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‘Understanding the Modern Murican Citizen’
Curt, Lynn & the Crackpot Discuss the American Slave Mind: 1/30/2023
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My email traffic is much reduced since I have closed the Crackpot Mail box. I only use email to thank readers for purchases and donations and to send documents to and communicate with editor and cowriters. However, my rudeness does not extend to paying supporters! I could not read the email in real time, but got it converted and am reading it in large font off line.
“James I want to thank you for the extra reading material, I meant to do it when I received the email, but got sidetracked yadayada, you know. Don't know if you read these emails from us crackpot adherents, but I want to say that after reading Orphan Nation, Sold, Cracker Boy and Advent America I have a much better understanding of the modern ' murican cutizen. They're still slaves. It's never changed, other than they're not lashed physically in public view until they bleed, and the skin hangs from their backs. They're still lashed, but in a mental way. They don't try to run off very often anymore either. They're quite well broken.
“We're all still slaves in a way, but my own selfs been trying to get off the plantation and into the hills my whole life, as my Kentucky hillbilly ancestors have done since the 1600's, in which my family lines began their time here in Virginia , New Hampshire, and New Jersey, and the Carolinas. I want to thank you for these works. Also  the harm city material is fantastic. Feel like I know Big Ron personally. Your fiction is great, I'm enjoying it  very much. Keep it up James my friend.
Regards Curt [redacted] ( yes [redacted] is my first name but my friends don't call me that)
Curt, the subject of how not understanding the actual slave matrix of Plantation America, and buying into the academic lie that only Africans were held in bondage, utterly distorts the current American mind and prevents them from seeing reality, is a discussion I had with the editor last night.
This was on two counts: First after a year of war, and the Russians losing every battle, having every tank and every plane destroyed and most of their generals killed, according to the news broadcast in America, it was suddenly announced last week that America and Germany are sending the best tanks in the world to YouGotGrain. This is conformation that the news to that point has been a lie. Yet no American I knew among these standard conservatives I am with and no reporter or commentator question the 180 degree turn in reality.
This is related to our governing false polarity.
In other news, Gawdly cops killed a gawdly kang and it is seen by half of America as reasonable police work and the other half as a crime of white supremacy, when in reality it was neither.
I will cover these two incidents in Gaming YouGotGrain and Hatelocker.
I would like to point out here Lynn’s observations:
“Even when black cops kill somebody it is white supremacy rooted in the unshakable belief among all Americans that only Africans were ever held in bondage, which is patently false but cannot be refuted by anyone averse to the label of Crackpot. The modern liberal is the lineal economic, social and genetic descendent of the New England Puritan, still believing the same lies even as they rant against their puritan ancestors. I think this white supremacy notion links into the fact that America has been the good guy, the blameless crusader in every war against other Caucasian powers and is only blamed for excesses in wars against Asiatic and African proxy enemies. The current war is a sad pale shadow of WWI, with these cousins locked into carnage at the behest of America, the forever blameless nation.
“How retarded to you have to be—how blind—to beleive that a single nation state has been morally just in its every decision as it is guided by some three dozen executives who professed to disagree with each other on most things? Perhaps you can explain why the evil whiteman is a moral devil but the white led United States is the only just nation on earth decreed by God to bring peace and freedom to all of the earth? It is mind boggling that these two beliefs coincide so neatly.”
-Lynn, by phone
Lynn and Curt make the same case here.
Slavery had over 40 forms in Plantation America. However, only two forms were permitted by politicians and academics to descend the crooked and slippery stairs of Time down to us.
European Americans were bond to service as servants, convicts and soldiers due to individual flaws in their personal character, for failure to thrive, for the biblical failure to show “first fruits.” This is where the Puritans and Quakers and southern gentry institutionalized the ideology of success and failure into an economic system and eventually our corrections systems and social media social acredidation matrix.
The African was enslaved by northern Puritans and Middle and Southern Gentry “for his own good,” to bring him to Christ. [0] The southern Agrarian model was not robust enough in the dawning Industrial Era to fulfill this release of Christian Africans, having been bought from African slavers for their own good and used to keep escaped and manumitted European slaves from bootstrapping their way up the economic ladder in America. However, the prosperity of industrial England and New England, permitted the deliverance of the African.
Looking backward, to 4 millions of enslaved whites as having all deserved and earned their bondage through crime, sloth and drunkeness, and to some 400,000 Africans sold into Christian bondage out of heathen bondage and their descendents eventually freed, we see the origin of the modern trope in fiction that poor whites are always bad, that poor blacks are being held down unjustly by bad whites and that it is the burden of the good white man to defeat the bad white man on behalf of the other races, who are all naturally good.
What has happened, with doctrine based Christianity and its many denominations declaring that other denomination are not Christian based on points of doctrine, [1] is that the white man, who replaced the Christian in the late 1700s and early 1800s with the agnositic and deistic and Judaic founding fathers [2], came to inherit the last Christian idea of only two powers:
God Almighty, &
The Devil
This evolutionary aping of Zoarosterism [3] and its strict duality, and the removal of angels, demons and the other “gods” declared by the God of Moses to be his enemies from the late Christian mind, paved the way for a strict duality. Thus was born the modern culture of isms, by which every non white person is a victim and every white person must choose which of the two posited lies to uphold as the truth. This works in part due to the genius of the 2-party political system, which permits a simplistic, rhythmic debate between two polar opposites and excludes any alternative view.
The absence of such views is marked in higher thought and ethics but scrupulously avoided in combat sports, which organizers place judges at various vantages to facilitate a more complete aggregate observation of the facts. Must we believe that our rulers, educators and opinion shapers are less intelligent than boxing officials? Or might the lack of a third view in American life be evident of America’s ingeniously Satanic design? [4]
I mark the source for this as the devolution of Christianity from faith into doctrine and thence into secular ideology. However, the vehicle in the Modern American consciousness that carries this comedy of perpetually arguing mobs to its witless conclusion, is the idea that every person of European descent to have been bought and sold and worked to death deserved his plight and indeed begged for it and sold himself, and that every African slave was merely a victim of the lesser angels of the godly race.
-0. A Good Master Well-Served by Cotton Mather
-1. Christianity has split based on doctrine at an accelerated rate as Modernity progressed and has been most fractious in America. This trend tracked exactly with the proliferation of parallel secular ideologies. Indeed many postmodern churches are adopting secular ideological precepts such as gay marriage and medical segregation.
-2. The Jefferson Bible and God in the Government.
-3. A pre-Christian, Persian monotheism.
-4. For Satan is The Deceiver and America’s design is fundamentally an exercise in automated deceit, beginning with the false polarity and extending to the idea of the servant of government, the voter, given only two choices, being the very Lilipution master of Leviathan.
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