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Agonistics Update
Baltimore Training Schedule as Of July, 2016
© 2016 James LaFond
At the beginning of the year our Host School was hit with a rent increase at the same time the student body was reduced. The two free programs on Sunday were asked to contribute, to make up the difference. I have done what I can to make up the rent shortfall through giving private sessions and have fallen short. The Host is confident that I could market my coaching skills, expand the program, and make up for the fact that the other Sunday program has not been pulling its weight.
That’s not happening.
So, this is where we stand as of July, 2016.
I will no longer appear to moderate sessions on Sunday. If any fighters would like to train with the other group, I will not object, but will not encourage it either, as the Host School is not being helped by this activity.
If any Agonistics fighters would like to train with me, give me a call at 443-686-0598 and we can schedule something outside, at the Host School or at Practical MMA. Hell, we started this thing outside and the fresh air is free.
Practical MMA sessions must be at noon on Saturday and will cost a $10 mat fee.
Sessions at the Host School must be scheduled for early afternoon Tuesday or Friday and will cost $20.
For any noncombatants who would like training email me at jameslafond dot com at gmail dot com and schedule a training session for $60 at my Host’s school: Jim Frederick’s School of Martial Arts in Towson, MD.
Our final group session will be from 12-3, Tuesday, July 5, 2016. I will be dispersing the rest of my gear, so if you need sticks, head gear or boxing equipment bring something to haul it off in. I’ll only be keeping a minimal set at the Host School for my privates.
Note: there are only three of you Baltimore area fighters left and each one of you could really get your own spot at another school and try developing some talent. I’ll be glad to help out. Unfortunately I’ve devolved below the political horizon where the combat arts are concerned and no longer have the stomach for negotiating space and promoting events with school and gym proprietors.
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Adam Swinder     Jun 30, 2016

I've been working on developing things down here in Virginia. I've got two active fighters, one semi-active fighter and one seasonal fighter (a student). They prefer the dagger and the blade down here, and as such I have not had a good stick fight in over a year. Nevertheless, I will continue building my stable in the hopes to bring a group of fighters up soon.
WellRead Ed     Jul 1, 2016

Rapid City could always use a good boxing gym.
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