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Big Trippin’s Myerhoff Mugging
A Negotiated Solution to Predatory Aggression
Big Trippin’ is a six and a half foot tall, 25-year-old, white man, a kind of Bohemian who likes the sights and attractions of the city. He’s is not a high end hipster attending elite venues like most whites who like the cultural attractions he likes. He was walking past the Myerhoff Symphony Hall when he was approached by five innocent unarmed black teens, two of which had knives. Big Trippin’ also had a knife. He did not brandish it, but placed his hand on it and negotiated with the aggressors, agreeing to give up his cash, but keeping his identification and credit cards.
Personally, I could not bring myself to negotiate like this, and may well have been arrested and charged for murder. This fellow, however, took the most conservative and tactically sound course. Where most people would have put themselves at the mercy of these murderous hoodrats and some would have put themselves at the mercy of law enforcement and the media, he maintained his autonomy, and basically paid a toll.
His tactic was much the same as 18th century frontiersmen, who were often extorted into handing over portions of their haul [this happened to Daniel Boone a few times] to an aggressive group of Indians that preferred negotiation to taking out their prey at the risk of taking casualties. Of course, it is impossible for the modern human to understand that negotiations with aggressors are only possible if one is armed or perceived to be armed.
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Nero The PictAug 21, 2015

The Myerhoff and its vicinity have been the site of many muggings and in one case a few years ago the attempted scalping of a female bartender of whom I was acquainted. Some subhuman actually attacked her from behind with a hatchet. She lived.The maids and mugging delivery service has a stop near by (aka the Light Rail) also located a few blocks away is Baltimore's very own toy subway. The relative isolation and many blind spots have made this area a hunting ground for Baltimore's enterprising teens for as long as I can remember.

The attack on Big Trippin is oddly reminiscent of a similar occurrence that happened to an old Marine that was a customer of mine about 12 years ago. This event took place the next light rail stop down. Two youths approached my friend and demanded reparations. He took issue and one of the little jokers pulled a gun. They got into a scuffle and he was able to wrestle the firearm out of the hands of the little minx. He threw the pistol over a fence. He then beat feet to a safe area. His attackers were young 13-14ish? He was a big scary looking guy. Must be the lead paint....
responds:Aug 26, 2015

I have had similar accounts related to me by light rail users.
Jeremy BenthamAug 21, 2015

“No one can negotiate without the power to compel negotiation.” -Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals 1971 p. 119.

Very interesting! Gun writer and cop Massad Ayoob once described when he was living in NYC in the '70's how he would have a matchbook in his pocket with a ten or twenty dollar bill wrapped around it for tribute. If he got hassled by a gang of "innocent youth" he would, toss them the match book and tell them to have a round of drinks on him. He had a concealed carry permit and could have blown the miscreants all into the next experience; however since doing so would likely have complicated his life severely, he concocted this ploy in order to avoid such life altering trouble. He reported that it worked well at placating street hooligans. I supposed having a throwaway wallet with some money in it could work as well. But as you say one needs to be armed or else unusually physically imposing to pull such a negotiation off successfully.
responds:Aug 26, 2015

Ayoob was my favorite magazine writer in the 90s. Does he currently publish on a webzine that we could link to?
Jeremy BenthamAug 27, 2015

James, Massad Ayoob currently writes gun articles for the bi-monthly prepper webzine "Backwoods Home Magazine", He also runs a blog on that site. Among his most useful and informative articles I think are the ones on self-defense and the law. This is really vital information for the average Joe especially since so much bad advice is promulgated on the subject. Even the advice that you sometimes get from cops and lawyers will get you locked for a long time if you were to follow it in a real situation. Like if you shoot someone on your doorstep drag him inside and put a knife in his hand. I know you have probably heard that gem before just as I have. Ayoob explains how even in Wanker County the authorities are liable to figure out pretty quickly that you altered the crime scene and then charge you with murder. The truth is usually easier to defend than a lie; at least it's not as hard to keep your story straight if you stick to what you believe to be the truth. I recommend Ayoob's recent book "Deadly Force- Understanding Your Right to Self-Defense". It gives a much needed update on the subject from his earlier works.
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