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Valued Member of the Global Community,
Welcome to Baltimore, Known to the Victims of Your Privilege Who Live Here as "Harm City"
Harm City is the beating moral heart of the Maryland Income Redistribution Region.
Are you weary of taking, and taking?
Are you of a mind to give back to those who have suffered so that you might thrive?
If so, the Harm City Hospitality Council is prepared to guarantee you an absolutely guilt free living or vacationing experience!
If you would like to shoulder your social responsibility and at the same time serve as an example to the less fortunate, feel free to buy, rent or tour in a Privilege Zone, confident that the most progressive tax code in the United States will absolve you of that nagging intergenerational guilt.
If you would prefer to experience direct giving, access an Opportunity Zone, and enjoy giving to our Regan Era Re-enactors, conveniently posted on street corners and freeway ramps.
If you would prefer the thrill of a suspenseful and guilt-abolishing wealth transfer, visit an Entitlement Zone, wherein you might be relieved of your burden by actors, extras and stuntmen from HBO's acclaimed miniseries, The Wire.
For more information on your touring, renting and buying options, check with one of our tour guides depicted below.
Thriving in Bad Places
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riding the nightmare
logic of steel
SamDec 4, 2015

I loved the wire. Great show.
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