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‘Why Should I Avoid Baltimore Campuses?’
‘What is So Bad about A City Community College?’: A Man Question from Charles
Nationwide community colleges are the focus of black on white mob attacks, almost all of which go unreported by the school or law enforcement and none of which are reported by national media.
These schools are not places where people with money send their kids so that they can party and maybe get a degree. These are schools attended by welfare recipients and the children of welfare recipients, who have no fathers and who are literally just burning time at government expense, so there are a fair variety of impulsive violent crimes, as the entitlement mentality is the root of violence in the domesticated human.
There is also the fact that drug gangs from nearby urban centers or from the urban center in which the open facility is engulfed, will have members embedded in the student body to facilitate drug sales and even to get an education to assist in the operations of the gang.
Then there is the question of that pretty young black girl that you might meet at some mixed race music venue—or even a white venue where she is hunting a white sugar daddy. Most white girls will either go with the gang banger or go with the sugar daddy. Most black girls will do both. In that situation you don’t want to be the sugar daddy when Tyrone finds out its not just his pussy.
Copin State, Bowie, College Park, and Morgan State are all notoriously violent Baltimore Area community colleges or state universities that each have a crime rate equal to the ghetto they are in or exceeding that of the surrounding community. The most recent trend in college violence has been revenge stabbings by punks who lost a fight with a jock.
I have been in charge of security details at community colleges and it is a nightmare. The design of these places facilitates aggression in it mob or stalking varieties. They should convert them all to paintball venues.
Stay away from community colleges.
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