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Why Clown?
Comedy and Societal Decline: 12/28/23
© 2023 James LaFond
“This clowning and shuck and jive bullshit, even in the end zones, used to be against the rules. Now, after every play you have to see a clown show! Why is that?”
-Master Sergeant L., Thanksgiving Night, 11/24/23
After the author’s short verbal answer:
“You know, when we were stationed in Okinawa, that was a ticket punching stop. There was this one kid who did everything in uniform: dress blues in town, etc. Every chance he got he would read his Bible—always had that Bible with him. I was known, in whatever unit I served in, as the always good for a poke in the ribs or a stick in the eye. Hell, for two years, I suppose I was even regarded as good looking, rather than the hog-bodied individual that sits before you. So, I ask this kid one day, “Have you finished reading that Bible yet?”
“No, Gunnery Sergeant L.,” he says.
“Now, you must know that I was once on track to be a preacher, knew that book forward and backward. But I could not help myself, “Well, Private, I hate to ruin it for you, but the hero dies.”
The old Marine hit the nail on the head. We should look at the two societies the most like America:1804 to 2019. You must know that America did not survive 2020, that, as a nation state, it is entirely captured by cabals of greater and lesser entities. It is properly represented by the medically animated zombie head of state.
Popularly, Americans like to think of themselves as a democracy, and have since the beginning, even though the framers of this state constructed it as a Republic. Those men, most of whom were scum bag conspirators, were towering geniuses, just like our lead corporate men of today: Brill Yates [whose search engine has delisted this site] Hefe Brazos, Shekelberg and Eloi Hush. They knew, that although the men who died in the war wanted a democracy, that the only civilized democracy to leave a mark on Civilization was Athens, which survived less than 100 years as a sovereign democracy. Thus, the Framers constructed a republic precisely on the Roman model, reflected in our civic architecture. Both Athens and Rome were empires. America has been an empire since 1848, with articulated aspirations of such as early as the 1780s.
At peak social ascent, such as Athens after the victory over the Great King of the Archimedian Empire, the focus of sports was amateur competition, with men competing for their home town and father. As society declined, even these sacred athletics were dominated by touring professionals, who, like modern football players, would be paid handsomely to abandon their civic identity and become a citizen of some richer, large city. Rush Limbaugh, was correct in describing Football, as “the religion of football.” It has been precisely calibrated to supplant the remnant of Christian focus, with nearly all games played on Sunday.
In literature, peak Athens told tragedies. As it declined, comedy became more prominent. Finally, after decline, Athens invited foreign teachers to instruct their leading men on the art of oratory, or political discourse and philosophy [always a sign of social death].
Competing Hellenic communities did not go through this, but went from heroic song [Tyrteus or Sparta], odes [Pindar of Thebes] and epigrams [Simonides of Cos] to literary silence.
Parallel to athletics becoming professional and not community based, and literature degrading, Athens did not suffer a military degradation from citizen soldier to professional, but rather withdrew from military affairs and became a center of learning, a university town.
Under Rome, Greek philosophy and professional athletics linger and expand at the same time.
In Republican Rome, literature focused on morality and history. Under the empire, after Augustus as he was a transitional figure from Republic to Empire, literature focused on political and cultural commentary, and again, comedy began to emerge. Comedy is a lower class pressure valve art form, and when adopted by the upper class places the despair that fuels comedy at the top of society. Any adoption of lower class values by the upper class is a sign of society in decline.
Roman literature did not decline as steeply as the Greek, with serious historians continuing to emerge. Poetics did degrade from Virgil to Flaccus and Lucan.
In the athletic sphere, the gladiator, formerly a POW, was now often a much loved figure, and the charioteer, a slave like the gladiator, might become as rich as a senator, and even gain the company of his wife.
Since Rome lasted multiple Athenian lifetimes as a polity, both under republican and sham republican imperial rule [1], the degradation of Athletics experienced by both was, in Rome, reflected in the military degradation of military staffing, with foreign mercenaries beginning to replace Roman citizens as early as A.D. 70, with this process complete by 220 and the ascension of the Barbarian Emperor Maximus.
It might be noted that one does not have to be a citizen of the U.S. to serve in military or law enforcement, that a French colonel in 2020 was commanding American psychological operations against American subjects, in Virginia, and that men from Asia, Africa and Latin America, like indigenous American service men, need only swear loyalty to USG and the Constitution, a document, not a People. In terms of professional service, the American Military has been professional since the 1970s, for the very real reason that the citizens of the nation disagreed with the government’s foreign policy, and would thence need be bribed with privileges superior to that of the other citizens [free college, for instance] to go in harms way.
In terms of the NFL clown show, in which players are coached and/or encouraged to do group dance routines and affect signature poses [expect these to be trademarked] punctuating a successful play, it seems to be a simple emotive device for mob mind control. Focusing on the feminine need to cheer, the athlete is now trained to bring out the bitch in the viewer, at the same time degrading the player and including and honoring the otherwise passive spectator. The ancient Roman was supposed to view gladiatorial death with a stoic reserve, as a study on a good death. The most common wrinkle in NFL theatrics is to hide the suffering and elevate the status of the injured player by placing him in a tent.
The postmodern American spectator is encouraged to lose HER mind in the game, to jump and scream and clap and caper. In this, SHE is led by her hero, the millionaire mercenary, not from her home town. This is encouraged by the weird anonymity of the player in his helmet, face cage and now mask. This affect is deepened with the vast majority who do not go to the stadium and view on TV, by the use of the faceless robot football player increasingly used as a titanic icon before going to a commercial and to accentuate a comment or performance announcement, to include statistics.
Of course, she is most likely not from her home town, both being paid to relocate there and attach themselves to the local identity. It is of great interest, that I do not know a single female sports viewer who can maintain an interest in a game that does not feature her team. Men will watch any game with interest. But as they have become emotive neo-women, fantasy football leagues have implanted in them a vested interest in every game. The very interesting thing about football viewership today, across the nation, in bars and in homes, is that very few people, only being men, and these usually estranged from society, can view a football game with interest that does not involve the emotional hook of “my team.”
The same clowning gambit has been imparted from the top down in Major League Baseball and has been partially resisted by the players, who are of a less debased charter than football players for reasons I leave to the reader.
In the terminal analysis, clowning will continue to expand around dangerous sports as a way of magnetizing the mob of non contact clowns that make up the she-male body economic into a delusion that makes money for the master class, distracts the clowns from the activities of their rulers, and programs the clown mob for future compliance.
-1. Deep State control of American politics is, to the person who has not been mesmerized by the media priesthood or the sports clown show, is as glaring a corporate capture of the American Nation by a predacious USG, as the sham of the Roman senate remaining in powerless, theatrical session under hundreds of years of actual tyranny.
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