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literary Autism Maintenance: 2/21/2023
© 2023 James LaFond
I have experimented with editing and found that I can do a good job so long as the work has lain fallow and out of mind for a year or more. Additionally, with the computer format I am now set up with using 16 to 18 point lucida unicode, my eyes can work for about 5 hours a day.
The back log of written and unpublished books is up around 100 now. Lynn has lost all four volunteers that used to help as readers and her teaching responsibilities have expanded. I decided that I should slow the mad race to write as much as possible and apply some management to myself, so that I might split my time writing, editing and publishing. I have enough daily contents scheduled for the main site through July, when this article will post, enough Substack for the year, and enough Patreon until September.
Currently fiction is being edited by me and published by Lynn.
I plan on publishing, as 8.5 by 11 inch large print journals, my nonfiction non history travel writing and dialogues and such, as raw drafts.
I will then take it upon myself to edit the Aryаs Project and have Lynn do the book design.
Lynn will continue editing Plantation America, the most important project, which includes the Patreon site. She also does substack and the podcasts.
Eventually, Lynn wants to curate my journalism and do selected volumes.
In order to facilitate this, I need to be more disciplined instead of driven in writing. For the past two months I have been working on the following format and believe I can sustain it in such a way as to permit editorial and publishing work.
I am limiting myself to seasonal journals, four a year. That will make these bigger and less thematic. However, doing this cuts out the formatting and wrap up time, two writing days a month, that has previously bogged me down some between journals.
I am limiting myself to completing one novel per month. If that novel is done on the 19th, like Timejacker, and I already have Slave outlined, I will take the rest of the month writing history, scheduling posts and so on, getting out ahead of the crazy train. This has worked well and demarcated novel themes more clearly. 1 novel a year will be historical.
Plantation America
Every October I plan on wrapping up a Plantation America book. This should prevent overflow volumes like Plantation America and Advent America from popping up alongside another large book.
The Aryаs Project
All of the ancient history I write each year will be wrapped up in October.
That sets me up for a projected:
4 Journals
12 novels
2 history books
That is only 18 books a year, which compares to the high of 37 in 2020 and 2022’s 26 books. That, I am hoping will be a better way to get more work in print.
On Sunday the 26th, when I leave this writing place in the Cascades, after my 4th winter here, I will have scheduled the main site out at 1 post a day through September.
Thank you all for your support.
James, Selek, Washington, Tuesday, February 21, 2023
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