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‘Pointing the Bone’
Harm City Cops Mostly Black and Other News from Jeremy Bentham, with Crockpot Commentary by James
© 2016 Jeremy Bentham & James LaFond
Here you go James, for your information and entertainment: the ongoing Federalization of the Baltimore Police Department (BPD).
What’s puzzling to me James is that since Baltimore is run by black Democrat politicians and bureaucrats (and has been for some time) and the majority of BPD officers are non-white, how can it be that the BPD is racist against black people? Clearly the BPD is carrying out the will of the black Democrat majority that governs the City. Now with the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) intervention, control of the BPD is merely being transferred to another, more highly placed, group of black Democrats. What’s up with this? What’s likely to change then, if anything?
Jeremy, it is simple, the BPD must become more minority! The white majority must be shrunken so small you’d think it was the penis of a black man who had drunk Richard Nixon’s diabolical dick-shrinking malt liquor! Actually, I am not joking. The pressure is to get rid of white cops, period. That is the end game of the new plantation, with all of the white masters separated from all of the white livestock by non-white overseers.
Civil rights activists and liberal advocates have loudly charged that behind the death of Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old African-American who died while in police custody, is a racially prejudiced Baltimore police department that continues to torment the city’s poor minority neighborhoods. The critics haven’t looked at the numbers.
Here’s what the data shows about the racial makeup of Baltimore’s finest:
* Of the 2,745 active duty police officers in the department — 1,445 — more than half are African-American, Hispanic, Asian or Native American, according to data provided by the Baltimore police department to The Daily Caller News Foundation.
* Four of its top six commanders are either African-American or Hispanic.
* More than 60 percent of the incumbents at the highest command levels hail from minority communities.
* Among the 46 Baltimore police officers who hold the rank of captain and above, 25 are from ethnic or racial minority groups. That constitutes 54 percent of the command leadership.
In other words, Baltimore is a black-majority city led by a police force whose officers are mostly racial minorities as well.
“During Martin O'Malley's administration as mayor, the department had become 43% African American.[25] While progress has been made to improve the department's relationship with Baltimore's now majority African American community, improvements are still being made to the department which for several years has been subject to criticism for its treatment of African American citizens. Police community relations have remained strained with the war on drugs that has plagued several African American neighborhoods in East and West Baltimore and coincidentally enough, many of the most despised officers in several of Baltimore's African American neighborhoods are also African American.[26]”
(26) Simon, David (1997) [1997]. "three". The Corner: A Year in the Life of an Inner-City Neighborhood (1st ed.). Broadway Books. pp. 165–166. ISBN 0-7679-0030-8. Not surprisingly, some of the most feared and most despised Western District officers along Fayette Street-Shields, Pitbull, Peanuthead, Collins-are black
For "racist white Republicans” to be responsible for the actions of the BPD those whites would have to be "magic” and exert some kind of mind control over all the people of color in city government and on the police force. It must be like the “Bubba-Fly Effect”:
In other words every time a white redneck uses the “N-word” the cosmic ripple effect causes the BPD to oppress black people. Apparently the power that whites posses to cause harm with mere words is akin to the ability of Australian Aboriginal shamen to “sing people to death”. And this is no kidding either! When an offending member of an Aboriginal tribe is “sung”, the shaman will chant a song telling that person to die. The targeted individual will then actually take sick and die:
“Islanders want officer sung to death”
Tony Koch – The Australian
December 23, 2006
ABORIGINAL people, including respected tribal elders incensed by the decision not to prosecute Senior Sergeant Chris Hurley over the death in a Palm Island cell of Mulrunji Doomadgee in 2004, have asked that he suffer Aboriginal justice - by being "sung" to death.
In white man's understanding, being "sung" equates with "pointing the bone" - an Aboriginal custom where a powerful tribal medicine man is believed to have the power to call on spirits to do ill to another Aboriginal person alleged to have committed a crime or otherwise abused their culture.
Palm Island spokesman Brad Foster said yesterday he had been approached by "a number of elders and others" who had suggested Sergeant Hurley should be "sung".
Mr Foster, a former Brisbane Broncos and Canberra Raiders rugby league footballer, said any decision of that nature was up to the aggrieved family.
"I told these people that I would not be doing anything about it or suggesting it to the Doomadgee sisters," Mr Foster said. "We are happy to see it go through the proper process. "However, Hurley has spent years on Aboriginal communities and he knows that this is not black magic mumbo-jumbo. (Read more)
Given this, Conservative whites who scoff at the notion of “white privilege” obviously are unaware of the true extent of their power.
Therefore they cannot be expected to understand the urgent need the Left feels to police the speech of ordinary white people. Hence the Left’s anxiety. What if white people were to gather in groups and "sing” blacks? What if the whites in Baltimore were to fill up Orioles Stadium and chant racial slurs in unison? It could make black peoples’ heads explode like in the commercials. Baltimore could end up resembling Jonestown, with bodies lying in windrows in the streets. The damage that it could conceivably cause would be unimaginable.
Clearly we whites should exercise extreme caution in writing out the “N-word” as well. Much like the Orthodox Jewish practice of the rendering the name of God as “G-d” in writing. They do this in the belief that writing out the holy name of God on an object makes that object sacred; therefore, said object can only be properly disposed of by burial in consecrated ground.
One must surmise then that the problem of police brutality in the black administered BPD is extremely deep rooted and arcane. It might even defy the efforts of even the U.S. Department of Justice to remedy the problem.
Anyway James I am eager to read your thoughts and observations on this.
Thanks so much for this great article, Jeremy.
Finally, Jeremy, you are coming over to the dark side, beginning to understand what Big Headed Yakub unleashed on the other Black Scientists of Ancient Egypt when he created us White Devils by crossing Neanderthals and Chinese in the caves of Patmos…
I am superstitious and do believe in pointing the bone, thank you!
Part of our punishment is going to be increased police brutality by a predominantly black police force that will target whites almost exclusively, mostly in shakedowns but also as part of government terror campaigns.
Excuse me Jeremy, the adhan is calling and I must strut in the sun and pray to N-r in hopes that my tan will deepen enough so that I can pass for right.
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SidVic     Aug 15, 2016

Better be careful where you go pointing your bone. it might get snapped off.
Jeremy Bentham     Aug 15, 2016 the ethnic cleansing of Harm City is picking up speed. Clearly forces both direct and indirect are in motion to make that a reality. Sooner rather than later. Just as with the sad case of Megan you cited in your "The Tao of a Paleface Girl" posting. At that point it will be just blacks oppressing blacks in Harm City (as it is now). Naturally it will still all be blamed on the white devils. How long do you estimate it will take before Harm City is effectively cleansed of whites James? It would seem to me that once the BPD exceeds 80% black in its personnel strength the crime situation is likely to become intolerable for law-abiding working class white families (invariably the more blacks on the police force the more black crime a city will experience). At that point I would imagine that the only whites remaining will be ones who are too old and poor to move and drug addicts who wish to live close to their source of supply. Oh ...and certain crackpot writers too of course. Speaking of which James, let it be known that should you come to grief at the hands of hoodrats or the new all non-white Baltimore Overseer Force (BOF), the city could be sung. Just sayin...
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