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Northeast-South Pedestrian: 1995-98
Majority, Age 30-52: Aggression Action Sites
© 2016 James LaFond
34. 1995, Light and Pratt, night: threatened black panhandler
35. 1995, Light and Pratt, night: robbed white panhandler, threw his money into storm drain
36. 1995, Light and Key Highway, night: two white men in pickup truck threw beer bottles at me
37. 1995, Baltimore and Light, night: black panhandler threatens me and I press razor to his throat
38. 1995, Light and Pratt, Leg Mason Building Steps, night: Latino youth picks a fight with me and his girl notices me preparing to stab him and pulls him away.
39. 1995, Walther and Moravia, night: Youth gang stone me in front of Mayor’s house while cop sits reading Sports illustrated in his cruiser
40. 1996, January, Lombard and Calvert, night: three cold, stiff, old homeless black men, see me walking past the, with a trench coat on, motion to each other, and walk after me like zombies, moaning for my coat—I fucking ran!
41. 1996, Harford and Morava, night: 2 white men in pickup demand oral sex from me, threaten me, and speed off as I draw my hammer. I was now carrying a hammer and a Phillips head screwdriver to work.
42. 1996, Harford and Moravia, night, a black man and white man in a pickup truck threaten to “kill” me for being a “punk bitch long-haired freak.” I ducked behind the light pole at the corner and drew the screwdriver and hammer. They roared off.
43. 1996, Harford and Moravia, night: crack dealers tried to move me off their corner. When I stepped back into the dark doorway and growled, they left me alone, and eventually adopted me, calling me “Cave Boy.” I had no more trouble on this corner until they stole an SUV across the street with a baby in it and where not seen again, although they did drop the baby off on Hanover Street in South Baltimore. This was my first inkling of the drug connect between Northeast and Southeast Baltimore.
44. 1996, Fort and Hilltop, night: three men in a working pickup threatened me and threw a beer bottle at me, to which I gave the finger, causing them to run their truck up on the sidewalk and try to scrape me against Johnny Heart Loves bar front. I leaped onto a concrete stop and then crossed Fort Avenue behind them and walked through the park.
45. 1996, Harford and Southern, day: a young white man waiting for a rehab center to open followed me up Southern, until I armed myself with the hammer and screw driver, and he returned to Harford Road.
46. 1996, Harford and Hugo, day, #19 bus, shoulder-butted a violent negress into the windshield of a bus, threatened to disembowel her when she continued after me.
47. 1996, Harford and Hugo, night: #19, 2 black men argued about shooting me for being a “white crocodile Dundee muthafuca” and decided I was probably armed and declined to draw on me.
48. 1996, Harford and Asquith, night; the #19 bus was shot while I was on it, on the back panel about ten feet behind me, with one round from what I think was a .38 revolver by the report
49. 1996, Harford and Hugo, day: #19 bus, 2 black girls screamed in my face for perhaps 15 minutes while I read the newspaper, trying to draw me into a fight with their three to five male friends.
50. 1996, Harford and Moravia, day; #19 bus, I beat up two junior high school boys wile off loading, just because.
51. 1997, Fort and Hilltop, night: threatened by a giant white cop swinging a riot stick on a thong, who stepped out in front of me, preventing me from crossing the sidewalk, and forcing me into the gutter. An older cop in a car spoke to the cop on foot, saying, “Lay down the law.” The giant pig and I were the only ones on the street—2 white cops
52. 1997, Walther and Southern, day: two feral pit bulls followed me, and when I began to hurry up loped after me, so I kicked one into traffic and tried to get the other, but they ran off.
53. 1997, Washington and Ostend, day: walking through Pig Town at 6:15 a.m. on a Sunday morning, I came across a pack of feral dogs sleeping in the intersection. One barked at me and two followed me, until I was out of their territory as the alpha [a shepherd, collie mix] and his mate slept. This scared the shit out of me!
54. 1997, Belair and Moravia, day: confronted and threatened a bar owner for serving my eldest son liquor
55. 1998, Simms and Marx, day: confrontation with a black man whose son stole my youngest son’s bike
56. 1998, Belair and Frankford, day: How to Kill our Enemies from the Logic of Steel
57. 1998, Luerssen Ave, day, When You’re Food “How many of you niցցers [half of them were white] want to die today?”
58. 1998, Luerssen Avenue, day, When You’re Food—1 white cop investigating my home defense
59. 1998, Harford and Moravia, night: 12-year old black kid threatens to shoot me and I threaten to skin him alive. He backs off
60. 1998, Fort and Lawrence, night: I was pursued by 4 cops in three cars who I avoided, by taking alley ways on foot. When I got to work I punched in and went back to the walk-in freezer, closing the door and working in the freezer for two hours. When I emerged, the head cashier told me cops had been there looking for me, and that upon questioning her, they determined that I was not the guy they were after—4 white cops
61. 1998, Fort and Lawrence, night: the Heartlove Boys threw a beer can at my face while they were carousing with Rickie. I challenged them to try it when I got off in the morning and they did not, probably because Rickie got laid, because he would have starched me—he was a legit badass who I ended up advising on his boxing career.
62. 1998, Fort and Lawrence, night: Threatened two shoplifters who had threatened an employee
63. 1998, Moravia and Walther, day: a large, bald black motorist in a nice convertible for some reason decided to challenge me to a fight for the crime of walking across Moravia. I just kept walking when he stopped and ignored his insults.
64. 1998, Fort and Lawrence, night: grabbed the cock and balls of a coworker who had threatened me with a razor
65. 1998, Light and Cross, night: a bum tried to piss on me and I pushed his friend in front of me, who got soaked by an equine quantity of alcoholic piss.
66. 1998, Harford and Hamilton, night: three black guys tried to corner me up against the wall of the diner. One had a screw driver or a file half out of his pocket. I managed to check out right and scrape my duster against the brick and get a draw of my Othello. When the gravity lock engaged with that clicking ping they scattered like mice, not even seeing the blade which was still low by my leg.
Aggressions by Type
Encounters: 32
Hierarchal: 3
Horizontal: 22
Heretical: 7
Interracial: 17
Interspecies: 2
Group Involved: 20
Weapon involved: 22
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