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Modern Fighter
A Contact Weaponry Video Archive
© 2013 James LaFond
This is primary a literature site. We do have some sparring videos on the Agonistics page. However, if you want to see some more sparring and a lot of vintage gladiatorial combat go to Cory Bracken’s Modern Fighter channel on youtube. The address is below, and the link is on our network page.
Most of the video content was shot by Charles in 2005 at the following venues:
Marvin’s Agon was an 18-bout two-on-two meet between Damien & Keith and Bryan & James. It took place on the Archbishop Curley High School football field in the April rain. It primarily consisted of various scrimmages over James' Museum Replicas gladiator helmet ‘Marvin’ who died a horrible death that day. This ‘gladiatorial-gridiron’ content has yet to be posted online.
The video shot in the red-carpeted dojo was an August demo at Jim Frederick’s Kenpo with a wide variety of steel blunts and wooden wasters. Damien and James both suffered bone fractures during the course of their 41 duels. The action moved outside for the big weapons. We began with a bout between Robert and James, during which Robert broke his axe on James’ aspis while spraining the smaller man’s wrist. The long stick versus trident bout went a minute past the filming. Brian became frustrated in Damien’s guard and grabbed the much smaller man’s face cage and began trying to crack his helmet open against the pavement. Damien responded with a head crank that utilized the long cage of Brian’s lacrosse helmet to choke him, and got the submission.
The school gymnasium videos were shot at Norwood Elementary School, hosted by Sifu Tom Clark. The floor was really slippery, which favored the more sure-footed Damien. You may not be able to hear the audio from the one chain verses bolo bout. James managed to take Damien’s chain, and then asked Damien, “How do you use this thing?”
Damien responded, “I’ll show you tomorrow”, and then took it back…
Cory will periodically put more old and recent video up.
FMA with Sifu Tom Clark
modern agonistics
Headgear Brief

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