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‘The NPC Soy Brigade’
10.04 from Teutonic Fist: 11/10/2022
© 2022 James LaFond
All eyes are on Ukraine at the Moment and this conflict is already too much for most palefaces to stomach. This is not a controlled media environment like the balkan wars, where some bitchass TV producer and editor decided what went over the airwaves in the end. The conflict now is one where you have 1080p footage of blown apart bodies, corpses driven into the muddy road, pigs and dogs eating the charred flesh off human bones, all that shit.
[Its about time. I thought maybe this was just a media op after not seeing combat footage in 7 months of war.]
And over all the enthusiasm for this war is at best lukewarm on all sides. On the ukrainian side you have the typical NPC soybrigade who just cheers on every stupid propaganda lie that is the current thing without reflection,  while they fantasize their faggy antifa morality onto the ukrainians who are the ones with black sun patches on their flak vests.
[I figure, whether its a real war or not, that Uncle Sham has stage manged this thing in order to keep the Rooskies out of Africa and wreck the European economy so that the Euros have to start basing manufacturing in the U.S.]
On the other side the russians are cynical and won't lift a finger to support their governments war efford.
[It would be worth the horror, in a broader sense, if this war finally divorced some peoples from the false idea that a nation has some moral relationship to its subjects other than draining them like milk cows and bloodbags. This awakening is highly unlikely in the U.S. due to the mesmerismic qualities of the false polarity, America’s greatest invention. After the NFL losing temporary support by 10% of Pro American media slaves, including military veterans like my brother, for worshiping feral negro criminals, the fans are back. At the Dive Bar office I am viewing a league that has reduced its Caucasian members by 50%, overnight, whose fan base is 90% of that race. Where the NFL, the largest commercial advertising platform in human civilization, once advertised automobiles primarily, this being the sense of freedom American mind slaves have been raised on since 1946, their main add revenue is now military and civic advertising. NFL stadiums are even being repurposed as voting venues! An ad showing three mulatto millionaire ball players assuring voters that their vote counts, was filmed in an empty stadium. Sideline support staff sometimes dress in military fatigues and Uncle Sham is in full tilt at His-Her windmill monsters, with 300 million tottering squires gaggling along…]  
On the other side there is another nasty civil war going on in africa since two years nobody cares about, in the country that became synonymous with shitty african civil war before Liberia took the stage.
[My current military contacts have assured me that Africa has been the big American theater of operations since 2015. This scramble for Africa that started WWI might finally be settled with an Uncle Sham victory. I think part of the strategy is to generate huge numbers of African refugees to flood Europe and America. Currently, West African nationals are being used to take American mental patients to voting venues and cast votes for them in mass.]
‘My Blood Is Boiling’: War Fever Surges in Ethiopia as Its Civil War Spreads, titled the New York Times a year ago.
This conflict has claimed according to estimations between 200.000 and 300.000, already a ludicrous to guess among such numbers. And maybe that is exactly the point, that it doesn't really matter.
The killing there is totally different from the killing in ukraine, even as they use the same weaponry like AKs and turkish Bayraktar Drones. The slavs fighting each other are like two old drunks who go at one another with broken bottles that have laser pointers attached to it. These africans on the other hand wanna see each other dead.
"Bekelech Ayalew, 47, a former infantry nurse draped with an Ethiopian flag, said she was ready to treat soldiers on the front lines. 
“Sacrificing my blood and dying for Ethiopia is a privilege,” she said."
This is the difference between a place being totally overpopulated. In the year 2000 Ethiopia had a population of 66,22 Million, an already absurd number. In 20 years it almost doubled to 115 Million.
That is an absolutely absurd number of people who can't build any of the tools that they use to slaughter each other. And i think they know this. I think they have some sort of psychological mechanism that causes high social stress in such situations of overbreeding and then they simply go at each other like in other situations a virus would do to thin the herd.
[I think that this self-culling mechanism exists in the European genome and that we are seeing its expression in homosexual, anti-natal and transgender manias.]
There is no famine like condition, now, the gdp went up, the birth rate went down, and yet is rather moderate conditions, with moderate wealth and enough food, they decide to kill each other.
[I think that the U.S. and China have probably instigated the latest rounds of African wars.]
"Over 200 people, including more than 100 children, who were sheltering at a school and health facility in the Afar region were reportedly killed this month, UNICEF’s executive director, Henrietta Fore, said in a statement. The government and Tigrayan forces have both blamed each other."
[Such news will be used to bring millions of Africans to America and Europe and Australia.]
There could be a Beslan happening every month and it wouldn't mean shit. They have this back in not even a week. During the 2000s not even a real famine could dampen that need to multiplie more useless bipedals.
[Bipedals are useful for herding and hunting less easily managed bipedals. I see U.S. as the great Transhuman Leviathan bringing about ultimate dystopia for most and utopia for the top 1%.]
"The United Nations has said physical access to Tigray remains limited because of lack of infrastructure, floods and security concerns."
These United Nations would bring food aid into this country, this backwater country that lacks basic infrastructure, to feed them with grain grown in Ukraine, where the soldiers who die are most often the only son, 
if not the only child, of their parents. 
[Bro, please don’t tell me that you have also been sucked into the fantasy implant of SHOULD.]
Among 1000 children born on this uncaring planet, only a fraction can be considered qualified and productive to create a real labor surplus and make new technical innovations that would keep civilization going, 
800 of the rest express the desire to migrate according to Gullup in 2017.
[One knife in a butcher room accounts for hundreds of beef cracasses.]
And this leads my personal greatest concern: Who will make the weapons? Who will be able to produce enough tools of termination to supply this bloodletting? Who will be able to supply the fuel for the fire until it burns itself out in an orgy of violence? Because i doubt they have the industriousness of japanese to commit a genocide with shovels and bayonets. 
[Never fear! Sir, in a few months, in the 1990s, Rawandan banana farmers killed 800K of their neighbors with machetes. This makes those bipedals many times more effective than the master race extermination machine of 1939-45, with all of its trains and machine guns and gas chambers that accounted for a mere 6 million dead in six years.]
"Sorry. My conscience has toured this territory on foot and financially. Unlike most of you, I have been to Ethiopia; like most of you, I have stumped up the loot to charities to stop starvation there. The wide-eyed boy-child we saved, 20 years or so ago, is now a priapic, Kalashnikov-bearing hearty, siring children whenever the whim takes him."
[Good for him!]
Just a shame that there is so little footage of them shooting and hacking each other up.
[Agreed, the lack of youtube footage is the real tragedy here.]
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vaxx dg     May 12, 2023

there's more combat footage coming out of Houston than Eastern Europe, twenty years after the flip phone captured iraq and afghanistan from the trenches. action not matching the story?
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