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The Matriarchy Manifested
A Guest Article by Grendel Hall: 2/4/2023
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I learned of something horrible.
There is a new show about on the already overflowing, but never able to be filled offering table of Trash TV. "Milf Mansion". The premisse of the show as described by the guardian;
"Will we be able to look away from the mummy issues raised on Milf Manor?
The reality show in which mothers and sons live together and start flirting is weirdly kinky but also oddly natural"
When i first encountered a soundbite, the intro commercial floating around the webs, i was sure at first some shitposter used the Voice AI to make another skit which's subject is "mommy gf" und "big milkies", but no, this was no skit, this was real.
"If you’re a woman of a certain age, struggling in the housing crisis, you could always check into Milf Manor. It’s a new US reality show in which women and their sons live in a house together and then all the ladies and all the guys flirt with each other (Milf stands for Mum I’d Love to Fuck, in case you didn’t know). In the search for a new hit, Milf Manor’s producers have gone back to the oldest human drive on the planet, the mother of them all: the original dyad between a baby and their primary caregiver. Maternal love, filial love, carnal love and erotic love blend together in a mutually jealous, weirdly kinky, televised Freudian melange. It’s natural, it’s normal, it’s common, it’s fine! After all, Sophocles wrote Oedipus Rex 400 years before the birth of Christ. Once you pass 40, you become invisible to men in their 30s while every 20-year-old on the planet notices you, including waiters, security guards, interns and other women’s sons. I can explain it in one word: perimenopause. When wise Mother Nature realises your ship is sailing, she starts wafting out your erotic pheromones at double strength like novelty cocktails during happy hour at the last-chance saloon and you attract those virile young males who are biologically best able to “pollinate the flower”. Milf Manor is airing on the cable network TLC, which also happens to stand for Tender Loving Care. As the guys queueing to visit Milf Manor know, that’s exactly what you get when you come to Mummy."
Writes an indian wamen in the guardian, and i think you know what this already implies. The rest of the text is boring "mememe" stuff, but the first paragraph is freakish and straight from the longhouse. This is what generations of fatherlessnes have led up to; the ideal girlfriend fantasy as "mommy". The manifestation of a odipus complex affecting men raised by the internet.  The Mommy as the only dinamic force of anima left for these men, who are now degraded to toys the aging matriarchy trades among another in their longhouse, where they are trapped as they are trapped in their arrested development, by their "mommies" who unify the worst sides of incestrious relationship with the postmodern relationship has having men just one step above pets as surrogate sons. Mommy will suckle them, comfort them, fuck them, devour them. This entire thing is a creation of the internet age. "Milf" terminology as well as the fatherless infantile man who are raised by it. There is even an element of "human sacrifice" when one reveals her husband died in a car crash, and one lost a daughter, almost "reversed totemik" dynamik.
That said, since these sons are all 20 something, and mommies more often than not lack ther hysterical personality traits, resulting from ingrown parental intuition, that their childless counterparts have, the show is also critiqued as "boring". And maybe that is exactly what these manchildren are going for. Comforted, calm, caretaker, "Trad". With an american demographic of 1/5 of young adults living with one or two parents, not the same as a multigenerational household mind you, i see ncoming substack posts about "escaping from Milf Manor".
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