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Plantation America 2024
Three Volumes of Un-Veiled American History
© 2024 James LaFond
Since we have been de-listed by Bling, the twerk engine of Macroshaft, headed by Brill Yates, James has decided to dump his most contentious work on this site before these volumes see print publication.
Once James has completed publishing proofs of these and 67 other unprinted books, his time will be devoted to the completion of the more massive three volume Omnibus In This New Israel: Sowers, Reapers & Inheritors.
In the mean time, the volumes below contain more about actual American history than all of the Great Courses available through academic means.

A History of the True Foundation of English America
Overture to The Thirteenth Tribe
[These are proofs. The subtitle has been retained to reflect the original course of investigation. However, the following omnibus on Plantation America will be titled In This New Israel, reflecting the results of the investigation.]
A Survey of the Conditions, Revolts, Uprisings, Runaways, Resistance, Conspiracies, Rebellions and the Extant Legacy of Plantation America
[Advent America was the overflow from this massive volume, published ahead of time as context.]

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