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Who is Killing Who?
‘Anti-antiracism Realtalk’: The Real Guerrilla Race War That The Media Covers Up
© 2015 James LaFond
June 24, 2015 by CH
Everybody in Harm City knows that blacks are killed almost exclusively by blacks. Liberals will make claims that what we are seeing is just colorized socio-economic status. Conservatives tend to blame genetics. I blame the 18th Century British Navy officers who instituted whipping in the U.S. colonies, a practice which was kept alive on America slave plantations, and is still kept alive in most black households, though it is called “whooping” now.
Even upper class blacks whip their children with belts, and the practice is easily traced back to the plantation where their ancestors were whipped by—or at the command of—their slave master/daddy.
I have spent as much time with blacks as with whites. It might surprise many of you white folks that loving black parents use leather straps, belt buckles and shoes to beat their young children. These are the churchgoing people. The ghetto criminal class punch their kids in public.
Of the many white people I have known. Many were not spanked, most were not seriously beaten as children, where pushed instead of stomped by their teenage bullies, and have never been involved in a serious act of violence as an adult.
Almost every black man I know was seriously beaten as a child, was bullied as a teen—with punchs and stomps and book beatings common—and has been involved in serious violence as an adult. And most of these men are good, hard working, compassionate people. I do not spend my time with assholes as a rule. These are men of the same class as the whites I associate with—working class. But once conditioned to violence as a child, the man carries a strong demon that takes a lot of energy to keep at rest. I recently watched a white man seriously insult three older, larger, and far more physical, black men. Each of these men, in turn, waged a battle with their upbringing, and won it, as they got up, said a polite goodbye, and walked out of the bar to leave the white man screaming his insults and challenges. I, myself, came very close to hitting this punk when he blocked my way as he yelled at me, and also won my battle against my demon, born in childhood beatings.
The problem is, when every person of a culture is brutalized, and then the high priests in the multicultural media feed them a message of hate, a significant number of these people will express themselves violently. This is not natural to the human condition, but was cultivated over centuries of varied abuse, and continues to be nurtured by our sick self-hating society.
Many a sissy white person will look at the FBI race and crime stats and see a black on white genocide. But that is the bitter red herring of racially terrified fear mongers. When you look dispassionately at the bar graph through the link below what you will see is a black-on-black population growth check, planted by the slave masters of old, nurtured by conservatives of yesterday, and pruned like hell’s own bonzi tree by our own liberals of today.
Culture is the behavioral vector of mankind that works separate from genetics and economics on the soul of a man. That is why militaries develop specific cultures, cultures of brotherhood and brutality to which soldiers of all classes are subject. I saw a video two years ago of our black president extolling the virtues of beating children. Until people finally put away the slave master’s whip that hangs in their closet, black American culture will continue to value aggression first and foremost, as a tool for building bonds as well as breaking heads, tragically juxtaposed with the group-hug, time-out, sissy white culture of original guilt and liberal passivity that begs to have the taste slapped out of its collective mouth.
Check out the reality of race and murder at the link below.
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Ishmael     Jun 25, 2015

James spot on, my children have no idea what a real ass kicking is. Thanks. Ishmael.
James     Jun 26, 2015

Sounds like they had some protection, Ishmael.

Keeping the wolves at bay is our job, after all.

My kids can say the same thing.

The problem is, where is the next generation of hard asses going to come from?

Our generation is about done.
B     Jun 25, 2015

If you talk to West Africans, they can tell you many entertaining stories of being beaten like goats as children:

Naturally, it's one thing to be whipped by your father who is doing his best to be fair and raise you as a decent human being, and another to be whipped by a single mother on welfare taking out her rage on you.

It might be that Africa's insanely violent independence period is the result of widespread physical punishment (I recommend watching the video of Liberian now-senator Prince Johnson torturing Liberian President Samuel Doe before executing him) but the violence is not something Africans had to learn from the Brits.
James     Jun 26, 2015

I agree about Africa already being very violent. Corporal punishment seems to come with agriculture and is rare in pre agricultural societies, and probably reflects the coercion necessary for public works, and the fact that children were the lowest economic units in the hierarchy.

Consider though—you can find this story under my biography tag—the first slave narrative we have, of a young African boy taken on board a slave ship crewed by Brits, after being abducted by other blacks. The first thing he saw—and it struck him with a deep fear of whites—was a British sailor being beaten to death and tossed to the sharks at his officer's command. He stated that the whites were remarkable for their excessive cruelty to each other.

Of course we are not talking race, but occupation. British ships were penal institutions and this kid was a farmer's son.

My suspicion is, that when simple corporal punishment of the kind used by agrarian parents for ages, is used as a model for industrial level war making [the Romans qualify here] or plantation slavery, or the handling of a labor intensive sailing ship, then you get a warped version of punishment that takes on a cruel life of its own. One of my favorite songs is 'Down to the Whipping Post' by the way.

Thanks so much for the link and the perspective.
Jeremy Bentham     Jun 26, 2015

“A wise son heeds his father’s instruction, but a mocker does not respond to rebukes.” - Proverbs 13:1 (NIV)

“Whoever spares the rod hates their children, but the one who loves their children is careful to discipline them.”- Proverbs 13:24 (NIV)

“Folly is bound up in the heart of a child, but the rod of discipline will drive it far away.” Proverbs 22:15 (NIV)

“Let the abbot restrain the badly behaved, and the inflexible and proud, or disobedient with blows or chastisements of the body.”- Saint Benedict, the Benedictine Rule

Another superb subject James. Gosh, I am so old I can remember when white people inflicted corporal punishment on their children as enthusiastically as black people. No, not Biblical times LOL! In fact it occurred as recently as the “Leave it to Beaver” days. A very unrealistic show, as Ward and June Cleaver were much too calm whenever Wally and Beaver transgressed. Especially when they destroyed property. In those days no real white parent could stand to be thought of as a weak disciplinarian, an over-indulgent parent who produced spoiled, ill-mannered children. My own mother and father certainly did not believe in sparing the rod. However, Mother didn’t use anything as archaic and primitive as a “switch”, instead she used an appliance cord doubled up like a cat o’ nine tails to flog me. A practice which today even horrifies Adrian Peterson. My father on the other hand used anything handy as an instrument of punishment. When I read the following story about a contemporary Liberal’s shocked reaction to ghetto child disciplinary practices,, I found it laugh out loud funny. Whenever I became difficult or disobedient as a youngster my elders were also wont to threaten to take me into the bathroom and give me “something to really cry about”. Like they say, if I only had a nickel for every time I heard that… Violent as white folks were back then the times were exceptionally crime free. When I was six years old my parents thought nothing of allowing me to walk alone to my grandparents’ house a half mile away from my home. It never occurred to them that I might be snatched up by a homicidal maniac and end up with my severed head in a ditch, like little Adam Walsh. My how times have changed. In particular white people seem to have become completely dissuaded from imposing any kind of discipline at all on their children. Such that children are no longer a joy to have around. I believe that is part of The Woman’s plan: make having children an unpleasant burden for white people so they won’t want to have any. As for the black murder rate, as commenters to the CH post pointed out, it is probably much, much worse than reported. After all, the murders are occurring in communities where “snitches get stiches and end up in ditches” and where the authorities have an incentive to under report them as well. As it is, according to available stats, “White America” has a murder rate of 2.5 per every 100,000 white people (Just .5 murders higher than Finland), whereas “Black America” has a murder rate of 19 committed per every 100,000 black people.
James     Jun 26, 2015

Consider, Jeremy, what a primal disadvantage a generation of whites are at, who have never tasted of the rod of discipline, when placed in the rat cage of our public schools with 'peers' who were being punched out by adults at age 8.

I got a little of the rod, but didn't dish any out. I maintained discipline among my boys via ice cold threats that they believed I would carry out. I have found that if you have beaten up men in front of your children, they have a tendency to take you seriously.

Thanks for the link.
SidVic     Jul 1, 2015

Well, my upper middle class white kids have experience with the rod. Of course, one must be judicious. I would never "stomp" them, unless they really had it coming:). I think it depends on the kid. I've often wondered how the parents that don't employ corporal punishment deal with the f*ck-you look from a hard-headed kid. Example- Give me the smart phone its past 9. HH: Just a minute (this continues for 5-10 minutes). Me: count of 5 or.. HH- stashes phone and employs the F*ck you bitch face. My problem child happens to be female. Struggle ensues to liberate said phone, and hysterical caterwauling commences. Me: Oh ok you want to cry and scream... guess i need to give you something to cry about...

On the other hand, if my daughter lent one of her balls to her twin brother they would average out to a pair. He"s never given me real problems and a swat of the hand when he was young (3-6 yrs) was sufficient. At one point he announced that he wanted to wear his wizard suit to school to play D&D. Panicking, i enrolled him in a wrestling program within a week. I highly recommend wresting for boys and have been amazed at how hard-core it is (at least here).

As far as worrying about where the next generation of hard asses will arise from.. I think you are a little pessimistic. The blood will tell eventually. So far the nonsense hasn't really cut into a significant numbers of whites interests with the low IQ savages larger confined to the ghetto and trailer parks. Take SCarolina 35% AA and yet votes strongly conservative. Even in Rhodesia, the white farmers were able to hang on when their numbers were in the single digits. Let people have a family member robbed, raped or murdered and they will turn mean. For that matter, let the electricity fail for a couple of weeks....
James     Jul 1, 2015

The ancients of many cultures considered wrestling to be a mandatory activity for boys. Congrats on this enlistment.

I really don't go for the no contact parenting as an absolute. It's just that when you see low IQ people with low impulse control and a history of entitlement dishing out adult type beating to kids, its kind of hard to watch and not think it adds up to adult behaviors on the violent side.

I, as a coach, believe in culling to ensure the health of any dynamic population. This is why I am so at odds with white racial alarmists that panic about genocide even though over 60&% of Americans are still white. Really, we are so weak that we have to outnumber everyone combined to stand a chance?

I think the reason why whites are perceived as so weak is that there are too many of us and the quality has gotten diluted. The State and it's media priests knows this. That is why more controls are placed on whites than on other groups. I am personally too pessimistic were white masculinity is concerned simply from my day to day experience. However, in the abstract, I know that you are correct, that in an apocalyptic scenario with tribal overtones, the toughest 10% of white America beats every member of every other group in detail.

The only real competition will be with Latinos.

Black America has been so retarded due to the majority buying into white liberal lies, they seem forever doomed.
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