry to be blunt but thats the hard reality of the black pill.
[Of great interest is how tall and Nordic people in the Rocky Mountains are and how much stronger the men and beautiful the women.  That region is where the people who fled the Anglosphere from 1587 down to now, have chosen as a refuge from Modernity.]
For the record, I'm not a master race advocate, i'm just observing reality as I see it. The viking phenotype is widely desired.
[Bro, check out the two blond weather girls from Fox 13 in Salt Lake City! When I’m in Utah and Bob has the TV remote, Deb will remind him, “You know Berto, James hasn’t seen why he should be living here year round yet this morning...I know he could care less about the weather...”]
Its also this phenotype that conquered the world, at least once, under the anglo norman rule, and probably in a pre civilisation before that. It is also worth noting the racism in the subcontinent. It's no mystery that the ruling caste of India is more fair skinned than the rest of the population they rule over.
It seems to be the case that when a population is conquered by a more physically vital culture, they wish to preserve this genetic advantage by depriving the conquered population of nutrition and agency.
[That is the baseline structure of civilization, meat for the elite, the underlings fed on what four-legged livestock eat.]
The decrees against hunting the king's deer are a primitive example of the vegan propaganda we live under today.
As these elites have gotten more comfortable, the physicality of the parasite has decreased along with the host. They have poisoned the well (literally - that's why the Russians forced them out of eastern europe). Is it any wonder they are now trying to extract the genetics of a race that has not been so destroyed by modernity?
[Oh, we still have plenty of good genetic material and the fiction that blacks are the only athletes left is just propaganda for sedentary people who watch ball sports, do not watch strength and combat sports and extreme sports and are not themselves fighters. Thus our thinking class believe in the dark Master Race. But good luck getting a black man into stick fighting, or into a boxing gym.]
The elites have used the warrior genes of the nordic/germanic/saxon people to conquer the world, and then gradually destroyed their health in order to maintain control.
[I guess you don’t know the studs I know.]
They have then imported a more physically robust and less developed people in order to dilute the gene pool and dissolve the culture. That is obvious. Was it industry that was the cause?
[Fag or Fed?]
[At this point, I am convinced that I do not want this person reading on the site. I do not become convinced that he is a federal agent posting from Northern Virginia until the final paragraph. In part 3, Your Black Master, the gloves come off as the natsy negro worship becomes too much for me to stomach.]
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