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Entitlement Based Aggression
Explaining the Epidemic of Black on White Urban Violence
© 2015 James LaFond
This past weekend, Jim, a white store manager for a ghetto supermarket chain, was shopping at a convenience store in the suburbs. He walked in ahead of a young black woman, who was pushing a baby carriage and had a 13-year-old girl with her. Jim did not wait and hold the door open for this person, as this kind of pure unnecessary courtesy has become a point of friction between working whites and entitled non-working blacks in Baltimore.
Perspective Interlude
I know three women who have told me that they will no longer hold the door for a black person, because they have all three—always—been treated rudely by blacks for whom they hold the door. Miss Ezz told me, “I stopped holding doors for blacks years ago because I could see where it was going; never a thank you, ever. It was on purpose, hate, entitlement. I won’t do it anymore. They might be entitled to my money, but they are not entitled to me holding the door open for them. I deal with it all week long and I’m just not putting up with it on my own time.”
Jim has been yelled at and threatened and treated rudely by inner city blacks, and has put up with it as part of his job, for years. When he is on his own time he does not go out of his way to reassure and show courtesy to blacks. This has become the case with many white employees in retain food establishments who spend their shifts being harangued, threatened and demeaned by hate-spewing black customers who typically spend more on groceries in a visit than many retail food employees make in two weeks. Being a white employee in a city supermarket is like being a peasant on a medieval lord’s land.
This weekend I overheard four women at the local bar who had just gotten off from work at the local supermarket talking about all of the physical threats and insults, racial slurs and challenges to fights they had to field from black customers just on Saturday. The hero of this chick clique was tall heavy blonde woman who took off her apron after a black woman called her a white bitch and threatened to come behind the counter and beat her ass. When she threw her apron aside she yelled, “Bitch, my husband’s blacker than you, and If I can beat his ass I sure as hell can mop the floor with you’re sorry ass, you ugly you ghetto bitch!”
The customer backed off as the rest of the crowd got quiet.
Okay, by now you know that Jim is going to have to deal with some ghetto bullshit.
At the Kiosk
Jim, a big dude, was placing his order for a hot meal at the kiosk when the woman with the food stamp vector transporter and 13-year-old came up to him and shouted, “Thanks for holding the door muthafuca!”
Jim turned and said, “What did you call me?”
The ghetto bitch, brought to the suburbs courtesy of government rent vouchers, yelled, “I’m talkin’ to you, muthafuca, fo not holdin’ the door!”
Jim thundered back, “Who are you to talk to me like that? You’re lucky I don’t put you through the door! It’s not my duty to hold the door for you!”
The sainted victim of white oppression and systemic racism, said, “Muthafuca I’ll bring my fatha down here en he’ll kick yo ass!”
Jim responded, “Bring him, and I’ll beat the shit out of him!”
This shut the woman up. This woman had a perfectly able teenager to hold the door for her and her baby, yet chose to insult and threaten a man of an enemy race, which, not coincidentally, happens to be the race that she has been conditioned to believe owes her service.
The manager apologized to Jim, and he said, “I understand. I’m usually dealing with this from your perspective and have to put up with it. But on my own time, I will not be pushed around.”
The Hate Engine
This altercation was no different than if a 15th Century English Peasant had neglected to hold the door for a lady of means. Entitlement is entitlement, and always breeds aggression. To begin with, entitlements are only distributed via threat of force. Entitlements are almost always taken by force from the many and given to the few.
Welfare recipients in Postmodern America are the counterparts of the wigged nobility of old, complete with attention to ostentatious dress, wigs, rights to entitlements sufficient to preclude the need to work and that will remain high even in seasons of economic hardships, and far more prone to violence than working people.
The white liberal scum who preach about white privilege, could not have worked in a supermarket, where the State’s chosen people lord it over the wage slaves—white and black—like an overseer on a plantation. The focus on white guilt and black martyrdom has missed the entire point of our oppressive system, where entitled people [white and black] spend as much free money in minutes working the wage slave [white and black] as that wage slave makes in weeks.
Blaming white oppression of blacks exclusively for the lot of poor people [most of whom are working whites] has done two things:
1. Taken the focus off of poor people who work, which is an increasingly large segment of the population
2. Justified black violence again working white people, who the police refuse to aid or protect
Taken together these two factors suggest that unemployed black on working class white violence, in the name of black resentment of upper class whites and their police forces, is a state terror tool for keeping poor whites in their place. The media is of course complicit. For, during the Baltimore Purge of late April, which was in fact a massive act of citywide black on white violence, the press focused exclusively on the violence done a black man by a mixed race squad of cops, completely ignoring the brutal attacks on whites by gangs of purging blacks, even as the cops of multiple police forces refused all calls for protection from beleaguered whites. Lost even more deeply in this web of lies is the violence done to working blacks by entitled non-working blacks.
This is war on the poor, same as it ever was, with the masters assigning the purge duties to a select group of entitled aggressors. Perhaps, one day, 500 years from now there will be a romance about the nobility of 21st Century America, titled the Life of Tyrone, in which the saga of Tyrone’s Thugz of the Roundtable will be told.
In the meantime, say a prayer for the bad guys, or villains which incidentally, is derived from a term that means poor working villagers.
Below is a video link showing an example of what is pretty normal retail behavior in Baltimore City.
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Inspector Ratchet     Jul 13, 2015

In my job I find the racial harassment coming more from the 40 and under crowd. Older minorities treat inspectors with suspicion while the younger crowd will be actively antagonistic.

And thats just the males. Don't get me started on the females.....
B     Jul 13, 2015

>Perhaps, one day, 500 years from now there will be a romance about the nobility of 21st Century America, titled the Life of Tyrone, in which the saga of Tyrone’s Thugz of the Roundtable will be told.

Unlikely, because all these sagas currently exist as ghetto raps, and those ghetto raps are too poorly done to last more than a month in the popular mind.

My bet is that once the government shits the bed, the Tyrones are done for. They're just too short-sighted, too impulsive, too squabbly, too ignoble to put up a fight against real predators. It's like when the wolves were hunted to extinction, coyotes sprung up to take their ecological niche. But when the wolf was reintroduced and protected, the first thing they did was to shred the coyotes. The BGF is not much compared to the African and American tribes that were taken apart by small bands of European warriors and their local allies. And your typical Tyrone is not of BGF caliber. He doesn't even have much to offer a potential conqueror as a slave or an ally. What use does a wolf have for a coyote?

The sagas of 500 years from now will be for the bands of guys who rip the Tyrones to shreds when the imperial forces pull back to their inner lines.
James     Jul 15, 2015

I emphatically approve of this comment!

The reintroduction of the wolf and what they did to the coyotes was awesome—loved that nature film.

The Tyrones of our desiccated society are artificial barbarians cultivated in our interior to menace us. Most of them are actually protected by the government. For instance The State protects them from me. If it was legal to do away with drug dealers and muggers I would be out hunting with my recurve bow and bowie knife. In Baltimore we even have safe houses—paid for by tax dollars—so that gang bangers have neutral hiding spots! If these guys had to deal with any type of survival situation they would implode. I also don't see them holding up against Latino gangs, which are coming to Baltimore courtesy of our illegal alien sanctuary status.

My question for you, as a man who has seen much more of the world than I, how long do you think our current civilization has before it "shits the bed?"

Thanks, B.
B     Jul 15, 2015

I don't think I've seen more of the world than you. A wise man can learn a lot about the world without going far, and an idiot can spend his whole life travelling and learn nothing.

I have no idea how much longer the US can go on. Like the man said, there's a lot of ruin in a nation. You can probably make a better estimate than I, because you've got your finger on the pulse.

As a kid, I used to wonder how the hell the Romans and Greeks could piss away what they had. Now I know. I assume that in the next generation, we'll see the first American tranny president.

The Romans went on for quite a while after Heliogabalus, and then there was the Eastern Roman Empire.

On the other hand, things move a lot faster in our time, what with the internet and such.

I assume that the American collapse won't be sudden and total, like in apocalyptic fiction, but a slow degradation, as happened in the USSR post-1989, or Argentina in the 90s, or even Yugoslavia.

Presumably there will be some sort of reform along fascist lines if the security state ever decides to pull its head out of its ass and stop the madness. That's actually sort of a best-case, and that best case is not so good, because most of the guys who rise to the top in the American security state are not that smart or morally good. Clever, but not that smart. More likely, they will do like the Russian intelligence and secret services guys did in the 90s.

I personally can't wait. In the exact same way that USG keeps you from putting an arrow through Tyrone's neck, it applies pressure to its Israeli subsidiaries to lean on us settlers and keep us in the Boned Zone (great concept, BTW.) My neighbor's car got firebombed. His teenage daughter got third degree burns all over. The special forces went and arrested the guys who supposedly did it in the next village over. Nothing happened to the rest of the village. The guys who did it will be out in a few years with college degrees paid for by the State of Israel, and they'll be heroes. And this shit happens constantly.

The Bedouins build in the state-owned nature reserve down the hill and use it to plant their olive trees, and the government does nothing, but if I build a house on unused land which belongs to nobody, they'll come and bulldoze it (maybe-will test that theory soon.) I got called in for an interview by our local secret service for hitchhiking in the middle of the night next to an Arab village-they thought I might be, G-d forbid, planning something. Etcetera. Meanwhile, the TV stations and big papers are busy doing their best impression of the New York Times: settlers are a threat, they'll take over the country, the army's full of them, let's kick them all out, etc. They gave Gaza to the Arabs, who use it to launch rockets at us, so the answer is to also give my house to the Arabs, because that will surely calm them down. And by no means overreact to them setting little girls on fire, kidnapping and killing kids, throwing boulders through people's windshields as they drive home from work, etc.

The fucking US can't collapse soon enough for me, because their clients here have run up quite a bill that needs settling.

Sorry about the rant.
James     Jul 15, 2015

One man's rant is another man's literature.

I'm going to repost your comment tomorrow as an article because what you describe going on in Israel is exactly what is going on here. I need to think about this tonight while I'm freezing and sweating at the same time and then maybe I will be able to wrap my head around the seemingly synchronized collapse of the Caucasian will in South Africa, Europe, America, and Israel—but only the will of the elite it seems. Something smells rotten in the milk cooler...

I have had some debates about the rate of U.S. collapse. My "finger on the pulse" is really an attempt to research science-fiction that will remain relevant after I'm worm food. I think the long rocky down-marching plateau is a better model than catastrophic collapse. But, as you pointed out, our rate of change is still accelerating. If some math wizard could come up with a formula for extrapolating social collapse rates based on rate of technological change we would be better off.

I think, that right now, with our mess in the Middle East, we stand, in America, in a relative state of world dominance as the Roman Empire did with the death of Marcus Aurelius in the wake of the mess he failed to fix in Germania—which would make Obama Commodus and King Shrub the Younger the counterpart to the late great philosopher king, so my apologies to Marcus. Marcus, philosopher though he was, broke the tradition of selecting the best qualified man for his successor—which had begun with Nerva almost a century earlier—and instead went back to heredity and set his son up as emperor. Commodus was such a douche that he was said to be the bastard of Marcus' wife and a gladiator—kind of like Mrs. Bush mating with Ray Lewis.

So, according to my comparative opinion, the U.S. is currently where it's best ancient counterpart—the Roman Empire—was in the 170s, with zombie quality disaster striking in the 260s, Christianity rising in the 300s to rejuvenate the ruling class, and the whole thing caving in around 470.

I would use the Byzantine Empire [Eastern/Greek Rome] to serve as a model for some type of corporate successor entity to the U.S. global system.

If using this model, we want to predict decline to the point of total Barbarian takeover in the 470s, what we need to know, is how does 300 Roman years of turmoil translate into current American years of turmoil? What is the comparative rate of technological change, the multiplier?

That—as a man who cannot remember if he just drank three beers or two so will punt and grab another just to be confident in the three total—is a calculation that I am not qualified to attempt.

Of my 8,000 monthly readers might there be a math geek that could factor this equation for us. There are missing factors . For instance I don't know the rate of technological change in either period.

An expiring mind would like to know.

Thanks, B.
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