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'When God Died He Left Madonna in Charge'
No Man's Land by Jack Donovan
© 2013 James LaFond
I was referred to Jack Donovan’s site by a reader. Jack is a truck driver who has written numerous articles and book reviews, and three books on masculinity. His book No Man’s Land is a free novelette-length offering on his web site. You will find his link on our network page.
I have avoided ‘men’s literature’ for decades, ever since those fat emasculated poets started having group-hug inner-child man-love sessions in their drum circles. I have gone to great lengths to preserve my own standard of masculinity. I’m not here to sell my idea of manhood. I can tell you what it is not: whining about women taking it away! No one can take it—you have to surrender it.
On the other hand, one of the reasons that I have always distrusted our society is the notion that girls and boys are both thought to be best-served by a mother. This bothered me when I was in second grade. In American since at least the 1960s [I know, I was here] the idea that Mom is the best parent to guide a girl, has never translated into the equally rational notion that Dad is the best parent to guide a boy. Fatherhood has been on the run since I was a yard ape.
I always disliked the education system, not because most of the teachers are female, but because the teaching environment has become entirely feminized. From a macro-social point-of-view this is desirable, as it insures a weak compliant collective herd upon graduation. The non-compliant males will drift into a criminal lifestyle and there be silenced by the only masculine permissible aspect of the Mother State—the cops.
As a boy and young man I had a pathological hatred of virtually all males. This was based on me being bullied as a boy. I did not finally get over this until I turned forty and realized I had become a reactive monster. I straightened myself out by sublimating my hatred for men in combat sports and practicing diplomacy with my largely soft-headed co-gender inmates of Cellblock Baltimore.
I personally think that traditional ideals of manhood are obsolete in a materialistic comfort-based society. I predict manhood will eventually be outlawed, and that licenses to birth male children will be made prohibitively expensive. I believe that if our society stays on its current path, that within 150 years males will become drones housed in theme parks and houses of prostitution. I’ve already been at ground zero. I have had three women offer to feed clothe and house me [and even pay for my youngest son’s education] in return for me being their live-in man-toy—and I’m an ugly runt! If I looked like Dwayne Johnson how would I even get through the day? Actually, if not for the fact that seven breaks to my right hand and a poorly coordinated left hand have left me effectively incapable of consummating self-love, I think I would have long ago given up on the increasing complexity implicit in post-modern female companionship...
That narrative dead-ends here. I have purposely left you hanging.
If you are a man reconsidering castration or a neutered male hoping to re-grow your balls, than you might want to go to Jack Donovan’s site. His book No Man’s Land focuses on how the classic Western notion of masculinity has been deconstructed and re-imagined over the past forty years. The text is extensively footnoted and he handles his source material well. I plan on buying his other two books. His reviews and articles are very incisive and politically incorrect. He does not fit the ‘whiner’ mold, and comes off more as an advocate for virtue.
My favorite Quote of his was concerning the quality of females in his hometown of Portland Oregon, “thirty-one flavors of hobo dyke”. Runners up are, “Jackson Katz is the enemy of men”, “What kind of sick, suicidal society enables weakness, uncontrolled emotion, dependence, and dishonor in its men?,” and “When God died he left Madonna in charge.”
For most of my life I have been the real sworn enemy of the majority of the males with whom I have had contact. It does not bother me in the least that most of them are emotionally emasculated by Mamma America, because it gives me an edge, and I’m not getting any younger. Even as I retreat into observant old age, I find no sympathy in my heart for the males who have turned over their masculinity to their mother, wife, or baby’s mamma. Let them savor their servitude. They have earned it.
Nice work Mister Donovan.
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