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Crackpot Publifesto
A Dialogue with the Crackpot Industries Facilitator: 3/16/2023
© 2023 James LaFond
Everything but Plantation America gets in print this year, about 50 books, I think. My weight loss has, seemingly, positively effected my eye and enabled use of these large print formats in editing. It still hurts at about a 7.5 24/7 365 days a year but never gets debilitating unless I stay up for 24 hours.
I will scale back my writing as much as necessary to edit and publish my unpublished back log, in paperback, except for those items listed as hard back exclusives below. These are yours. Of course, anything in paper back, you can do as a hardback edition too. Your effort should be devoted exclusively to hardback and focus on my most salable work in history and fiction. Let me chunk out the deplorable content in soft cover.
I think 1 Plantation America history a year is a must. You should cut back to 4 hard back books a year, the two exclusive hardback books and two select anthologies, one fiction one none fiction.
2023 Hardbacks:
-1. Cox & Swain
-2. Triumph [no editing, just publish in 8.5 x 11]
-3. The Broken Dance, big coffee table book, total pain in the ass
-4. Search for an American Spartacus, another chubby history
2024 Hardbacks
-1. Jimmy [no editing, just publishing]
-2. A Crackpot Anthology #1, your collection of my select posts from various sites and years.
-3. Off the Rails #1: a select anthology of Fiction by James LaFond, no editing.
-4. In These Goings Down, Plantation America History
2025 Hard Backs
-1. Plantation America, a history
-2. A Crackpot Anthology #2
-3. Off the Rails #2
-4. In This New Israel, a Plantation America history
All that material above is already done on my end. In case I croak before finishing In This New Israel, there is already enough for a book.
I am committing to writing Ye Scum of the Country and Bound as novels
I need This Email Machine set up for:
-1. Managing the Punch Buggy books amazon account
-2. Managing the jameslafond amazon account
-3. making Patreon posts. It might already be done, but you need to walk me through.
The main computer has to be set up to:
-1. Use the Μіϲrоѕоft crackpot books account for history books
-2. A proton email account, Pulpfictionfreefall, for publishing my fiction
-3. A proton email account, Hoodrathoboism, for publishing my journals and biographies
Lynn, you have put something like 40 of my books in print and half of them in hardback. Since I have lived longer than I hoped to now, and won’t be fighting again, I’m pretty much dead and might as well work as my own posthumous editor. I will probably just take a month and do nothing but edit and another and do nothing but publish.
The main site is scheduled out to 9/11 on weekends and 11/11 weekdays. By the time I get east I should have enough to book the year and can play at being an illiterate editor and a techtarded publisher until summer.
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