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“Brazen Muggers and Sneak Thieves”
Jeremy Bentham Outlines the America of 2050 and Asks James for Survival Tips
© 2016 Jeremy Bentham and James LaFond
James, here you go. Some more videos and articles on predation for your perusal. As always I solicit your commentary and defense tips.
“White tourists get a preview of the America of 2050.”- American Renaissance
Astonishing footage shows how brazen Rio thieves target unsuspecting tourists in broad daylight
This begs the question in my mind of why would you even go on holiday to a place like this if you are going to be constantly set upon by swarms of brazen muggers and sneak thieves? As they say in the military the very best way to defeat an ambush is to not walk into it in the first place. According to the FBI’s annual Uniform Crime Report fully half of all robberies committed in the USA are “strong-arm” robberies wherein surprise, stealth, speed, brute strength and intimidation are used to separate the victim from his property. But what is recorded in this video is like nothing we have experience with in most parts of America (not yet at least). Many of these tourists are completely oblivious to their surroundings. They walk up to within arm’s length of young black men standing on a street corner who then have only to reach over, snatch away the tourist’s valuables and run off. Regardless, these tourists misfortune provides us with numerous “game films” to study for whatever lessons we can derive from them.
The incident below just goes to show us that even the experts can get “Pearl Harbored”. Van Tichlet is a Olympic bronze medalist in Judo and therefore no dojo ballerina. He can fight, given the chance. However his assailant didn’t give him a chance. He apparently was sucker-punched senseless and then relieved of his cell phone. The lesson learned here is that keeping aware of your surroundings and who is near you at all times is more important in defeating an assault than even technical fighting prowess.
Well that’s a fine how-do-you-do!
Not long after Dirk Van Tichelt won a bronze medal in judo, the Belgian athlete was beat up and hospitalized by an opportunistic thief on the Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, home to the 2016 Summer Olympics. While the beach bandit got away with a cellphone, he did not, thankfully, make off with that shiny new medal.
Not to be "that guy" ... but couldn't he just Harai-Goshi that dude into the sand or something?
To be fair, anyone can be a target in Brazil (or anywhere, for that matter). Back in 2014, former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight champion Mauricio Rua—one of the baddest light heavyweights to ever lace up the gloves—was robbed at gunpoint in Linha Vermelha.
Still not as bad as this:
“Yan Cabral robbed of first-ever UFC earnings outside bank in Brazil”
It is also interesting to compare how packs of coyotes and packs of predatory humans often resemble each other.
Coyote attacks force closure of Montebello Park: 'People are not food for coyotes'
The three victims—two men and a teenage girl—all suffered unprovoked attacks.
The first attack occurred July 22 when a teenage girl was sitting by herself under a gazebo. A coyote came up and bit her on the leg, and then made off with her shoe, Hughan said. The second victim was attacked Saturday night about a block from the park in the driveway of his home, while he was lying on his back, working underneath a car. The coyote bit the man’s leg, and at first, he thought it was a friend playing a trick on him, according to a neighbor. When he realized it was a coyote, the man threw his wrench at it to scare it away. He sustained eight puncture wounds and went to the hospital for treatment and received medicine to fight a possible rabies infection.
Several hours later, a homeless man was attacked while rummaging through trash cans in the park at about 1 a.m. Sunday. Of the three victims, he had the most severe injuries with a total of 19 puncture wounds on his legs. He was also treated for rabies, although authorities do not know whether the animals were infected. Hughan said that he can understand how the small girl and the man lying on his back may have been targeted by the coyotes. But the most “unbelievable” case is the third one, because the man was standing and making lots of noise.
“There’s really no explanation for why they bit any of these three people,” Hughan said.
The explanation for the attacks is that hunters haven’t been shooting at these coyotes lately. Plus a lot soft-headed animal lovers in the area have very likely been feeding these coyotes, which makes them associate humans with food. Pretty quickly they make the jump to seeing humans AS FOOD. As soon as a few of them get shot dead, or even just shot at, the rest will learn to keep their distance from humans. Coyotes in packs can be lethal to humans as demonstrated by the sad case below.
Canadian folk singer killed by coyotes, park official says
A rising Canadian folk singer was killed by coyotes this week in a national park in Nova Scotia, a park spokesman said Thursday. Taylor Mitchell, 19, was at the beginning of the Skyline Trail in Cape Breton Highlands National Park on Tuesday afternoon when she was attacked, according to Chip Bird, the Parks Canada field unit superintendent for Cape Breton. Bird said hikers saw the coyotes attacking Mitchell and called 911. She was airlifted to a hospital in Halifax, where she died about 12 hours later, he said.
Mitchell was recently nominated for Young Performer of the Year honors by Canadian Folk Music Awards. She was touring the Maritime provinces and had a break between gigs to go hiking Tuesday, her manager, Lisa Weitz, said in an e-mail.
"She loved the woods and had a deep affinity for their beauty and serenity," she wrote.
How do you drive off a pack of coyotes? Pepper spray works well. Especially in the bear-sized containers that look like a small fire extinguisher. You can purchase these even in Canada. They expel the spray in a large cloud that makes it hard to miss an animal’s face. Pepper spray causes extreme pain if it touches any mucous membrane so it’s even highly effective when the animal’s rear end is facing you. Spraying it around the tent doesn’t work though, it’s not like mosquito repellent. Spraying it on the ground just dilutes it and makes it ineffective. A large stick also works well. Some Alaskan mushers have maintained that you can drive off just about any animal by hitting them on the end of the nose with a heavy club. A Ruger LCP .380 ACP semi-automatic pistol did the trick for former Texas Governor Rick Perry:
Finally, if you wear Filson’s heavy oiled 15 ounce canvas “tin-cloth” jackets and trousers during your outdoor excursions you’ll not only be protected from the wind, rain, snow and thorn bushes, but you’ll also have considerable protection from serious animal bites;
Let’s return to the military perspective, Jeremy. There is no way that a six man SEAL team takes down a company of U.S. marines in a head on fight, but, they actually could defeat them in an operational environment. Emille Griffith, one of the best middleweights of all time, was mugged outside a bar. Now, Eddie Van Kirk, Baltimore welterweight, did much better in street altercations because that was his operational zone. Eventually the local Dindus in Pig Town go sick of Eddie whooping their asses so they got him to step outside on some pretext and gunned him down.
These examples above explain why most martial artists get taken down when outside the dojo and why most boxers do not. The boxer does not prevail because of his boxing but because he grew up in the savage street environment and knows better than to go confrontational. Boxers sucker punch antagonists in street altercations, not box them. This ability gives the sucker puncher the knowledge to notice when someone is setting up the sucker punch and avoid it.
Imagine five Iroquois at Hugomonte trying to fight off a French Column?
Pretty grim for the Mohawks.
Now imagine that 120 man column being sent into the Pennsylvania woods after those five Iroquois?
Maybe you interview the lone survivor next year after his Mohawk wife gets bored with his pale penis and lets him escape. People look upon a combat art as a means of street survival, but it is not. It is just a tool, just like the knife. What good is that knife to you stuck in your pocket under your wallet?
About as good as your karate if you do not have survival discipline.
The best thing is for people not to know why you are walking confidently.
If they know it’s because you are a former UFC champion then they bring a gun. If they don’t know why you are confident, but see that confidence wedded to a vigilant awareness, then even the gun does not assure them of success—you might be Gandalf?
Why does Floyd Money have bodyguards?
Because he knows I could mug him with a cup of coffee on the 7-11 parking lot.
Also, while considering the military example, think of the better uplink for calling in firepower from the air SEALs have compared to some line company? In a hypothetical battle between Marines and SEALs the SEALs get priority air cover and call in an A-10 or C-130 gunship before the marines can get a hold of a Blackhawk!
Currently, extrapolating this to street situations, Dindus have gang cover to call in and also will increasingly be favored by cops. Now we are at the point where cops are neutral. Once most of the cops are Dindus then they will be calling the cops on us while they attack just like lynch mobs of whites did to blacks trying to rescue lynching victims in Maryland 80 years ago! Currently urban police departments are recruiting minorities and foreign nationals over paleface locals!
Thanks for those great case studies, Jeremy.
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Ishmael     Aug 17, 2016

James, when we get to Wyoming have Shayne tell you about a bar fight he was in between Seals and Rangers, similar outcomes.
Ishmael     Aug 17, 2016

James, linear vs non linear thinking, non linear being the well of crazy to some who drink!
B     Aug 17, 2016

>Once most of the cops are Dindus

Look at this shithead:
Jeremy Bentham     Aug 18, 2016

“Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have.”-Saul Alinsky, “Rules for Radicals”.

"The best thing is for people not to know why you are walking confidently." - James LaFond.

I perceive James. Thanks!
Sam J.     Aug 18, 2016

"...Shayne tell you about a bar fight he was in between Seals and Rangers, similar outcomes..."

I'd like to hear that story. Post if you can.
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