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'Yo, Whachyo Doin' Wit My I-Phone?'
Black Spring Survival Guide #5
© 2016 James LaFond
April, 2016, Parkville, Baltimore County
A white boy was walking away from school at noon when he was approached by three classmates who were the oppressed victims of some more privileged white-boy. The boy was verbally intimidated and pushed around until he gave up his property. He identified the three thugs to the school police and they were arrested, to be released to exact revenge soon. Hopefully this boy's parents have removed him from school and sent him to live with other relatives.
What Can Boys Do To Prevent Muggings By Schoolmates
You must make your self into a skilled, conditioned, hyper-aggressive combatant and immediately attack any individual or group that insults or threatens you. You must be a badass, otherwise you're just ass.
This same thing happened to one of my fighters in Parkville when he was 16-years-old and he immediately punched the biggest bully [who was the captain of the Parkville Senior High Wrestling Team] in the chest, splitting his sternum in half.
Another one of my fighters was the only white boy in an all black city school and was attacked by armed individuals and groups every day. He eventually got expelled for knocking out to many negroes.
Either way, once in a school that tolerates this, or is populated by blacks, you will have three choices:
1. Be beaten and robbed regularly
2. Drop out of school
3. Get expelled from school for martyring the hero children of the welfare state.
When I was in high school about three in ten black boys could fight and two in ten whites. Now, one in ten combatants is the most you see in any white or black mix. This is a pussy generation. Be an apex predator and break ribs and noses, and scatter teeth across the hallway until the limp-dicks and ¤▓unts that run these pig pens for inseminating young minds with their rancid complacency kick you out. In the mean time the white girls will suck your cock and the black girls will try to have your baby. Enjoy life while you are young, before you can get locked up for punching all of these wimps out.
Read Taboo You, join a boxing gym and a judo club and smack these punks down.
Oh yes, if you have a cute teacher, understand that her husband is a wimp and she needs to gat railed by a real man. So get her to slide her phone number into your back pocket while the school cop takes you away in handcuffs for knocking out Jerome and Tweezlebee.
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