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America in Chains Kindle Edition
by James LaFond: The Real History of American Slavery
America in Chains tracks the evolution of servitude in America and presents such uncomfortable facts as:
The English rarely referred to America as the “colonies” but as the “plantations.”
Plantations were envisioned as places were people, not crops, were planted.
The people to be planted in these places were to be the poor of the British Isles, who had been outlawed in 1572. It was a crime to be poor in Great Britain and the penalty was a life of hard labor, starvation, mutilation and beatings.
For the first 100 years the plantations were staffed almost exclusively by English children, Scottish kidnapping victims, along with Irish of all ages rounded up in a massive slave-catching initiative that removed five out of every six Irish persons from their homeland.
Every cruelty inflicted upon African America slaves was first used and perfected on English orphans and children of the poor.
Numerous rebellions by white, black and Indians dispossessed by this cruel mercantile economy have been misrepresented or dropped from the historical record.
Continue to believe the racist lies about “Colonial” America or read this book.
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