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The Enemy, Of My Enemy, Is Still My Enemy
An Analysis of the Teenage Thug Victory over the Baltimore Police Department
© 2015 James LaFond

Black youths attack me and threaten me about 4 times as often as I am harassed by the cops. However, I count the cops as my greater enemy, for it is they who assure that I am unarmed, and therefore as helpless as possible, before the youths who they also count as their enemy.

The NEWS will tell you it was about human rights, the rights of a black man to not be beaten to death by cops. When white men are beaten to death—I’ve known a few—it has never been news.

What most of the horrified Baltimoreans I know have been saying pretty much follows Steevo’s subject line from work last night, when he greeted me at the front door as if I had just accomplished some great feat by making it out of the ghetto to work, “Look, we know the pigs are brutal. They beat my ass a half dozen times when I was a kid. And when they throw you in the paddy wagon, they never strap you in—and then they drive like complete assholes! They didn’t beat him ‘cause he was black but ‘cause he’s a drug dealer that they’re sick of locking up. Sure the cops are the enemy, but why are you going to burn down your own neighborhood and attack me because some douche bag cop beats some knucklehead to death?”

Many of the whites in Baltimore are somewhat to the right of Steevo, but still, the discussion stays in the feminine zone. The, “Oh how come bad things happen,” hand wringing of the woman, which has become our national form of discourse. I prefer to look at things tactically, like a man.

The G-Man Riot Scenario

The drug war is being fought intensely in Baltimore as the BPD and various state and federal units ram in doors, and run down dope slingers. Their enemy is a rabble of enemy gangs which rarely cooperate with each other.

Freddie was a dope-slinging foot soldier cut down by the enemy.

The major dope syndicates called a truce in order to take advantage of the media blitz over Freddie.

As soon as the DOJ announced that the BPD would be investigated for aggressively prosecuting the drug war, of which Freddie is a casualty, the Bloods, Cripps and Black Guerilla Family announced on social media that they would be shooting cops.

The BPD went on the defensive.

The three gangs recruited high school students to launch an attack on a major shopping center, during which they essentially fought the BPD to a standstill, inflicted more casualties than they sustained, and damaged police equipment and morale, while showing by example that the police are not well adapted for defensive combat, or any action against a group with mobility and/or numerical parity.

These kids won their battle. The fight reminded me of a battle in ancient Britain in which the Roman commander sent out his third string troops to fight the Bretons while the veterans watched and cheered. The BGF and other gangs did not commit a single resource and did booming wholesale business while the cops were fighting for their survival against children. The immediate object was to open the West Side to a large scale infusion of heroin. The gangs made bank while the BPD got bloodied and humiliated.

The genius stroke here is the recruitment aspect of the riot. These innocent unarmed black teens will not be incarcerated for lengthy terms, if at all. Rather than the video footage serving prosecutors out for justice, it will serve the gangs, who will point to the most prominent rioters as leadership prospects. This is the reason for the camera posing and the frequent lack of masks. These rioters were, in many cases, conducting a working job interview. They just got ‘jumped in by the cops’ and have gone down in ghetto history and will use these films as training aids, trophies, and tactical studies.

This is effective opportunistic tribalism on display against the leftist leviathan wallowing in the shallows of a sunken civilization.

The punks used flexible tactics and flowed around friction points.

The pigs did not.

The punks used the most effective mass communications network to marshal their forces, determine the deployment of the enemy, and then exploit their tactical successes.

The pigs did not.

The punks took risks, and fought aggressively, with many individuals showing front line leadership qualities.

The pigs did not.

The punks were directed by aggressive, forward thinking, leaders who have successfully destroyed rival gangs and killed enemies in battle.

The pigs were directed by a dithering woman who has apparently not had good dick in quite some time, and is therefore paralyzed with the Sex Slave Paralex [To be defined in the next installment of Your Trojan Whorse].

This was a master stroke of operational planning, that was so well considered and timed that even the sloppy tactics of the raw recruits were able to accomplice the operational objective, which was to pin down the police force in defensive perimeters, so that over 95% of the city remained open for the drug business.

These kids need to be recruited to fight ISIL.

Let me reiterate that none of the 25-35 year old leadership participated in the riots as they had a board meeting somewhere while truck loads of product and cash were changing hands elsewhere.

I am not rooting for either side here, but am essentially a leopard at a watering hole watching the lions and the hyenas duke it out. Ideally there are maximum casualties on both sides. For the enemy of my enemy is still my enemy.

I’d say it stands as hyenas ‘1’ and lions ‘0.’

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Jeremy Bentham     Apr 28, 2015

“We live in a time when the strong grows weak because of his scruples, and the weak grows strong because of his audacity.”

- Prince Otto Von Bismarck
Maureen     May 17, 2015

Great commentary.
James     May 17, 2015

I was not expecting this article to get any traction.

Glad you liked it Maureen.
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