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Driving Police Crazy
Walmart’s Out of Control Crime Problem
“James, you were right in The Hoodrat Hatchery Here's a Bloomberg piece on Walmart and all of the criminal BS that accompanies them. Enjoy.”
Nero, from working in supermarkets that would fit inside of a Walmart department and taking the buses with the employees and customers, it was a no brainer. Writing Buzz Bunny took a lot more research. The Wal-Mart I take the bus by to go to work has the highest employee theft and shoplifting rate of Walmarts worldwide, including tens of thousands of dollars worth of good stolen from the gun department!
In the article linked below, which is a very well done magazine style feature, the author demonstrates without going after the giant retailer, that the Walmart business model seems to assume public sector security via the police. This is no surprise as the company is built on the assumption that its “associates” will get government subsidies and health care. On a brighter note, the picture of the parcel pick up guy rounding up the carts is one of the better portraits of abject misery I have seen. I could not have a guy working on my store front in this much obvious misery. It would be interesting to read an interview with that man.
Walmart’s Out-of-Control Crime Problem Is Driving Police Crazy
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Sam J.Aug 21, 2016

I don't know what the police are complaining about. Instead of chasing criminals all over the city they can just park at Walmart and wait for them. Saves a fortune.
PRAug 21, 2016

Most corporations have made the assumption that they can just dump their problems on society and society will continue to pay for the problems. For example, agribusiness and construction companies bring Mexicans here and dump the cost of birthing, "schooling," and then jailing their gangster children on the taxpayer. California is suffering a slow-motion collapse as it has the highest income tax rates in the nation to pay for social programs largely revolving around Mexicans, but no ability to prevent taxpayers from moving out of state.

Similarly, the government and corporations bring Muslims and Indians here to work IT and other jobs so they don't have to hire Americans, when they can finds Americans that want to work. Sure, some Muslim goes bonkers every week and shoots up a mall, but that's a small price to pay for a better bottom line!

Eventually, like in South AFrica, the taxpayers (Boers) were swamped and things went third world.
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