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Bloodaxe Update
Cheers from Down Under: Passages from James’ Correspondence with the Australian Shaman
© 2016 James LaFond
…Unemployment in this [anonymous Australian] city is as bad as Detroit, but as the ethnic mix is so well, mixed, we haven't got the same problems. The dole issue is not as bad. Plenty of PhD people with no work, but masses of migrants flooding in.
Australia elected our softer version of Trump, Pauline Hanson, and another of her party on these issues.
Buddy, I really appreciate your review of my stuff on knives, because before I knew of you personally, reading your Logic of Steel book and the stuff in Blackbelt etc, I concluded that you were THE MAN on knives. Most of the self promoters have probably never been stabbed/slashed.
Anyway, I am working my way to my manhood barbarian book where I argue that men should have guys like you, and not Jack Donovan, Roosh etc. as models. I have objections to both of their approaches and personally favor the Taboo way. I have tried working with people on this community building front... I have spent about 30 years in political groups fighting globalist pricks and the end result is unemployment. Socrates drank the hemlock, but today, if they don't lock you away, they starve you into irrelevance.
But I will run anything like this past you first.
Cheers, Eirik
Glad to hear you have a lady with her finger in the dyke, Eirik.
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