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Year 52: Aggressions Against My Person
© 2016 James LaFond
This chronology only lists the last six months of my 52nd year, since I have discovered that my physical prowess is in terminal decline
1. Night, Old Eastern Avenue at Shultz’s Seafood, was spotted, then followed by a mixed-race pair of youths [black and white] on bikes, who reversed direction after they noticed me preparing to fight [Most law enforcement and martial arts people would not regard this as aggression and would teach no countermeasures, when in fact this is how aggression is dealt with intelligently.]
2. Night, Eastern Boulevard and Kingston Road: A black man threatened me multiple times and I ignored him.
3. Night, Eastern Boulevard and Kingston Road: A white man threatened my multiple times and I ignored him. He followed and I armed myself, whereupon he retreated and continued his threats.
4. Day, Mary Avenue and Belair Road: Two large, athletic, older, black youths, who I was passing head on, made signs to each other and stopped parallel with me. When I pocketed my hand and turned my head to regard them, they aborted their spontaneous wealth redistribution scheme—which would have been disappointing even if successful—and continued on their way.
5. Day, Harford and White: Was followed and threatened by a black youth who ceased following and reversed direction when I turned to fight.
6. Dusk, White Avenue: Was followed to my front yard by a large black man, who maintained disciplined silence the entire quarter mile of his hunt, whereupon I jogged up to the porch and picked up a two-pound chunk of iron we use as a door stop. As I turned to face him he turned and walked back the way he came.
7. Dawn, Harford and Bayonne: On a winter Sunday a stoned black zombie across Harford Road from me, broke his line of march and diverted toward me, picking up his pace, hunching his shoulders and pocketing his hands as he crossed Harford Road diagonally. I drew my knife and took off my hat to use as a beater in my left hand, whereupon he diverted up Bayonne, back to the crack den that he had issued forth from.
8. Day, Harford Road a block south of Bayonne: was challenged by a member of a young black teen group, who backed down when I walked toward him.
9. Day, Harford and Bayonne: was threatened by a member of a three-person group of older black teens, who sought cover with his fellows when I shouldered toward him.
10. Night, Harford and Bayonne: Was followed by two large young black men carrying skateboards in a ready position, not under the arm. I stepped off next to a half a cinder block to let them pass. They stopped, looked at me, looked at each other and continued on their way after easier prey.
-All of these 10 aggressions were horizontal, the aggressors being of my same low class
-9 in 10 of these aggressions were interracial
-5 of these 10 aggressions were initiated by groups
Had I not practiced vigilance and recognized these budding attacks for what they were I would have been physically engaged in at least five instances, and most likely legally engaged as well, as I am now armed with a knife as well as my umbrella cane and multiple pens when travelling to work.
-amazingly, five of these 10 aggressions were initiated in day time, which is a trend that began with the April 2015 Black on White Race Purge.
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Goose     Mar 7, 2016

At least no interspecies attacks this time, unlike in your childhood/youth period.
James     Mar 8, 2016

We will go over some four-legged attacks tomorrow in the majority section.
Manny     Mar 7, 2016

Dear James.

What are you talking about in this article? I was just told by dear comrade that Neanderthals don't know what it feels like to be poor or hassled when walking down the street. Your 2x per month experiences must be weird anomalies.

In all seriousness, those numbers look bad in the medium to long term. If you won't leave then make sure to spill the guts of the lucky one onto his shoes.

Keep writing hard until then.

Best regards, Manny.
James     Mar 8, 2016

Thank you Manny, for dispelling my anomalous illusions.

Just today, while talking to a man, he made an excuse for the one pair with skateboards, noting that I probably freaked them out.

Maybe, maybe they were not following me.

I have been wrong before.

But, when I consider a recent period of three months in which an innocent unarmed black youth has never come down a bisecting street and turned in the direction other than which I was travelling, I wonder.

Part of this uptick was manufactured last April by the City Rulers.

Part of it is my looking older with this white beard, which has also saved me from much cop harassment, without a pig giving me shit since growing it.

Thanks for the support and well wishes.
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