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A Well of Heroes
Pluming the Mythological Dimensions of the Fiction of Robert E. Howard 2013-16
© 2016 James LaFond
There are many answers in the life he lived in East Texas, some in the books he read, and perhaps some welling up from his racial heritage—as was a common belief of the day—that may have worked on the genius that was Robert E. Howard in such a way as to unlock the mythological dimensions normally only accessed by readers through ancient epic poetry.
In A Well of Heroes, a postmodern horror writer who has long sought the key to these dimensions that seem from our vantage to have come so easily to Howard, looks at those fantastic precincts of the mind’s eye that Howard unlocked by whatever means occurred, and shines the heroic elements of the archetypical Howard tales back upon the stories we find them in, in hopes of providing a seven-signed post to the tumultuous crossroads that is the fictive legacy of one of America’s most enduring storytellers.
A Well of Heroes is an attempt to place the protagonists of Robert E. Howard’s pulp stories into the constellation occupied by such heroes as Gilgamesh, Enkidu, Samson, Achilles, Odysseus, Herakles, Roland and Beowulf, who now languish dimly in the night sky of a fading civilization of the decadent type that Howard wrote so insightfully of.
Why Robert E. Howard?
a well of heroes
The North Wind
barbarism versus civilization
winter of a fighting life
the lesser angels of our nature
your trojan whorse
'in these goings down'
the greatest lie ever sold
let the world fend for itself
Ishmael     Apr 6, 2016

When a nation forgets her skill in war. When her religion becomes a mockery. When the whole nation become a nation of money grubbers, then the wild tribes drive in.... Who will our invader be? From whence will they come. REH. Thanks James, missed out on this guy when I was young, trying to remedy.
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