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A Blunt Force Case Study
Colin Flaherty on the Ice Cream Man’s Last Stand
The following video documents an incident that is typical of blunt force attacks in the following ways. Most blunt force attacks:
1. Are same race
2. A group against an individual
3. By a group that is significantly younger [against adults] or a class older [among youth and young adults]
4. Feature poor short term [tactical] but high long-term [goal orientation, strategic] cohesion
5. Feature a primary aggressor who may be armed or unarmed
6. Feature an unevenly armed group
7. Over three quarters of such attacks result in no legal action, with no such attacks that I have studied resulting in the prosecution of all of the attackers.
Do not think that most mob attacks are black on white. My current estimate for the Baltimore area, which has almost an exclusively black driven aggression pattern, is 40% black on white and 55% black on black, with 5% involving Latino machete/handgun robberies and rape attempts against Asians and whites and black on Latino attacks. This is much changed from 16 years ago with white on white and white on black attacks now completely absent from the record. I expect the black on white ratio to surpass 50% by mid 2017, and then level off as Latino immigrants are increasingly targeted and also begin launching mob attacks on blacks.
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