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Peak Prosperity
Are You Sick of Being Lied to on Sunday Morning News Shows?
© 2013 James LaFond is an extensive piece of work. The financial analyst Chris Martenson that publishes this offers a free series of audio seminars with accompanying graphics—essentially a power point presentation—for free, as well as many insightful articles.
The friend that turned me on to this site said, “When the North Koreans and South Koreans agree on something you might want to listen. Along those lines, if you have a Wall Street guy agreeing with a tree hugger, you might want to listen up.”
I have spent a couple of hours reading and listening on this site and have not been able to detect any bias from Mister Martenson. I’m sure he has it, but whatever it is, it is not getting in the way. If you want some clear explanations of integrated thinking on the pace of social, ecological and financial change, without pie-in-the-sky futurist fantasies or the environmental, religious or political fanaticism that usually go hand-in-hand with assertions that things are changing for the worse on a vast scale, I have seen nothing yet to rival this site for absence of propaganda.
Economics has always frustrated me. I have come to think over the past decade or so that it is a function of the obfuscating dialect spoken by the macroeconomists that are paraded on the Sunday morning news programs and policy discussion round tables like later day court astrologers. Chris Martenson is making this arcane subject accessible for a guy that has been punched in the face over 10,000 times. Maybe he can do the same thing for you.
His link is on our network page.
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