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‘A Time for Men’
An Epilogue to War Drums: 40 Miles from the Big House: Freddie Ruiz Steps Into the Mangina Breach
© 2015 James LaFond
I have noticed that many libertarians and masculinity advocates in their 30s and 40s are hoping for civil unrest and government breakdown so that men may once against find a place in society along traditional lines, as protectors, as the strength of a family, or the autonomous drivers of a business. I have been writing War Drums: 40 Miles From The Big House during the course of the riots and am wrapping the project up today, to serve as a case study for the disintegration of mid-sized cities to come.
Over this past week, as Baltimore Society, broke down very apocalyptically we had the following effects:
1. The delinquent students of a single high school won a marginal victory against the entire Baltimore City police department!
2. All police assets from Baltimore City and surrounding municipalities were concentrated in three zones, leaving over 95% of Baltimore City and Baltimore County without police protection.
3. News coverage outside of the political/police zone was zero, leaving the citizens utterly blind except for websites like this and social media. Face to face interaction among men once again became important.
4. Lone white women away from home were targeted for gang rape by gangs of black men immediately across the city and county.
5. Commercial districts and residential areas were patrolled by gangs of 5-15 mature black men with clubs, unopposed by police, but easily deterred by the two gun armed white men who stood up to them. The professional gun-armed black criminals were staging home invasions, drug stash-house raids, and stealthy break-ins of high value targets under cover of darkness and were not present as officers with the bully packs, as they were in Rwanda, making these incursion teams shy away from organized and/or gun-armed white men.
6. Approximately 12 murders were reported on social media and are, just now—a week later—being looked into by police and the media. I theorize that as many additional drug gang executions and assassinations took place during this period, and that the riots and zero police presence outside of the riot zones, has facilitated easy disposal of the bodies and blocked any effective investigation. It seems likely to infer that the three gangs that organized these riots: the Cripps, Bloods and Black Guerilla Family, have strengthened themselves at the expense of rival crews, which may therefore alter the scope of the next round of unrest in ways I could only guess at.
7. Over 200 businesses, including at least 13 pharmacies, and up to a third of liquor stores, have been wiped from the face of the earth, many of them minority businesses which are uninsured and will not recover. This places the drug gangs in a position to expand the illegal economy in areas where businesses will not return—as they did not return after the 1968 riots—which offsets losses of territory recently suffered at the hands of Johns Hopkins Hospital and University buying up drug territory.
8. Black criminals now know that when a peaceful demonstration or riot occurs in the future that whatever crimes they deem to commit will be unopposed by police, so expect more aggressive, and more immediate, corollary attacks in outlying areas in the next round of unrest.
9. The police, politicians and media have attributed the entire episode to a symptom [the death of Freddie Gray] rather than a cause, and can be expected to be taken unawares in the future as they begin to believe their own lies.
10. All whites I have spoken to have noted that blacks they normally come into contact with have been behaving with increased—or not before present—hostility. This has been noted by the author as well, with hard eye-contact and aggressive posturing evidenced by most black males I now encounter, where before that was a minority expression of about a third of such men.
Stepping Into The Mangina Breach
Freddie Ruiz is a young Mexican martial artist, who has served as a sparring partner for one of my fighters. He arrived in the U.S. in the wake of civil unrest in his own country, which claimed the life of his Uncle, who was a small business owner executed by a drug gang for not paying protection money. While attending a Washington D.C. area high school he was attacked by three larger black students with bats. He used a knife to maim one attacker and discourage the other two, and has since moved to Baltimore, married the daughter of one of my coaches, and has had a son.
Freddie was scheduled to attend my stick-fighting seminar this past Sunday. His father in law informed me of Freddie’s reason for not attending.
Freddie worked as a simple clerk for a chain or retailers that was hit hard by break-in crews, door-crashing squads of gun-armed gangsters, and mobs of teens. He was employed at a distant upscale suburban location. When a number of inner city locations run by women, sissy white men, and timid black men, where lost, his company did an internal search for Real Men, a decidedly taboo act in postmodern sissy America.
Within two days, Freddie was armored with a bullet proof vest, licensed to carry a firearm, armed with a 9mm auto, and promoted to ‘Regional Manager!’
This kind of elevation of young men normally only occurs on battlefields or on sports teams—not in sissy, civilized, shop keeping society.
The leaders and academics of our sick corrupt society have labored for nearly two centuries to emasculate our young men from the cradle to the grave.
I now observe, through what of my primal man’s eye I have been able to salvage from this systematic assault on my humanity, that all it takes is a few urban savages to rip the mask away from the slave mistress that owns us to expose her for the impotent squabbling bitch that she is, and open the door for men to be men once again, as the lie that encases our souls crumbles to dust with every fumbling falsehood that falls flat beneath the reality of naked force. The hooting black heathens that have hunted me in the streets of Baltimore for over 30 years might be my enemies, but they at least acknowledge my manhood as they probe for my every weakness, and have struck a resounding blow against the slave mistress society that seeks with its every apparatus to render me weak to the point of meek.
The Enemy of My Enemy is Still My Enemy, and I recognize his achievement, even as I prepare to oppose him.
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Daniel P. Barron     May 5, 2015

Ayo! Your presence is <a href="; in <a href=";.
Zach     May 14, 2015

Baltimore Riots remind me so much of the Brașov Rebellion. The government realized that they would have a big PR problem if they prosecuted the participants as they normally would. Within two years, governments all through the Eastern Bloc were in the process of a radical transformation to appease the emboldened population. Didn't matter. Two years later, the whole region overthrew their oppressors.

In that case, it was a good thing. If this happens today, it will be thanks to imagined oppression.
James     May 16, 2015

Emboldened is what I am seeing on the ground.

Since the riots, instead of steeling on the sly, black shoplifters are now walking up to my bosses and telling them to get out of the way as they carry merchandize out the door.
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